How to make a stressed text in instagram, vkontakte, whatsapp and on other resources

In an effort to draw attention to your comment or post, users often resort to different kinds of tricks - write a caps, put exclamation marks at the end of the phrase or use emoticons. In general, there are various means to go, it all depends on what kind of color I wanted to give my words by the author. For example, to strengthen denials, users often use in the Internet in the Internet instead of the usual stressed text.

There are no hardware keys on the keyboards that allow you to write in a similar way, but you can use numerous software adding the desired effect. Let's see how to write a stressed text in the most popular applications and web services.

Word and Excel

The easiest way to make a crosslinking in a popular text editor Microsoft Word. If you switch to the "Home" tab and carefully examine the contents of the "Font" section, you will find a small icon there ABC . Highlight any section of the text in the Word, click this icon, and the text will immediately become crossed.

Thring text in Word

The second way is not so convenient. Select the word or section of the text, click on the PCM and select the "Font" option in the menu. In the window that opens, mark the checkbox "Crushed".

Transition to font settings in Word

Activation checkbox "Crushed"

Finally, nothing prevents you from assigning a separate keyboard shortcut to create crushed text in Word. Follow the settings chain File - Settings - Configure Tape And click the "Settings" button next to the key combination option.

Transition to Word Editor Settings

Go to key combination settings

Next, in the "category" block, select "Home tab", and in the "Commands" block, select a function "StrikeThrough" . Enter your combination in the "New Keyboard key" field and click "Assign". Save all settings. Now, when you press this combination, the selected text will become crossed.

Task combination for crossed text

Similarly, the text in Microsoft Excel is crossed. Select the desired area with data (cell, column, line), click on the PCM and select the "Format" option in the menu.

Formatting cells

In the Settings window, switch to the "Font" tab and check the checkbox in the checkbox "Crushed".

Excrying text in Excel

This window can be called by clicking on the tape tape of a small improvised arrow in the "Font" block. But the easiest way to make a crossed text in Excel using a specially provided key combination. Select an arbitrary area with data and click on the keyboard. Ctrl + 5. . The text immediately acquires the type crossed.

In contact with

If you ever left comments in a live log, then you probably know that in the form of sending comments there is a toolbar that allows you to format text, making it crossed out, underlined, bold, etc. Alas, not all popular social networks and websites can boast such functionality.

For example, to emphasize the text in the VKontakte network by editing it in Word or one of the special services. But how to write crossed text in VC without third-party? There is such an opportunity too. To do this, use a small trick, namely split all message symbols code " &# 0822; ", As a result, all the text will be crossed out.

Using an HTML code to create a crown text in VK

Stressed text in VK


Unlike VKontakte, Facebook does not offer built-in tools for such formatting text. If you want to send a message with the stressed text in this social network, the latter will need to be processed in third-party applications with which we will get lower.


This is a similar way to a popular instagram network. Use to generate crossed text web services, so easier. In extreme cases, you can resort to the trick with a symbol. U + 0336. By copying it from the "Character Table" embedded in Windows. If there is no i + 0336 in your table code table, copy it from the / 0336 page. To make the text crossed, insert before each letter copied to the buffer symbol. The way uncomfortable, but it works in almost all web forms and applications.


Stressed text in instagram


Now let's see how to make a stressed text in whatsapp. It is necessary to pay tribute to the resource developers who have implemented albeit not obvious, but fairly sought-after text formatting options. Want to cross the text in WhatsApp? Add the left and right from the word or phrase one character " ~", Send a message, and you will see it crossed out. This symbol, tilde is introduced by pressing a combination SHIFT + E. in English layout.

How to cross the text in whatsapp

Online services to create crossed text

If for some reason you failed to use Word or other advanced editors with formatting support, try writing a stressed online text using free services. Here is some of them.


The simplest resource that allows you to make a stressed text. On the page there are two forms: enter your text on the left and press the double arrow. The result will immediately appear in the form located on the right, so you will only remain copy the result and insert it where it is necessary.



Unlike the previous tool, this service has a large set of functions, with which you can create not only stressed, but also underlined text, with the use of different types of lines. The conversion is performed automatically, and a separate button is provided for copying the result. A tool is available at

Creating a crown text using PiliaPP

StrikeThrough text

Another simple-stressed text generator located at Here, too, everything is very simple. We introduce the text in the upper form, click "cross" and get the result in the bottom. To transmit text to the clipboard, there is a special button, the service is also supported to remove the surrounding text spaces.

Online StrikeThrough Text tool


As you can see, make the stressed text very simple. Which of these methods is more comfortable, each decides for itself. Well, on the dessert we have a small trick for you, which allows you to cross the text in the usual notebook Windows. In the hidden settings of this editor, there is a special parameter, which makes it possible to write to the crown text.

Crossed text in notepad

To enable and disable the function, we offer the use of ready-made registry tweaks located on the link. In the archive will find two files. To enable overclocking, perform a fuel fusion StrikeThrough.Reg. , To restore the default settings, start the file Reset.Reg. . That's all.

In WhatsApp Messenger, you can select a message or a certain part of it to focus on a specific part of the text. To do this, use text formatting. So, users of the application can send the interlocutor a message with a cross-shot font. For example, it may be a list of purchases where the goods already purchased are deleted.

To do this, open WhatsApp on the smartphone and go to the desired chat or dialogue. Next use special characters. To make a stressed font, write a message or a word between the two signs "Tilda" (~).

The final message will look like this: ~ Stressed text ~. Do not insert any additional characters (brackets, quotes, lower underscores, etc.).

How to write in whatsapp stricken font?

Stressed font in web version and PC application

Many are interested, is it possible to use text formatting in the WhatsApp web version, as well as the client for a PC? Yes, you can. To do this, it is also necessary to take advantage of special characters.

To make the stressed text in the web version, go to the messenger through the browser and open the desired chat. In the message input field, also enter the text placed between the "Tilda" symbols (~). As in the case of a mobile version, the user will receive a message with the crossed font.

How to write in whatsapp stricken font?

Similarly, you can use formatting in the client for Windows or Mac. At the same time, HTML tags here will not help: the messenger does not support them.

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