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It would seem that now, when everyone has a mobile phone, wrist watch should go to the background. However, their popularity does not fall. Watch worn and popular kinoheroes like James Bond, and the Royal Operations. After all, except that it is a stylish and beautiful accessory, the clock has indisputable dignity: they are always at hand (more precisely, on hand). But wrist watch, especially mechanical, pleasure is not the cheapest. How to choose suitable and not guess, found out the team TAM.BY. Together with Vladimir Metallo, the manager of the online store " Wind of time "

7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches
7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches

Tip 1. Choose a watch for ladies and gentlemen

The first wrist watch appeared in the XVI century. And then they were exclusively women and then only because the watch looked very beautifully on fragile female wrists. An even more century passed before they were appreciated by men: the convenience of wrist up before his pocket played their role.

Although in modern fashion there are unisex models that are suitable by both floors, the tradition of sharing the clock on men and female has been preserved so far, "says Vladimir. - It is believed that on the fine lady's hand a large dial and a wide strap look bulumen, and, on the contrary, the elegant narrow bracelet can look ridiculous on the male wrist. Therefore, when choosing hours, you must try them.

Tip 2. Quartz or Mechanics: Choose a Mechanism

The most important and first question to be specified by a specialist: "What is the mechanism of wristwatches?" We will not take into account the clock with an electronic dial, but consider two main types: mechanical and quartz. The main difference is that used as a source of energy. Quartz watches have a battery, a mechanical spiral spring. Of course, those and others have their pros and cons, although it is difficult to distinguish them outwardly.


pros :Low cost, low weight, impact resistance, come only when changing the batteries, show more accurate time (deflection exactly up to 20 seconds per month).

Minuses :Fully depend on the battery, can be shot down at temperatures below 6 and above 40 degrees, the repair depends on the presence of spare parts (if they are no longer produced, we will have to change the entire mechanism).


Pros: Indeed from the battery, reliable, less susceptible to temperature drops, status indicator, high maintainability.

Minuses: High cost, regular care (once every 3-5 years need to be cleaned and lubricate the mechanism), you need to start manually, a rather high accuracy error (from +40 to -20 seconds per day).

Choosing the mechanics, you need to pay attention to the presence of a lifeline. It reduces the accuracy of the speed of hours, but at the same time heats the body, and it is more complicated to repair it. In general, with proper handling, the mechanical clock can serve as long as the family relics will become Smiling manager.

7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches
7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches

Tip 3. Bracelet, Strap, Bracelet, Strap ...

In order not to be guessing on the chamomile, you need to think in advance what kind of "frame" you want to wear on my hand. Of course, bracelets made of metals, especially precious, look prestigious, and you can not talk about durability. However, someone will seem hard. Then the straps from various materials come to shift: skin, plastic, silicone. If the last two are more suitable for young people, then the leather strap is a classic. However, it must be remembered that the skin, like everything is natural, is subject to the influence of the environment, so it can not be wetted, avoid hitting the spots and so on. Even despite all precautions, the strap from the skin will have to change in a year or two.

If you choose between the strap and bracelet, then think how often you will wear a clock. Metal bracelet can weigh more than 100 grams, and if you consider the weight of the case, then the wrist can be very hard. If you stopped on the strap, remember that when replacing you need to take into account the width. If you can not find exactly the same, then choose the one that is wider than 1 mm maximum. But no more narrow buy, otherwise the clock can hang on the hand - Warns a specialist.

Tip 4 pay attention to the functionality

First you need to determine which functions in the clock are vital: is it necessary to the calendar, the backlight or maybe alarm clock? From these requests can be repelled during the selection.

For mechanical clock, one of the mandatory functions is a power reserve indicator. It shows how much time it remains to stop the clock and when they need to start again. In general, most often choose the watch by the character of a hobby or profession. Travelers always look, whether there is a world time indicator: it allows you to switch to other time zones. Athletes prefer chronographs, that is, a clock with a stopwatch, and businessmen ask about the "eternal calendar."

7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches
7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches

Tip 5. Choose good glass

Glass performs the role of "armor" for the clock clock. Three types are now considered the most popular now: plastic (plexiglass), mineral glass and artificial sapphire. The highest quality and, accordingly, the Sapphire Glass is considered expensive. It is almost impossible to break and it is very difficult to scratch, and it is also not flawed. Mineral glass, which is also called artificial crystal, the most frequently used material. It is inferior to the sapphire in quality and resistance, but many times exceeds the plastic according to the same parameters. It is easy to replace it, so the demand for hours with such a "screen" is quite high. Well, plastic, of course, the cheapest material, however, with its advantages. For example, it is difficult to smash it, so the plexiglass often choose children and athletes.

Tip 6. Waterproof or Water Wellkeeping - Be careful!

Today, almost any hours are made with moisture protection. But the degree of tightness is different, so if you are selling "waterproof" hours, ask how much atmospheres they are withstanding. The minimum degree of water refractors implies a random ingress of moisture (for example, rain or water when washing hands). Maximum can withstand and dive with aqualung - True, no more than two hours.

7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches
7 simple tips how to choose wristwatches

Tip 7. What I Watch, I take

The clock is the accessory that will delight the eye and cause a sense of pride. But only in the case when they like the owner. If the soul lies with a simple classic or design color of Fuchsia, and someone advises: "Choose Rolex, it's cool!", - You do not need to listen to anyone. The main thing is to remember that any purchase should make pleasure and desire to not part with it.

Appearance is the first thing that the person draws attention to, choosing a clock. And often it is the design of the clock becomes a decisive criterion when buying. If the client takes care of the style, it will always pick the accessory that comes to a different image. That is why they often buy several hours to combine with different clothes.

Wristwatches and at the beginning of the last century were more accessory than just a chronometer. Today, with the advent of mobile phones, the prevalence of status status on the functionality has become even more noticeable. Properly chosen watches will help to make an opinion about you when you make an impression on the opposite floor or emphasize your individuality. However, sometimes without them really do not do: at serious meetings, in a tour or during the exhibition of sports, mobile phone with its built-in clock you are not an assistant. Our article will help choose the right clock, which and with their main functions will cope, and externally do not pump up.

How to choose wristwatches

The best manufacturers of wristwatches - what kind of company choose

If you really need a good model, choose the watch of famous brands (naturally, taking into account your financial capabilities):

  • Patek Philippe.
  • Longines.
  • Rado.
  • Tissot
  • Seiko.

You can read more about these and many popular brands of wristwatches in our article about the best customer reviews. Those who want to choose a good chronometer for themselves, not limited to the name on the dial, it is worth reading this instruction to the end.

Principle of operation and clock

Varieties of wrist watch

All wrist watches are divided into 2 types of drive type:

Mechanical models are the oldest, but still actual type of chronometers - collected from a variety of lever, spirals and gears. The engine here is a compressed spring, which is tightened at the time of the plant and ensures the operation of all the mechanisms when straightens. So that it does not "shit" immediately, a regulator (balance), stabilizing the clock, and an anchor descent is installed in the housing. The latter makes the balance wheel evenly turn, maintaining a stable springs tension.

This is what is inside the clock. But the owner is visible completely different elements:

  • Glazed housing;
  • Factory head;
  • The translating mechanism of the shooter;
  • Actually arrows and dial.

Otherwise, the quartz watches work. Here, the battery is installed inside, which starts the stepper motor - an electrical pulse from the generator comes to it every second, and as a result of the arrow shifted from the place.

By the way, the electronic watches are also quartz, although in our country nobody calls them. There are no gears that move the arrow mechanism - the electrical signal is transmitted to the display that displays the desired numbers.


Studying the principle of work hours, we have already met the types of chronometers with different types of drive. Now you need to figure out their features, and most importantly - to allocate the main advantages and disadvantages.


mechanical watches

In turn, they are divided into hours with manual and automatic factory. In the first case, you will have to independently press the spring so that the clock continues to go (usually do it every 3-4 days).

Models with auto-winding deliver less hassle. Permanent movement of the mechanism here provides the load axis by the driving axis, which displacing the center of gravity. Each movement of hand in such clock makes it "fall" under the action of attraction force. Part of the energy is transmitted to the spring, and manually start it no longer need it.

Pluses of mechanical clock:

  • Simplicity of design;
  • Long service life (at least 50 years);
  • Will not stop at an inappropriate moment, as in the case of a seven battery;
  • The status due to the manual assembly.


  • Serious error - from 5 to 60 seconds / day;
  • High price due to the need for fine tuning.

Mechanical clock is not just a chronometer, it is a lifestyle that owner sticks. They choose those who know a lot about good things and prefers the classic time proven time.


Quartz watches2.

These clock are more modern and accurate, although the analog models externally do not differ from the mechanics. The correctness of their stroke depends on the selected frequency of the pulses, and it in turn is calculated mathematically. True, quartz crystals are also susceptible to aging, so that the error itself can manifest itself.

Pros of quartz watches:

  • No need to regularly start;
  • Have a minimal error (15-20 seconds / month);
  • Compact case;
  • Weight is less than that of mechanics;
  • Reliable and durable;
  • More accessible at the price.


  • 2-3 times a year require replacement of the battery.

Quartz watches - the choice of those who need absolute accuracy and a stylish modern accessory without a claim for elitism.


Digital Watch

Although these watches are also quartz, we decided to allocate them in a separate group. All because they completely displays the time on the electronic display, and not using an analog mechanism. Here already appears the possibility of working in a 24-hour format, and at the same time the conclusion on the scoreboard of other useful information (alarm clock, calendar, etc.).

Advantages of electronic hours:

  • Advanced functionality;
  • Maximum informative display;
  • Accuracy and durability of quartz hours;
  • Convenient time representation format;
  • On the "behavior" of the clock, you can determine that the battery will soon sit down;
  • Relatively low cost.


  • The display is more likely to fail than the arrow mechanism.
  • Typically have a plastic case, which does not add them elegance.

Electronics often chooses young people, athletes and in general people leading an active lifestyle.

There are also quartz clock with a combined time display. They have a conventional analog dial with arrows, and an electronic display. But, as often happens, the combination of two systems only aggravated the shortcomings of individual models. In this case, this was reflected on the reliability and durability of the clock - the combined chronometers turned out to be the least survivors, and their functionality remained limited.

Selection parameters

Selection parameters22.

Having understood with all the features of time drives, you can move to the selection of models in all other parameters - no less significant than accuracy.

Corps material

First of all, you need to decide from which the case of your ideal clock should be made. There are enough options here, and all the tastes are different, so briefly touch only the most popular materials:

  • Titan - very light and very durable. It looks great on the housing of the clock, does not cause allergies. Titanium chronometers in cold countries are especially appreciated - due to lower than that of other metals, thermal conductivity they do not shake their hand in winter.
  • Gold is an eternal classic and a symbol of prestige. Alas, for everyday socks it comes out of little: at its high price, gold remains heavy, soft and easily damaging metal.
  • Palladium is lightweight and not inclined to oxidation material is a good choice. And although it is not used in its pure form, it is introduced as a durable element in the alloys of precious metals, getting one of the types of white gold. Such hours with light damage will be easily restored by polishing.
  • Stainless steel is a simple and quite budget option for everyday hours. Such housings are distinguished by strength, although they are subject to scratches. But defects are polished without any problems, and corrosion is not terrible. The only thing is the presence of nickel in the alloy can provoke irritation on the skin, so it is better to choose surgical steel.
  • Brass is a cheap metal that requires a mandatory decorative coating. Otherwise, due to oxidation, dirty strips will remain on the wrist. The back cover of such hours is made of stainless steel.
  • Plastic - despite its obvious low cost, this material is very popular in the production of electronic hours. He is light, not corroded, but it is afraid of scratches and becomes fragile in frost.

The most better metal for watch enclosures is considered platinum. And although it is really strong enough, due to its high cost, it is used only in the production of exclusive hours.


Here, a neat appearance of the clock depends on the choice during long-term wearing. So on the type of glass, protecting the dial, too, should be paid attention to:

  • Mineral - resistant to scratches, but it is quite easy to break it. But the price is available for it, and the organic watch glass is produced massively - it will be easy to replace it in the workshop.
  • Sapphire - expensive material that is used only in the production of elite models. The resistance to scratches is approaching the properties of the diamond, but the fragile synthetic sapphire is still lighter than quartz.
  • Plexiglass is the cheapest and shocking material. But small defects from its surface are easily eliminated by grinding, but it's really difficult to split such a glass.
  • Sapplex - Combined two-layer material. A durable organic glass is taken as the basis, which is simply closed with resistant sapphire scratches.

Athletes should also look at an anti-reflective clock. Its presence makes it easy to read information from the dial or display in sunny weather. It may seem that there are no glass at all - it is very impressive and convenient.

Defense level

According to this indicator, the wrist watch can be re-started to divide ones, but the protection of the hull and internal mechanisms from external factors is not always needed. Basically, this question worries athletes and people who work in difficult conditions where the risk is great to wet, break or spoil the clock with a shallow dust.

The level of chronometer moisture protection is indicated in units of the atmosphere or bar (they have about the same numerical value). Sealed housings of such hours can withstand the external water pressure from 1 to 20 atm, which corresponds to 10-200 m of water column:

  • Models marked "Diver's" or 20 atm have the highest level of tightness and allow deep-water immersion;
  • 10 atm - respectively, immersion without scubament is not deeper than 100 m;
  • 5 atm - in such hours you can splash in the river or in the pool;
  • 3 atm - are not afraid of except for rain and a short hand washing;
  • Chronometers with the inscription "Water Resistant" at all do not have any protection.

Shockproof models are also quite diverse, since each eminent manufacturer has its own unique security system. But usually everything comes down to conventional antishok. It provides uninterrupted operation of the mechanism even after strikes, vibrations, or just a long shaking, but neither the housing, no glass protects.

Remember that any hours are considered shockproofs that can survive a drop from a height of 1 m on a wooden floor - no need to check their resistance to the hammer.

Strap or bracelet - what is better to choose

Here the choice depends on personal preferences, but it is necessary to understand that the set bracelet serves longer than any strap - sometimes as much as the clock itself. Alas, its capabilities for the size of the wrist turn out to be much more modest. Also, the presence of a bracelet increases the final cost of the clock, although it gives them a more solid look and supports the overall design.

However, the straps can also show themselves quite worthy, especially if they are made of natural and durable skin. And most importantly, such a mount is tightly sits on his hand and it is easier to replace it if necessary.

What wrist watch choose

how to choose wristwatches

one. Athletes and people leading an active lifestyle are ideal for mechanical wristwatches with automatic subtach or electronic models. The housing is needed to be easier here - titanium or plastic, but the glass is better to use the combined. It is desirable that the chronometer has a comfortable strap and an antisoke system. Level of waterfront choose in accordance with their preferences.

2. Those who work in difficult conditions will need inexpensive stainless steel watches or plastic with plexiglass glass. It is better that they are shockproof, quartz and had the appropriate degree of moisture protection. For fastening on hand, it is also worth choosing a strap, because an inexpensive bracelet may accidentally unbuckle.

3. In the world of business people their own rules for the selection of accessories - here we will have to focus on the unlawful laws of your circle. But this applies only to the price and brand of hours. As for the specific criteria, it is better to turn to the classical mechanics (in some cases the auto-shift) is allowed in a heavy case from precious metals. Glass - sapphire or sapplex, the fastening is preferably on the bracelet, but a good leather strap Moveton is also not considered.

four. For representatives of the finest, the design is more important than the functionality or strength of the clock. However, the presence of a calendar will not hurt, and a lightweight thin case of women will like more. This means that they are better to stay on quartz models. Waterproofing is enough within 1-3 atm, the choice of glass, fastening and decor elements remains behind the lady.

five. For children, it is worth looking for inexpensive quartz clock options with an electronic time show in a 24-hour format or with a combined dial - it is so easier to navigate. Case and glass Choose plastic, the level of water protection up to 3 atm also does not prevent. Also, children's models may have additional functions like a voice and alarm clock.

How much watches are

How much watches are

This is the most difficult question, and here you will have to navigate not only on the type of the selected model, but also on your own financial opportunities. Simply put, your watches will cost as much as you are ready to pay for them - look at these numbers:

one. Men's mechanical clock without special delights can be bought for 1500 rubles, and for 3 million - it all depends on the name on the dial. The same mechanics, but in the case of precious metals, they are already sold at a price of 17 thousand to 8 million rubles.

2. The most expensive female models with a mechanical drive are "total" 1.2-2.5 million rubles, but you can find the watch easier within 3000-16000 rubles.

3. Analog quartz watches for men are sold at a price of 600 rubles, women's and children from 400-500. Upper ceiling 900 thousand.

four. Electronic men's models cost from 400 to 100 thousand rubles., Women are on average cheaper (800-28,000 rubles), children will cost no more than 3 thousand.

If you notice a mistake in the text, please select it and click Ctrl + Enter.

As you know, in the days of exactly 24 hours, well, we will give 24 advice that will help choose the right clock!

Tip 1. Do not waste more money for hours than you really have.

Tip 2. But, if you truly dream of some hours, and you understand that life is not sweet without them, then do not shit on more budget models. It is better to dig a little and get a dream clock.

Tip 3. Einstein wore Patek Philippe clock. But do not feed the illusions that the presence of Patek will give you ingenious abilities.

Tip 4. There are many famous hourly brands. But, if you do not like the style of the model, think about whether to buy them only because of the cherished inscription on the dial? Of course not!

Tip 5. Taste and color ... There is always a person to whom your choice seems wrong. So buy hours only for yourself. In the end, this is your clock and you wear them!

Tip 6. And still, they will certainly say: "You have gotten / and crazy! Such money for the watch!?. What explains will not be appreciated anyway.

Tip 7. A look inside. Aims at well-known reliable or manufactory gauges. Do not buy a clock with dubious stuffing.

Tip 8. Size matters? Yes, and again yes! Massive clock (female or men) is only a fashion trend, and not a guide to action. Consider the wrist size. The clock with XL dimensions on a fragile wrist look strange and even ridiculous.

Tip 9. Choose SLIM clock (thin) for business style. Classical clock should be easily hiding under the cuffs of shirts, and not clinging for it, deliberately speaking on everyone's review.

Tip 10. The inscription WR30 does not mean that in the clock you can swim and dive to a depth of 30 meters. This watch is not afraid of having a rain or spray, but the real water procedures are contraindicated. For diving, look for models with a water-cutting minimum of 200 meters.

Tip 11. Multifunctional clock and just a clock. Do you need hours equipped with different functions? If you do not plan to use them, and they did not hear about half of them at all, then only because of the external (steep) species, such models do not need to buy. Sooner or later someone will ask to show how televetern works in your clock.

Tip 12. Get ready for shock. Shortly after the purchase, you will definitely see similar hours for smaller (far less) money. "Borrowing" design is normal.

Tip 13. As a rule, when you are waiting for something for a very long time, you choose, ask the price, buy, the period after no longer brings the stormy delight. And this is also a completely normal reaction.

Tip 14. If the clock broke, do not panic, but simply take them to a specialized service center.

Tip 15. In colour. If all your accessories / decorations have silver color, then the clock with a golden coating is simply nothing to combine. And vice versa. But the bicolor can become an excellent chopstick.

Tip 16. Accuracy case. Any quartz clock a priori is more precisely mechanical.

Tip 17. Take care of the clock. Give them to prevent them, clean, keep in the hotel box (casket), so they will serve you faith and truth much longer.

Tip 18. Watch as an investment? Some models - yes, but most of their value will not retain. So, if you decided to buy a unique clock, then you will consider the benefit of them perhaps that your children and grandchildren. We do not deny, there are exceptions.

Tip 19. Better a couple of really good hours than a whole collection of ordinary.

Tip 20. Special engraving for a special gift. Making engraving on the back cover of the clock today is very fashionable, but note that there must be a significant date or event.

Tip 21. Purchase at once is a bad purchase. The clocks that are suitable only for one dress \ costume, word, clock at the exit, is not a completely good idea.

Tip 22. Wear a clock! If the purchased clock lie half a year without a case, then look at those who become loved ones (such you will wear constantly).

Tip 23. If you are looking for a clock from the limited series, then choose the truly such. The release of 3000 or 2000 copies, in fact, is not limited.

Tip 24. Although the watch is considered an indicator of status, after all, it is not worth estimating a person on them.

Ready to apply the surveyed skills in practice? Then forward for shopping!

How to choose a clock: Useful Tips

How to choose a clock - an exciting question not only for those who are going to buy their first model. An experienced owner who has decided to diversify the watch wardrobe, often faces the problem of choice. We have collected answers to frequent questions that will help make the right choice!

What do you need a clock

First decide why you need a clock - wear with a jacket or jeans, meet business partners or rush through the ski slopes, go to the theater or climb on the sheer cliffs. Remember that the clock is under the costume - a nikudny companion for extreme tourism (and on the contrary). The universal version for all occasions will not be found to find - for example, the elegant Frederique Constant is not suitable for diving, and the uncomplicated Casio G-Shock will not fit under the cuff shirt.

Watch Breitling Avenger Hurricane Military XB12101A / BF46 / 283S

Breitling Avenger Hurricane

How to choose a mechanical or quartz watch

So, you firmly decided that at the next meeting from under the edge of your jacket will certainly look out the dial of an elegant three-strander. Or that on vacation in the mountains you will accompany the clock with impenetrable glass and a set of functions for all occasions. Design - the question in which your own taste will be the best advice. It is harder to choose between mechanical and quartz clocks - arguments enough in favor of those and others.

Mechanical or quartz

Mechanics VS Quartz

How to choose a mechanical clock

Mechanical clock - classic as it is. All gears and springs of the mechanism are manually made and move due to the thin, almost magical talent of the watchmaker. This fascinates mechanics - the best addition to the expensive costume.

Watch Breilting Transcean.

Breitling Transcean.

If the aesthetics and traditions are attracted first, choose the mechanical clock in the consul catalog. It is believed that every day a clock is tedious - then the model with the auto-winding is suitable. In addition, a considerable part of the fans of mechanics does not see any problem in the manual factory and enjoys this simple daily ritual.

Clock Tag Heuer Carrera CV2A1AB.FC6379

Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf Edition


  • Prestige. We are not only a considerable amount into which the Swiss chronometer will cost. The status develops from the skill transmitted from generation to generation, involvement in the noble history and the highest performance of all elements.
  • Durability. If wearing a mechanical chronometer neatly, it will easily become a family relic, transmitted from generation to generation. In addition, the mechanism is repaired without a complete replacement - the necessary elements will easily select in the workshop.
  • Smooth movement of the second arrow. Aesthets may not like the quartz clock arrow, which moves by jerks. The arrow of the mechanical chronometer passes around the circumference of the dial smoothly and pleasantly for the eyes.
  • No need to change the battery. The mechanism starts the spring, so if they stopped - just enough to start them.


  • High price. Traditions of skill, the glorious name of manufactory, unique handmade - all this is expensive. However, there is no special difficulty to pick up good mechanical clock for relatively little money.
  • Error in accuracy. On average, the deviation per day is ± 20 seconds, which is 4 times more than that of quartz models. Also, the mechanics are more sensitive to the external environment - magnetic radiation, moisture, as well as blows and vibrations can disrupt the normal course.
  • You need to start manually. Already mentioned. Even the model with the auto-winding will have to start, if you do not wear them a couple of days. But minus easily becomes a plus - it's in preferences.

How to choose quartz watches

Quartz watches are very younger than mechanical, therefore, it is hardly interesting to connoisseurs of history and traditions. And yet, for many accuracy, reliability and ease of appeal are above the aesthetic advantages. If you are guided by these qualities - choose a quartz watch!

Tag Heuer Formula watch 1 caz1019.ft8027

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Senna Edition

Quartz Availability Mechanics, this is a fact. Nevertheless, it is mistaken to think that such watches look pale on hand. In the Consul catalog, the Luxury Quartz Watch Tag Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Phillipe de Cheron, Corum, Casio, the design of which is not lagging behind the unmistakable stroke.

Casio G-SHOCK G-Steel GST-W100G-1B Watches

G-Steel GST-W100G-1B


  • Accuracy. The stroke error does not exceed ± 5 seconds per day (4 times less than the average mechanics).
  • Strength. No clock is worth throwing hours from the window and play them in hockey (if it's not about Casio G-Shock). And yet, Quartz much more stable for negative impacts of the external environment - enduring sports and militaries models are mainly working on the battery.
  • Undepair. The clock does not need to start or wear constantly so that they do not stop. The only thing that is required from the owner is to enter the service on time and replace the battery, which is usually enough for 2-3 years.
  • Availability. Usually, quartz watches are much cheaper than mechanical. In general, the price line starts with a dozen dollars and there is no limit - Breitling, Montblanc, Omega, Rolex, Piaget, Patek Philippe and other titans of the industry have a battery model.


  • You need to change the battery. The power supply will last at best, 5 years, standard - 2-3 years. The battery will inevitably have to change and it should be done with the mind. Negliness threatens with a violation of the tightness of the case, and in case of replacement for a cheap Chinese battery, the failure of the mechanism. Trust only authorized structures - for example, the Consul Service Center.
  • The mechanism is practically not repaired. Failure in a filling may require a complete replacement of the mechanism, especially if the desired parts from the manufacturer can not be found on the market.
  • "Just a clock." An ambiguous moment, which, as well as the need for a manual plant, can be a plus, and a minus. Quartz watches are primarily showing time, and for those who do not need something more, it is the best feature. For the same reason, Quartz hardly interest the connoisseurs of history and unique technique.

Watch functionality

It is worth choosing a clock on functionality by defining which of the functions will be useful to you. Costume for the splendor grabs three arrows and dates. Chronograph successfully complements the classic set. An interesting solution can be an open balance, as in the Frederique Constant Heart Beat collection.

Frederique Constant Heat Beat Watches


Requirements for the functionality of the sports model Others. For example, for a good jogging, a clock with a pedometer is suitable for unloading activity statistics on a smartphone - for example, Casio G-SHOCK GBA-800. The number of functions no matter, focus on useful for you.

Clock for running Casio G-SHOCK G-Squad GBA-800-9A

G-Squad GBA-800

How to choose swiss or japanese clock

What watches are better to choose - Swiss or Japanese? Like any eternal question, the exact answer is not found. Swiss watch is the experience of generations and jewelry. In collections from the Cantons of the "Time Zone" (Bern, Vois, Geneva, Zolledin, Neuchant, Yura), the noble pedigree is felt and admires the skillful processing of each part, from the housing to the arrows. Japanese clocks are known less than a century, but confidently compete with the Grand. The country of the rising sun takes technological, practicality, functionality and availability. Decide that you closer.

Swiss and Japanese clock

Experience generations or progressive technologies

Hour terms

Talking how to choose a clock, not to do without clarifying some time terms, with which confusion occurs often.

  • Collection - Wide line of models released by a brand. Example - Tag Heuer Carrera.
  • Series - a narrower line overlooking the collection. Example - Ecommerce series in the collection of Maurice Lacroix Aikon.
  • Collaboration - A specific model or collection created by brands together. Collaboration does not necessarily occur within the framework of an exclusively hourly industry - hourly collaborations overlook the brands of clothing, show business and pop culture. The Casio brand is known for numerous joint work.
  • Limited edition (limit) - a limited series of one or more models, sometimes in a single copy.

Our main advice is to trust your taste! And choose the clock in the consul catalog!

With the advent of mobile phones, the wrist watch has lost some part of the functionality. Now they are, for the most part, are an indicator of success, status. For many it is just a stylish accessory. In any case, purchasing them, it is necessary to pay attention to some of the fundamental factors. Surroundly pays twice, so it is better to try to spit into all the nuances and buy a product for many years once than spending time, strength and money regularly. About how to choose and buy good inexpensive wristwatches, which firms are better, and where it can be done to save well, tell us in our article.

How to choose hours


In the catalog "Products" you will find many models of Russian production. Contrary to stereotypes, our masters can make high-quality, reliable goods. At the same time, their work is at times cheaper than foreign analogues. To purchase a suitable mechanism, it is necessary to understand the device that is represented in the market.


This variety on special batteries that feed the electronic unit. A small engine is associated with the basis and gets from her impulse once per second. In order for such promises to be stable, a quartz crystal is inside the mechanism. You need to start it only immediately after purchase or when replacing the battery. Thus, the advantages of this type should include accuracy - the materials are not susceptible to the external environment and adjust the time to produce no more than a couple of times a year.

If you decide to choose this watch, we recommend paying attention to the models from the Lincor brand. Such devices are highly accurate and convenient to use, besides quite affordable at cost, functional. All products are made in classic style. Looks luxuriously, and the hand assembly will help the accessory to serve longer than the analogs.

Some chronometers of this species are a whole small computer. Thanks to the painstaking work of watchmakers, modern programming chip, inside you can install the stopwatch, calendar, alarm clock.


This species appeared about 400 years ago. The source of energy that ensures the operation of the mechanism is the spring spiral. It is spinning during the factory, and later work is spinning, leading to the drum. By choosing this type, you can not take care of a frequent change of batteries. You will not have to buy batteries and contact masters. In other words, mechanics do not need additional maintenance. At the same time, the owner will not have additional cash. If any detail broke inside, it can be restored very quickly and cheap. Even if the model was made for a long time, it can be repaired by retaining the original mechanism. Each item is made of metal.


The best hours              what better to buy hours

              Choice of watch

This variety on its principle is similar to a quartz. Inside the crystal with an optional generator and battery. The best inexpensive hours that will serve for a long time, work precisely for this principle.

Digital display, output, date, calendar and other necessary data, is quite convenient to operate. In order to display minutes and seconds, the electric generator sends special pulses. They are converted to signals that read the screen.

If you wish, you can purchase a chronometer in which the arrows and numbers are combined. Such goods are in the assortment of the manufacturer of Uglich-Watch Plant LLC. They are popular, as they are quite inexpensive, but they look quite rich.

Selection parameters

On how to choose a wrist watch, it is worth talking separately. It is necessary to pay attention to the factors that at first glance may seem insignificant. Everything is also complicated by the fact that the accessory should emphasize the individuality of the person, fit into his casual wardrobe, and the mechanism is to cope with its main functions, to be durable, reliable and at the same time beautiful outwardly.

Corps material

There is no ideal choice in this issue. The best hours for each person can be absolutely different. Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce many options, so you can buy something to your taste. From popular coatings for medium and high price category worth highlighting:

  • Titanium. Light, durable raw materials. The appearance allows you to cast a beautiful model from it. It is hypoallergenic. The thermal conductivity is low, therefore a person who has such an accessory will not experience any discomfort in winter.
  • Platinum. If you are interested in the question, what watches are the best, pay attention to the products from this material. Unfortunately, it is used exclusively for the manufacture of exclusive goods. But, while this option is ideal for both everyday socks and to create a solid image.
  • Gold. This metal is not only a classic, but also a symbol of luxury. Unfortunately, for everyday socks, it does not fit. Products are obtained, although durable, but very hard. By itself, the material is soft, so it is easy to damage even with minor incidents, for example, falling with a small height.

Now about what better to buy a wrist watch low price category.

  • Palladium. This raw material is very light, does not oxidize when exposed to various weather conditions. In its pure form, it is not present in any case, but the manufacturers use it as the alloying element with the alloys of precious metals. Even if any damage will appear on it, they can be polished, and thus return the primordial appearance.
  • Brass. It is a cheap alloy. On sale is available only with decorative coating, as in its pure form with a casual sock leaves black stripes on the skin. In any case, the rear cover under which the main mechanism is hidden, it is made of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel. This option can be called budget and simple. He looks at his money. At the same time, it is not too practical in the daily toe, as it is subject to scratches. But all defects are polished without problems, the hull itself is distinguished by strength, and he is not terrible corrosion. But, be careful - if there is nickel, irritation can occur on the skin.
  • Plastic. It is used in the manufacture of electronic chronometers. Although it is very cheap, products from it are pretty good. They are light, acceptable for daily use. Of the negative characteristics, it is worth noting the appearance, low resistance to scratches and fragility with severe frosts.

Type of dial

If you want to make a competent selection of wristwatches in all respects, you need to pay attention to these characteristics. Glass is:

  • Mineral. This type is quite resistant to scratches, but at the same time it is very easy to split. The last disadvantage is quite clarified by the low cost. Behind his replacement will have to give a penny.
  • Sapphire. The material is very expensive, so you can meet it exclusively in elite models. Resistance to scratches is similar to diamond characteristics. But oddly enough to break it very easy.
  • Plexiglass. This raw material is considered the cheapest. It is sensitive to abrasion, although all acquired defects are easy to eliminate with grinding. Break is very difficult.
  • Sapplex. The material is combined and has a two-layer design. The basis is organic glass, and from above - sapphire coating.

How to pick up hours

As for the design of the dial, here everyone should find their own style. The definition of time is arrow, electronic and combined. In the first case, the arrows can be two or three. This type is characteristic of both mechanical and quartz devices. In the electronic version, the numbers are displayed on the screen. Often, this kind is applied only in quartz chronometers. There are both arrows and numbers in the combined goods. The inscriptions can be made by the Roman or Arabic level system.

Most often there are models with a twelve-hour time format. They are considered classic. But there are options when the manufacturer makes only four digits. It is convenient in its own way, but not for everyone.

At the moment, in the fashion, a large display and some options look really not bad. Pay attention to your wrist. If it is small, the huge dial will look not stylish, but rather ridiculous. You also need to try it with shirts. Cuffs should be perfectly approached by the dimensions of the accessory.

Functions of wrist watch

Some models have not only the ability to measure time, but also:

  1. Calendar. The display has a separate window in which the date is specified. But most of them read for 31 days monthly. Therefore, it is often necessary to rebuild manually.
  2. Chronograph. This means that the mechanism can be used as a stopwatch. There is a special button on the housing that can stop the timer or run it.
  3. Indicator lunar phases. This feature can be called more decorative than in fact necessary. But the screen with her looks aesthetic - the illuminated part of the moon is displayed on it.
  4. The second time zone. It is necessary for people who often fly around the world or a genus of their activities are associated with other countries. The time is shown using an additional arrow or a dual small dial.

Defense level

About the device with such functions you have possessed, you can learn by looking at the back cover.

Choice clock by parameters

Water protection is determined by ATM abbreviation. The weakest has a thread 3 in front, and the strongest is 20. In the first case, the chronometer is designed for static pressure in 3 atmosphere. That is, the owner can wash his hands without removing him. Manufacturers say that in such a model you can walk in the rain, take a shower, but very neat. In the bath it is best to shoot. It is necessary to ensure that the back cover is always closed, otherwise the display is off the inside, but to dry it is very difficult.

The highest protection function withstands static pressure up to 20 atmospheres. That is, you can swim, dive, press the buttons in the water, adjust the arrows.

Inscriptions about tightness never perceive literally, since they are checked by special technology at the factory. Water poured into the usual flask, the chronometer is placed in it and the pressure is injected with other units. At that moment, when the case gives to flow, it falls. Note that, for example, strong beats in water affects hours with a pressure of 7 to 9 atmospheres. There is no such load in the flask.

Strap or bracelet.

Select hours

    selection of hours

The skin is considered the most reliable and high-quality. But there are rubber, plastic or tissue holders. Take this option if you value ease and practicality.

The bracelet is performed from the links, often completed in one style with a display. They are made removable, and if necessary, you can change their length. Made links from silver, gold, platinum, titanium, steel. Such a product looks richer.

As a gift to a woman

Women, for the most part, prefer arrogant chronometers. It is best if the hull is made of gold or stainless steel. Such an ensemble looks great in the style of minimalism. Arrows must be small, elegant.

How to choose a good watch

Unfortunately, the range of similar products is not so rich and extensive as male. Therefore, the selection of watches for ladies will be somewhat limited. And the representatives of beautiful sex more pay attention to the design than the functionality. It is worth looking for lungs, thin variations, which will look good on her graceful hand. Almost all such requests are the quartz models.

If the generation of the lady is associated with the world of business people, it is necessary to focus on the laws of the style of its environment. Often, the lady in this case refer to classical mechanics with a housing of precious metals. Glass can be sapphire, and the bracelet perform the holder.

As a gift a man

What company watches choose

Before buying, it is necessary to determine what is its goal. If the accessory is acquired solely to show the time, you can choose steel, titanium as material. Gold, platinum or palladium is suitable for status. To maintain business style, we recommend to give a classic preference. That is, the arrogant clock with a twelve-hour dial, Roman numbers. Not unnecessary functions of waterproof and stability resistance.


Be sure to take into account your financial capabilities, since on the shelves you can find the goods even at the price of a small aircraft. On average, mechanics for men will cost 1,500 to 3 million rubles. If the case is from precious metals, the price increases from 17,000 to 8 million rubles. Women's models are produced in the range from 3,000 to 2.5 million rubles. Baby - from 400 to 900 000 r. As you can see, the scatter is huge.


If you have already figured out how to choose the right hours, on the product site of the product "Production" you can find options that will be acceptable for each cost and quality. We offer to explore the range of the manufacturer Uglich's Watch Plant LLC. These are such brands like:

  1. Mikhail Moskvin Elegance.
  2. Lincor.

Each brand has its own unique assortment of goods that differ in both excellent design and durability. A nice bonus will be a completely low price, although the chronometers will look fabled on hand.

In general, what brand of hours to choose, each decides itself. But it is necessary to be guided by all the parameters set forth above. Only so you can get a product that will serve for a long time and will delight your owner.

Choose a clock is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Of course, I want a wrist watch for a long time and pleased for a single year, so if you have doubts about choosing, we advise you to read this article. Following unaccomposed advice, your purchase of hours will turn into an exciting adventure.

  1. Choose your style
  2. External components of the watch
  3. Internal parts of the watch
  4. Functions of wrist watch
  5. Clock face
  6. Climbing

Choose your style

To begin with, decide under what circumstances you will wear a wrist accessory. After all, the clock is not just a thing that helps to be punctual, but also the style element. You can tell a lot about the owner, its habits, hobbies and character. This is a reflection of individuality, the same as a car or clothing.

Of course, you should pay attention to the functions that will be useful to you. For example, if you look after a sports model, it is better to choose shockproof clock, and if you are looking for an option for every day or as a detail of the image, it is worth thinking carefully, whether you need a high level of waterproof.

Another important selection criterion is the price of the product and the amount you are willing to spend. We want to note that only high-quality products of world brands are presented on the website, the reliability of which is not dependent on their value. It adds from the materials used, the presence of complications, such as chronograph, perpetual calendar and others. Also, the price depends on the number of copies issued in the framework of the collection. The name of the brand, its popularity, history, image and, of course, reputation also affects the value.

Casual watches

Choosing models for everyday socks, focus on colors and shades that usually use in clothing. And, of course, it is important that the watch will completely reflect your individuality.

It is worth paying attention to the readability and convenience of the dial, as well as its main elements: window dates and day of the week, the presence of a second arrow. An important role is played by the material strap or bracelet. The skin is a comfortable and lightweight material, but not moisture-resistant. Stainless steel bracelets, in turn, heavy, although easily carry water. If you choose rubber or rubber, then it is worth considering their sports appearance. You can also choose a bracelet from titanium, it is lightweight, durable and, moreover, hypoallergenic.

If you are going to wear a clock every day, you need to try to choose the medium-sized body, without sharp corners and protruding buttons so that nothing has caused discomfort.

Watch "under the suit" or "under the dress"

Men's classic models can be found among such brands like Maurice Lacroix, Frederique Constant, Tissot and others. All of them are made in restrained tones without bright details and look very elegant. Such models are called "under the costume", as they are made in a strict style.

The dial is usually represented in white, black or blue and concluded in a round, barrel or rectangular case. In order for the clock does not interfere and hurt the sleeveless cuffs, the hull height is usually made minimal.

Women's classic wristwatches are the perfect option for every day or evening, they will add accent and elegant notes into the image. Ladies with a thin wrist are ideal for small models, emphasizing their femininity and fragility, but you can play on contrasts, choosing a clock more.

As a rule, for formal events and men, women often prefer with diamonds with diamonds or other precious stones.

Sports hours

Models of sports clock go, as a rule, in a large case, because on the dial you need to fit as many useful data, for example, timer or chronograph. In addition, when buying it is important to correctly select the level of waterfrost. If you are engaged in water sports, it is better to take hours from 200Wr. For runners and cyclists, digital clocks must have a wide range of functions so that the athlete has the ability to record the maximum number of indicators during training.

If we talk about straps and bracelets for sports hours, then they must be chosen individually, pushing out the convenience. Rubber, rubber or plastic uses the greatest popularity.

Fashion watch

If you are looking for such an accessory, which, first of all, will reveal your individuality and becomes an integral part of the fashionable image, it is worth paying attention to the fashion-segment of the hourly market. Do not be afraid of experiments with shades and sizes, it is important only how you feel.

Luxury hours

Look at the clock from Patek Philippe, Zenith, Ulysse Nardin and Breguet. They are made of high-quality materials, possess uniqueness and their own character, which will allow them to become a real family relic.

The winning investment of money will be models with mechanical calibers or skeleton clocks with stunning external performance. Swiss mechanisms have earned a high reputation due to more than a century of experience and high reliability of products. The stamp "Swiss Made" on the clock indicates that the entire process of production and assembly took place in Switzerland. SWISS Movement is also found, it means that the mechanism itself is made in Switzerland, and the remaining details and assembly were produced in another country.

Aviation hours

It is known that the first wristwatches were created precisely for the pilot. So, aviation models and today occupy an impressive market segment, many brands, including Russian, continue to produce collections for pilots. They possess a large, well-readable contrast dial, massive crown head and control buttons, because pilots often had to use the clocks in gloves.

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External components of the watch


As you know, the main protection of the dial is glass. In the clock there are three types of glasses. Plastic glass is the most inexpensive, it is easy for small scratches on it, with time it is more purulent. Mineral glass can be found in the clock most often, it is quite strong and flexible to resist shocks and scratches. Sapphire - the most reliable and expensive glass, it is durable and practically does not give in to scratches, but at the same time more vulnerable to shocks.


Bezel is the top outer ring on the housing surrounding the glass and holding it in place. In sports models there is a rotating bezel, it is used for measurements of time intervals.

Clockwork key (head)

The round head is designed to start the clock and translate the arrows, as well as to customize the date. Among the waterproof clock there are those that tightly screw up, thereby providing better protection of the body from water.

Clock face

The first thing that the person looks at when looking at the clock - dial, which is a panel with label placed on it, indexes, divisions, decorative elements.

To demonstrate the beauty of the clock mechanism, there is a clock without a dial, they are called skeleton. There are also models with additional dials that are located on the main and are intended to display additional functions.


The metal shell of the watches is called the housing, it is designed to protect the mechanism from damage. The life of the clock depends on the quality and strength of the case. When choosing a watch, pay attention to the material from which they are made. The most popular - stainless steel, it looks elegantly and does not require additional coatings. Luxury models are made of gold, silver, titanium or platinum. And for middle-class watches, copper or brass are used, using gold or silver spraying.


Bracelets usually correspond to the color scheme, style and case material, which can be any: gold, silver, steel, platinum, titanium. There are also combined bracelets consisting immediately of several metals. To be able to change the size, the links make removable.


The straps are also made of various materials and colors. The leather strap is considered classic, natural material is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use. Also quite often meet such materials such as fabric, nylon, rubber, silicone, rubber and plastic.


Arrows serve as the main time indicators. The design of the arrows is the most diverse. The arrow of the "Alpha" form is narrowed at the end, "Baton" - narrow and long, and "dauphine" has a wide, wedge-shaped form. Skeleton is considered unusual arrows, having only contour, and the "Luminous" arrows, the contour of which is decorated with luminous filler.

Cover coatings and bracelets

The clock cover carries two main functions: protective and decorative. For example, the clock from aluminum alloy and brass coating gives a more attractive appearance and, moreover, protects them environmental impacts.

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Internal parts of the watch

It's no secret that the "heart" of the clock is their mechanism on which the accuracy of the clock work depends, so pay close attention to the quality of the assembly and reliability of the mechanism. There are two categories of modern mechanisms: mechanical and quartz. Mechanical require periodic beam. Some models are equipped with a fleet function, thanks to which each movement of the hand "charges" the clock. Quartz mechanisms operate from the battery, its charge provides the operation of the mechanism for 2-3 years.


Balance is a device that organizes the movement of the clock mechanism. The regulatory item consists of a pendulum and its springs. Thanks to the elongation and reduction of the springs of the balance, the pendulum moves faster or slower. And such a movement from side aside is called oscillation.

Wheel system

The mechanism has its small mechanisms, or transmissions that lead hours in motion with the help of non-silent jolts. They transmit energy to the stroke regulator, counting time using pulses.


This device controls both mechanical and electrical pulses, measuring and sharing on equal parts.


The mechanism that receives energy from the wheel system and the trigger is called the engine, it distributes energy and causes the arrows to rotate.

Clockwork spring

The crown spring is the main driving force, the power source of the mechanical clock, which serves to power the mechanism. The spring is started either manually (using a crown), or automatically (auto-winding) due to the movement of the hand. At the plant clock, the spring is twisted, all the energy focuses in it. When tying, the energy is released, pushes the spring, which leads to the drum; In turn, starts the stroke knob and the clock engine that moves the arrow on the dial.

Summing up

The time on the clock is displayed due to the interaction of three important elements - dial, hourly mechanism and energy source. The power source is e-and-mechanical. Modern clocks can have two types of mechanism: mechanical and quartz. Below is a description of the works of both mechanisms.

Mechanical clock with auto-winding

The mechanical clock has absorbed a large number of details. Time runs due to the shocks of the wheel system, which is driven by a spring. The clockwork starts automatically when the hand moves. Then the wheel system transmits the energy to the stroke and the pendulum starts its oscillations. For the ordering of the movement of the mechanism, the balance is responsible, and the rally and compression spiral springs ensures its oscillation. The mechanism that receives and transforming energy is customary to call the engine, it is he who causes the arrows to rotate.

Quartz watch

Quartz watches are a number of parts interacting with each other, which are on a tiny scheme. Unlike mechanical watches, quartz work from the battery. The battery provides the transmission of electrical energy into the rotor for the production of electric current. The accurate measurement of time is ensured by the current, which passes through magnetic coils and quartz crystal, vibrating at high frequencies (32 768 times per second). Such pulses pass through the "engine", which turns electrical energy into a mechanical, which is necessary for the movement of the arrows on the dial.

To date, most of the watches are quartz. The possible error of the stroke is 1 minute per year, the battery needs to be changed no more than 1 time in two or three years. The dial can be electronic, analog or combined.

Watch with a sun battery

Some hours are able to accumulate solar energy entering through a special area of ​​the dial. Such a device can work without batteries, so you can forget about the need to change them after a certain period of time. Similar models can be found from Citizen and Casio companies.


The Eco-Drive mechanism was invented by Citizen. The peculiarity of such hours is that they can continuously work on any light source, be it natural or artificial, throughout the service life. The crystals embedded in the dial absorb the light, and then the solar battery turns it into the energy that is necessary for the stroke.


As part of the Kinetic Clover SEIKO collection, quartz chronometers are created, which, thanks to their innovative technologies, do not need batteries. The movement of the hand is enough to charge the energy condenser, which, in turn, transmits the energy to the mechanism.


Atomic clocks commemorate every day through a radio signal with reference clock. Measurement of time in reference clock occurs on the basis of atomic oscillations in metal isotopes, according to the properties of reminding mercury. Thanks to this process, we get absolutely exact time. In Russia, unfortunately, the signal is not accepted. Atomic clocks can be used by residents of Europe, America and Asia countries.

Shockproof hours

Additional protection may be present in the mechanical clock, for example, the balance axis, which can warn from damage when falling from the meter height. If we talk about the noonality of quartz o'clock, then they are much more protected. Especially in this, sucked Casio with a G-Shock collection, which, if you believe advertising, withstand fall from 10 meters.

Waterfrost in the clock (waterproof)

The waterproof function of the clock indicates that all compounds and parts are protected by special seals that do not give moisture to penetrate inside. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the digit on the back cover or the dial points to the static pressure of water, and when the hand is moved in the aqueous space, a dynamic pressure is acting on the clock, which is several times more.

But there are moments in which water protection does not work at all. This includes a sharp change of temperature when, for example, after a hot sauna you dive into the cold pool.

Illumination in the clock

This feature provides ease of reading time in the dark. In modern clock, the backlight is implemented using semiconductor technologies, luminescence and tritium flasks.

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Functions of wrist watch

Calendar (perpetual calendar)

This is one of the most popular features. As a rule, the dates window are located on the dial near the "Three Hours" marks. Sometimes there are models that have an additional window of the day. Basically, most calendars are counted on the clock for 31 days, and therefore the owner must rearrange the date in the short months manually.

But if you are the owner of the clock with an eternal calendar, then you are lucky - the calendar is programmed to adapt to every month and take into account leap years.


Another feature of modern hours is chronograph. It allows you to fix certain segments of time and can be used as a stopwatch. To start the countdown, you must click one of the buttons on the case. In chronographs, as a rule, in addition to the main, there are additional two or three small dials showing seconds, minutes and hours. The accuracy of quartz chronographs reaches 1/10 seconds, mechanical - 1/5 seconds. Chronograph can be used not only for measuring time, but also to combine with a takhimeter to calculate the average speed of overcoming the distance.

It is worth noting that the "chronometer" and "chronograph" is not the same. The chronograph is part of the mechanism, and the chronometer is a watch that have passed special tests and recognized particularly accurate COSC.

Phase indicator Moon

The indication of the phases of the moon belongs to decorative functions. Wristwatch with such a function show the illuminated part of the moon, which can be seen from the ground at the moment. The full circle indicator makes every 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes.

Second time zone and world time

For those who often travel, the function will be very convenient to display the second time zone, which shows the local time where you are not. This feature is carried out using an additional arrow, a dual small dial or a 24-hour time scale located on a large dial.


Wristwatches are found different forms: round, rectangular, square and barrel-shaped, which are a high rectangle with repellent sides and flattened top and bottom. Today, the round form is very popular, as it is easiest to do with a high degree of waterfront. The square body can often be found in the design clock, since this form allows you to use more space on the dial for design. The most rigorous form is considered rectangular, such hours are easier to hide under the cuff shirt. The barrel form resembles a retro style and looks very elegant due to its elongated form.


To determine the size, there are generally accepted symbols that should be guided, while remembering that the same size can look completely different on different wrists.

Men's Women
Extrasmall. less than 36 mm. Less than 24mm
Small less than 36 mm. Less than 24mm
Medium. 37 - 40 mm 24 - 30mm
Large. 42 - 46mm 32 - 36mm
Extra-Large. 48mm and more 40mm and more

When choosing hours in size, it is worth paying attention to the design of the dial itself, since because of the color scheme and decorative elements, it can visually increase the size or, on the contrary, to reduce.

There is another parameter that can not be taken into account - the weight of the clock. For example, a metal bracelet will add additional grams to the accessory. If it is important for you that the watch is not very heavy, consider the options of bracelets from titanium alloy, it is much easier than stainless steel.

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Clock face


Time is displayed not by arrows, but the numbers that are located on the LCD screen. Time can be displayed permanently or when you click on the button.


Analog display is called the traditional dial, to which everyone is accustomed. Wristwatches with analog display have a clock, minute and second arrow.

Analog-Digital (Double Indication)

At the wristwatches with an analog-to-digital display, the time is denoted by the arrows and numbers. Such dials most often occur at sports hours.

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Customize wrist watch with chronograph or other additional features may seem complex. In such a situation, look first in the leadership attached to the clock. In addition to general information about the model, a warranty card and service details are attached to the manual. For the owners of the watch with the auto-winding, the frequency of maintenance is indicated. On the manufacturer's website you can also find a PDF manual, if suddenly the original is lost.


In order for the surface of the clock to remain smooth and looked good, it is necessary to systematically pay attention to cleaning and care for writhing hours.

Case watch

The clock housing should be wiped with a soft cloth without a pile, and to remove small contaminants, you can use toothpick. If you have a waterproof watch, you can wash them with warm water, but then do not forget to wipe the surface with a dry soft cloth to avoid corrosion formation.


To avoid the appearance of small scratches on the glass, the clock should be stored wrapped in a soft cloth or in a special case. Scratched or broken glass should be immediately replaced with a new one, since even the smallest crack can cause moisture or dust into hours, which later entails a breakdown of the entire mechanism.

Metal bracelets

Metal bracelets can be washed with soap in warm water, and to use a toothbrush for deeply dirt. Then wipe the soft dry cloth.

Leather straps

For the leather strap longer retained the primordial look, it should be avoided by water interaction. When wetting, in no case, do not dry it with a hairdryer or next to the heating system, instead, wipe it with a cloth and let dry in a natural way, placing in the shade. In the summer, do not tighten the strap on the wrist too tight so that the sweat absorbed as little as possible.

Watch with auto-winding

A more thorough care due to a complex device of the mechanism requires a clock with an auto-winding. It constantly needs to be calibrated to prevent concentration of lubricants. And if you are a happy owner of several pairs of models with an auto-winding, then it is worth thinking about the acquisition of a special box, in which there are devices that hold the clock and moving them in a circle, like the hand movement.

Before buying, you need to make sure that the clock has the program "Turn and Rest", which is translated as "turn and stop". This program stops the motor after a certain number of rotational movements. An alternative to such a program and special box can serve as an independent wristwatch plant twice a week.

Preservation of water resistance

High temperatures should not be subjected to high temperatures (hot shower, sauna), even if they have the highest degree of waterfrost, since when interacting with hot air or water, metal parts of the clock expand and rubber gaskets are already adjacent to the surfaces of the parts are not so tight.

Before water procedures, check the screwdrive head, if any, it must be spinning until it stops to avoid water from entering.

After interaction with salt water, rinse the clock in fresh water, rotating the bezel to prevent the formation of corrosion and salt accumulation. If suddenly you still noticed that the glass began to foggle, immediately take the clock in the workshop.

Trust your watch professionals

Undoubtedly, some things you can fix in hours on your own. For example, the removal of units from the bracelet can be made at home independently with the help of a special tool, but we would recommend contacting professionals to more accurately determine the size of the bracelet. All other types of work, we recommend entrusting professionals.

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