Corvalol in tablets: instructions for use and from what helps

Instructions for the use of Corvalol

Corvalol belongs to a group of drugs with a reflex effect due to a combination of active substances.

Feature means - a combined effect on various links of regulating the tone of vessels and centers of the brain. A sedative and moderate sleeping pyline effect improves the patient's well-being. However, there are restrictions on reception, neglect which leads to the development of toxic effects.

Corvalol is not recommended for receiving children under 12 years old, women during pregnancy and lactation.

Indications for use

Corwalola.Availability tools contributes to non-controlled drug use, which causes unwanted consequences and signs of overdose. Main indications for the use of Corvalol:

  • insomnia;
  • an increased level of anxiety;
  • neurosis with irritability;
  • panic attacks;
  • tachycardia (high heart rate);
  • hypertension (increased blood pressure) caused by physical exertion or emotional experiences;
  • Stress angina.

In addition, to the states, from which the Corvalol helps, are spasms in the stomach and stress disorders related to stress.

The composition of the drug

A wide range of medicinal effects is determined by the selection of adequate doses of active molecules. The content of the drug in different form of release is presented in the table.

Drops (in 1 ml, 26 drops) Pills
Ethyl ether of bromisovalryanic acid (Valeriani) 20 mg 12.42 mg
Phenobarbital 18.26 mg 11.34 mg
Peppermint oil 1.42 mg 0.88 mg
Additional substances
  • 96% ethyl alcohol;
  • purified water;
  • stabilizer
  • cyclodextrin;
  • lactose monohydrate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • Acesulphal potassium

Phenobarbital refers to a group of barbiturates (tranquilizing series drugs), which have a pronounced sedative, sleeping pills or anti-sense property. In high doses, the substance is used to relieve and prevent convulsive attacks in patients with epilepsy.

Pharmacology of phenobarbital includes strengthening (induction) of liver enzyme activity, where drugs are recycled. Therefore, it is necessary to inform the doctor about regular reception of drugs containing barbiturates.

PhenobarbitalThe ether of bromisovalryanic acid belongs to the group of sedative means of plant origin. The medicine acts mainly through the receptors located in the mucous membrane of the nose and oralogot. The oppression of the pathological activity of the cerebral cortex and below the arranged structures removes the reflex spasm of the vessels (eliminating pain, symptoms of hypertension). The sedative effect is implemented by braking in the central nervous system.

The composition of Mint oil includes menthol extract, which interacts with receptors in the oral cavity and stomach, resulting in a pseudo-cold effect. The distracting action "switches" closed pulsation circles in the nervous system and causes calm, eliminate pain in the heart and abdomen.

Form release

Corvalol - domestic remedy, which is available in 2 forms:

  • Drops for oral use: bubble (bottle) at 25.30 and 50 ml;
  • Tablets - blisters, 30 pieces per pack.

The patient independently chooses a convenient form for use: at home they prefer drops to relieve an attack at work or street - tablets.

How to use?

The multiplicity, the duration of the course and the dosage of the drug depends on the goals pursued.

Recommended methods for receiving Kovalol are presented in the table.

Pathology Disposable dose Multiplicity Course duration
Painty attack 30-40 drops (2 tablets) Of necessity
Insomnia 15-30 drops (1 tablet) Single before bed 1-1.5 months
Unstable disorders of psyche 15-30 drops (1 tablet) 2-3 times a day Up to 3 months

Corvalol in tablets and drops are prescribed for sublingual use (under the tongue).

Instructions for the use of Corvalol in drops requires cautious use of the drug in patients with impaired renal or hepatic functions: slow metabolism The means helps to increase the concentration and development of toxic effects.

Drops are recommended to use, pre-applying sugar to breast.

What are the symptoms of overdose?

The consequence of the excess of the multiplicity of admission and duration of treatment are acute or chronic poisoning (due to the accumulation of funds in the tissues of the body).

Basic signs of intoxication:

  • drowsiness (to coma);
  • headache;
  • reduced diuresis - daily amount of urine;
  • Breathing disorder (frequent and surface, in the final stage - rare);
  • reduced body temperature;
  • falling blood pressure;
  • Tachycardia, at the end stage - bradycardia (reduced rate of pulse), the development of arrhythmias.

In some cases, dependence on the drug is developing, in the treatment of which the transition to a safer substitute without the effect of addiction is required.

There is no specific treatment of acute intoxication - it is necessary to quickly bring the drug: rinse the stomach, assign diuretics (diuretic). To improve the state, you can drink strong coffee.

Corvalol with hypertension: increases pressure or lowers?

The use of the drug for blood pressure correction is due to the presence of bromisovalerian acid and phenobarbital in medicine. The combination of active substances contributes to the reflex reduction in the tone of the arteries, expanding the lumen and falling indicators.

In addition, the effectiveness of the Corvalol with hypertension (especially in women) is due to the soothing effect of the drug, since strong experiences contribute to the increase in pressure.

Abuse drug contributes to falling values ​​to a collaptoid (unconscious) state.

Eating preparation with alcohol

Eating alcoholic beveragesThe use of alcoholic beverages is one of the risk factors of ischemic heart disease, which is accompanied by pains for the sternum and the need to stop the attack.

The choice of medication is carried out depending on the sensitivity of the drug and compatibility with alcohol. It is forbidden to take alcoholic beverages against the background of taking Corvalol.

The impact is due to:

  1. The effects of ethanol on the state of the vascular wall - relaxation of the latter with the risk of a sudden drop in blood pressure.
  2. Depressing effect on the bark of the brain and the trunk. Violation of consciousness, dizziness, blurredness, low heart rate and respiration - the consequences of the braking effect on the vascular and respiratory center in the oblong brain.
  3. Chronic alcoholism has a toxic effect on liver cells and drug transformation processes. Violation of metabolism contributes to the increase in the concentration of the drug to maximum portable doses with the manifestation of signs of overdose.

The instructions for the use of Corvalol in tablets determines the list of substances that are forbidden to be taken against the background of treatment: indirect anticoagulants (synctum), glucocorticoids, griseofullvin, oral contraceptives.

Is the medication harmful and how long can you take it?

Corvalol - a means that belongs to the category of pharmaceutical holiday without a recipe due to relative security, however, dosing and method of use determines possible unwanted effects.

Active metabolites of the drug have an insufficient concentration for toxic effects when taking standard courses. A longer use is accompanied by the accumulation of the exchange products in the tissues and the occurrence of signs of chronic overdose.

Corwalola.Removing the drug from the reception is carried out gradually due to the possible development of cancellation syndrome (increased pressure, tachycardia, redness of the face, irritability).

Main contraindications for receiving Corvalol:

  • increased sensitivity to the drug component (most often - to bromine);
  • Pregnancy: In the first 16 weeks, the agent is absolutely contraindicated, in the third trimester - in the absence of other drugs, one-time is allowed;
  • Lactation period: Phenobarbital penetrates the breast milk to the child during feeding, which has an inhibitory effect on the formation of the nervous system;
  • heart failure with signs of blood stagnation;
  • Renal and / or liver failure.

Most often, the remedy is appointed by adults, clinical studies of efficiency in childhood has not been conducted.

Is there a deadly dose?

Active substances of Corvalol - plant origin, therefore differ in safety, however, the use of high doses of the drug is accompanied by the risk of developing complications.

It is believed that the deadly dose of means is 120-150 drops in one reception (respectively - 240 tablets). The maximum permissible concentration of the drug differs in each individual case, depending on the age, the state of enzyme systems of the liver and kidney (in alcoholics toxic dose above, up to 200 drops).

Female outcome occurs due to stopping heart and breathing. Intensive therapy requires the introduction of disintellation preparations and cardiotonic drugs.

What analogs of the drug exist?

The modern pharmaceutical market offers several replacements with the same composition of active substances:

  • Voserdin (drops);
  • Valokordin (drops);
  • Corvalment (capsules);
  • Barbal (drops).

The choice of analogue is provided to the patient depending on personal preferences and material condition.

Side effects

Unwanted consequences of the use of Corvalol are occurring less than 10% of patients. The most common reactions:

  • Drowsinessnausea, discomfort in the stomach, spasms of the stomach and intestines;
  • Allergic reactions in the form of rash, edema;
  • Sleepiness, reduction of the concentration of attention, so do not advise the drug to use the patient, the profession of which requires care: drivers, doctors and others;
  • reduction of heart rate;
  • dizziness.

These phenomena are eliminated by the reception of tonic means (strong tea or coffee) and a reduction in the dose of the drug.


Corvalol is a drug that has a combined effect on the central nervous and cardiovascular system. The appointment of the drug in therapeutic doses, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, is accompanied by a pronounced effect in neurotic disorders, anxiety and stress-induced pain in the heart area. The use of the drug with alcohol, during a hangover, in the case of contraindications leads to the development of undesirable consequences.

Corvalol: how to take drops and pills

Corvalol - a natural preparation that has a spasmolgic and sedative effect.


Form release

You can buy in the form:

Composite components

The current elements: ethyl disgusting, the oil of peppermint.

Auxiliary Ingredients:

  • in drops: water, ethanol, sodium hydroxide;

  • In tablets: magnesium stearate, cellulose, lactose monohydrate, potatoes starch.

The composition of medicines depending on the manufacturer may vary.

Indications for use

Medication in solid form is prescribed with the following symptoms:

  • increased irritability;

  • Vegeta dystonia;

  • hypertensive diseases;

  • Sleeping;

  • Spasms of coronary vessels.

Drops are effective for states such as:

Instructions for use


The drug preparation is placed under the tongue when a quick effect is necessary, or inside.

Corvalol can be taken 2 times a day no more than 2-3 tablets.

A permissible one-time dose is 1 tablet, with acute need for dose can be increased to 3 tablets.


15-25 Drops of Corvalol Dilute in 50 ml of liquid. With tachycardia, the permissible one-time dose can be no more than 50 drops.

The kids depending on the age category and the clinical situation are prescribed from 5 to 15 drops per day.

The length of the reception will depend on the testimony. Sometimes there is enough one-time use. In some situations, drops / tablets are worth drinking 3 times a day. The duration of therapy determines the doctor, taking into account therapeutic features of the drug and its tolerance.


For two types of medicinal medicines:

Tablets are also contraindicated in the following cases:

Adverse reactions

Corvalol in tablets and drops can provoke negative effects:

With prolonged use of the drug, there is a chance of a cluster in the body of bromine, disorders of osteogenesis, the development of bromine symptoms, such as rhinitis, acne, conjunctivitis, tear, stress, inhibition of the central nervous system.

Negative consequences, as a rule, pass without a trace after a decrease in dose or complete cessation of the drug.


Symptoms of overdose:

With a strong overdose, a rapid heartbeat, arrhythmia, disturbance of the respiratory tract, can be observed, in rare cases - coma or detailed outcome.

With side effects, it is necessary to stop the reception of the Corvalol, rinse the stomach, exclude caffeine from the daily ration, to abandon nicotine.

special instructions

The presence of a phenobarbital medication sometimes contributes to the development of such syndromes as Stephen-Johnson or Leylla, which is particularly relevant at the initial stage of reception of the drug. Ethanol and phenobarbitol are the main components of the drops, their turnover is 55%. Alcohol concentration in small doses - 250 mg, which corresponds to 6.5 ml beer. During the preparation of the drug is possible:

During the treatment period:

  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol;

  • It is not recommended to engage in potentially hazardous activities, including the steering wheel.

You can buy the drug in any pharmacy. Tablets and drops in a capacity of 15 and 25 ml are released without a recipe. Flakes with a content of 50 ml of substance are sold by prescription.

The shelf life of drops is 2.5 years, tablets - 24 months from the date of production.

The drug substance should be stored at room temperature.

Preparation during pregnancy

The instructions indicate that the pills and drops of Corvalol are contraindicated for receiving during the baby tool.

The use of the drug in 1 trimester of pregnancy can negatively affect the development of the fetus, and in the 3 semester provoke a disorder of the respiratory system of the newborn.

If there is an urgent need for a drug during pregnancy, the use of Corvalol in minimum quantities is allowed. However, if possible, it is desirable to refuse to refuse drug.

Benefit and harm

Everyone knows what purpose the drug is accepted. The effectiveness of Corvalol is proved by many years of practice. Nevertheless, in recent times, information began to appear that the substance not only treats, but also harms health.

Since the drug contains a spasmolytic - an ethylbromisovalerite, which, taking into account the dosage, can have a sleeping maker or sedative effect on the body.

The phenobarbital, which is part of, does not have a sleeping pills, but during the adoption of a regular dose expands the vessels.

Peppermint oil can provoke an antispalgic reaction, expand the vessels. With an enlarged dose, it causes constipation, disrupts the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

With long-term reception of the drug in large doses, the phenoborbital leads to a row, violation of speech, memory failures causes neurological disorders.

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