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According to studies of scientists, the Red Sea has already exist than 25 million years. Unfortunately, it is not known why it is the sea called "red", but there are several theories. One theory says that the sea is called the Red Ancient People of Himjyt, living in South Arabia in ancient times. The conquerors could not understand the language of the seven, and the letters of the tribe read as "X", "M", "R" - "Akhmar", which is translated as red. According to the second theory, in ancient times, each part of the world was called a certain color. The south was red, and since the sea was in the south, from here and the name went.

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Red Sea: description, photo and video

The Red Sea is one of the most saline seas in the world ocean, which is washes all the continent of the earth. Of course Red sea In salty, I am inferior to the Dead Sea, but do not forget that in the dead sea will not survive any organism, while the red pamper divers in a rich underwater life.

The Red Sea right takes place in the "Seven Wonders of the underwater world" list. In addition to the high salt content, it is also the warmest sea on Earth. This is due to the fact that water in the sea is heated not only by the rays of sunlight, and the warmth emanating from the earthly mantle. That is, the lower layers of the sea get warm from the ground and climb up, lifting the water temperature of the entire sea. The average temperature in winter is 21-23 degrees Celsius, in the summer the mark reaches 30 degrees. As a result of such a temperature, the water of the sea is constantly evaporated, lifting the concentration of salt.

Red sea

Red sea

In addition to the high salt content and non-standard temperature, the Red Sea is famous for its saturated underwater world. Without exaggeration, it can be said that this is a paradise for fishermen, divers and people who are interested in underwater hunting. Even without special equipment, it is enough to wear a mask and a tube to see the seafront of the sea already at the shore. Many diverse fish, sponges, corals of all colors and marine heroes. Warm waters of the Red Sea are a house of about 1500 invertebrate and the same number of fish. In addition, there are 300 varieties of corals that saturate the picture of the underwater world with bright colors.

Do not forget that underwater inhabitants are not only insanely beautiful, but also dangerous. Immersing to the depth, strictly-setting is prohibited to concern the unusual jellyfish, sponges, or beautiful corals. This warning you will see on all booklets and tablets on the beach. Contact with a sea hero, underwater snake, mureno can lead to a burn, blood loss, or even to death. In addition to the huge number of fish and plants of all colors in the Red Sea, 44 types of sharks live. Some species live at a very big depth, hunt for small fish and planktones and are almost harmless. But there are also such species as a tiger shark, which can attack a person without any reason.

Panorama of the Red Sea

Where is the Red Sea

The Red Miracle of the underwater world is located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The Red Sea is washes the coast:

  • Sudan;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Egypt;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Eritrea;
  • Israel;
  • Jordan;
  • Yemen.

The Red Sea and the Arabian Sea are connected in the south with the help of the Bab El Mandantry Strait. In the north there are two bays: Akabsky (also called Elatsky) and Suez. There is a Sinai Peninsula between these bays, in the south of which is the most famous Sharm el-Sheikh.

The north shore of the Red Sea is washed by the desert, the southern jumped to the mountains of the Abyssinia. Coral reefs, scattered along the coast, are a bright distinctive feature of the Red Sea. The brightest reefs can be seen on the Arabian coastal.

Coordinates of the Red Sea on the map:

  • Latitude - 20.6141243
  • Longitude - 38.1943283.

Red Sea on the map

How to get to the Red Sea

There is a huge number of ways to get to the Red Sea:

  • Air flight to Hurghada or Cairo, then with the help of internal airlines or car.
  • Rent a car in Cairo, suitable as a bus and a taxi.
  • In Suez, the company "East Delta", which provides buses that take you to the sea. Also from the station Ramses walks the train.
  • In Hurghad, taxi and buses, which can be rented in the Terminal Ahmed Helmy.
  • The most common way is the ticket to the bus of the famous company "East Delta", which are located in all the cities near the Red Sea.

When it is better to visit the Red Sea

If you want to enjoy a beach holiday in a complete measure, then as the Aegean Sea should not go to the winter and summer season. In December, January and February on the Red Sea coast there will be a cold wind, low air temperature and clouds tightened by the sky. In addition, the constant coastal wind will notice all the sand, which is extremely unpleasant. In the summer season, many resting heat will seem very oppressive. Enjoying sunlights can only be enjoyed in the morning and evening, in the daytime you have to experience the heat in the room.

Jordan Red Sea

Israel Red Sea
Israel Red Sea
Tours to the Red Sea
Tours to the Red Sea
Rest on the Red Sea
Rest on the Red Sea

The best seasons are autumn and spring. And in the afternoon, and at night you will set a pleasant temperature, which will allow only to relax on the beach, but also attend excursions, organize hiking.


As mentioned above, besides the habitual beach holidays, the Red Sea attracts thousands of divers with their saturated flora and fauna. Almost any resort or adjacent to the shores of the Red Sea city will offer you to take a diving lesson to see the beauty of the underwater world with your own eyes. Let's look at the most beautiful and famous dispensations with scuba:

  • Abu Dabab Bay, in which a huge number of giant sea turtles live. Having literally literally at 6-7 meters, you can see and stroke the shell "Turtle Tortilers".
  • "Paradise Reef", located near the coast of Eilat, contains many corals of all forms and colors, and in addition to corals hundreds of various fish.
  • Reef "Japanese Gardens", located in the city of Aqaba, is called so because of the thickets of coral trees that are reminded by a real garden. In the "Garden" you will meet many inhabitants of the underwater world.
  • Blue Hole is one of the most popular diving places, which represents a coral funnel of 50 meters in diameter, which goes down.
  • Canyon Oliver (also called New Canyon) - a popular place for diving, a distinctive feature of which is sunken American tank. Diving to a depth of 5 meters, you can admire the military machine, "decorated with" marine life.

What to see in the vicinity

Around the Red Sea is a huge number of attractions, resorts and places that deserve attention. You can visit the "valley of the kings", which is one of the most visited places of Egypt. This is a valley at the West Bank of the Nile, in which the tombs for the burial of Pharaoh were erected in ancient times.

No less beautiful and the Mediterranean Sea, which annually attracts a huge number of tourists. And how beautiful sunsets on the Black Sea are beautiful .. it should see each. Well, for recreation with children, the Azov Sea is suitable, which is characterized by a canopy coastline, warm water and sandy beaches.

In the Red Sea itself is the "Utopia" island, where you can get on the excursion boat or rented boat. Several times a year this island is completely out of water, most often it happens at night. Therefore, there is nothing but pure sand and crabs. "Utopia" is a place that is ideal for snorkeling, there is a small depth, which will allow even novice divers to enjoy the underwater world.

Rest on the Red Sea

Rest on the Red Sea

In Hurghad, there is a sand museum, sculptures in which are erected, how can I understand from the name, from the sand. The museum is divided into two rooms, the first pyramids are erected, Egyptian rulers, plots of mythology. In the second hall there are Hollywood heroes - superman, iron man, transformers, as well as cartoon characters.

Red sea He is the most popular and legendary representative of one of the seven wonders of the underwater world. In crystal clear waters, thousands of tourists every year will know the beauty and wealth of the world hidden under the surface of the water.

The origin of the name of the Red Sea. Famous resorts, hazardous inhabitants of sea depths.

Our planet is amazingly beautiful. It has so many beautiful places that travelers dream of visiting them all.

The Red Sea: Where is the world map, which countries are washes, what ocean is about the water area?

The Red Sea is the inner reservoir of the Indian Ocean. It is located between Africa and Asia, or rather, the Arabian Peninsula in the tectonic fault. The only thing in the world that does not receive new water from the rivers, since none of them fall into it.

The Red Sea is washes the shores of such countries as:

  • Egypt
  • Sudan
  • Djibouti (Ethiopia)
  • Eritrea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Yemen
  • Israel
  • Jordan
Red Sea location on the map
Red Sea location on the map
Red Sea location on world map
Red Sea location on world map
Red Sea on the map indicated by a red arrow
Red Sea on the map indicated by a red arrow

With the approach of vacation, many of us learn the pages of tourist journals and sites with the proposals of interesting holiday options. Another useful occupation is the study of forums and reviews of tourists who have already visited our dreams.

Continuing the rest of the rest in different parts of the planet, let's talk about the Red Sea, its attractions and water temperature by months.

Why is the Red Sea called red?

Slide with a photo of underwater inhabitants near coral and text about the origin of the name of the Red Sea
Slide with a photo of underwater inhabitants near coral and text about the origin of the name of the Red Sea

There is no unambiguous answer to this question. There are versions and romantic stories.

Among the first are the following:

  • Rocks - Sailors saw the reflection of the red rocks in the water at sunset.
  • Corals - their abundance in the sea sacrons gives him such a color if you look down from a bird's eye view.
  • Blood - Biblical history The narrative about the passage of Moses through the water of the sea, which closed over the heads of pursuers.
  • Translation error - up to 6th century, the people lived on the coast, which did not have vowels in the language. By adding them at their discretion in the Arabic version and it turned out such a name.
  • The color of the inhabitants of the water - if the corals live in water and grow, this is a sign of her purity. It is logical that the world of fauna feels well in such conditions. In the Red Sea a lot of red fish.
  • Geographical location - Assyrian calendar assigned their color to the main parties. So south symbolizes red.
  • The error of the interpretation of an ancient word - will return again to the biblical history about Moses. It is talking about the passage of the cane sea. But someone from translators into English lost in the word one letter. So it turned out the sea is red.

In the stories that gave a similar name of the sea, narrates:

  • In love with a man, while driving the surface of the sea with the petals of red roses to betray the depth of his feelings of the lady of the heart.
  • Skrya-richer, which has gone to the huge state of selling a burning spice - red pepper. But the inhabitants of the city in which he lived, expelled him. Due to overload, the rich ship went to the bottom, and the surface of the water was painted red because of the pepper, which fell into the water of the ship's trims.

What is the temperature of the water in the Red Sea for months?

The man plunged the thermometer into the water of the Red Sea to determine its temperature
The man plunged the thermometer into the water of the Red Sea to determine its temperature

Since this sea is most of its part in the tropical belt, the temperature of its waters is comfortable for bathing all year, does not fall below + 20.

Peak warmth falls from July to October. Read more about the temperature indicators of the Red Sea water, see the figure below.

Monthly fluctuations in water temperature in the Red Sea on the shores of Egypt
Monthly fluctuations in water temperature in the Red Sea on the shores of Egypt

However, due to the length of the Square of the Sea from the north to the south there are fluctuations in the water temperature. Averaged data, see the figure below.

Average temperature of the water of the Red Sea
Average temperature of the water of the Red Sea

What are the resorts on the Red Sea and the best cities of Israel and Jordan for a beach holiday?

Stock Photo Beach on the Red Sea - Aqaba, Jordan
Stock Photo Beach on the Red Sea - Aqaba, Jordan

In each country whose shores are washed by the Red Sea, there are decent attention to the resorts. They take tourists all year round and please their level of service in addition to the beauty of water, its depths.

If you are thinking about what resorts to visit this sea, pay attention to:

  • Hurghada and charm in Egypt
  • Eilat and Coral Beach in Israel
  • Aqaba and Bay Bay in Jordan

Why the Red Sea is the most salty, what explains the high salinity of the Red Sea?

Slide about the salinity of the Red Sea and its location on the map
Slide about the salinity of the Red Sea and its location on the map

High percentage of salt in the water of the Red Sea is not accidental. There are several reasons for this:

  • lack of new water, because no river in it falls
  • Location in a hot climate, respectively, a large amount of evaporation

Are there any sharks in the Red Sea, and what are there dangerous inhabitants and fish?

Since the Red Sea has corals, then its fauna is very diverse. And the sharks live here. There are tiger and gray reef. We note about the latter that it is typical of the Indian Ocean water area.

Among the dangerous fish and the inhabitants of the water of this warm salt sea you can meet:

  • Muren - the first they are not attacked, only in cases of too close asking for scablasts,
  • Blueberry Balinese, He is a giant spinorogue, spinorogo titanium and jelly-rope pseudobalist, another name - yellow-like spinorog - they are dangerous during spawning; Their females selflessly defend their nest,
  • Fish surgeon - her tail fins sharper blades, aggressive when meeting with man,
  • Fish-stone, or wart - disguised under a stone bottom, dangerous her poisonous spikes on the dorsal fin,
  • The winters, or fish lions - never attack, injuries are possible by negligence of man about poisonous rays, fins,
  • Rounden - hide in the thickets and at the bottom in Ile, have poisonous processes on the dorsal fins,
  • Skatov-tales - with a poisonous spike on the tail, hide in Ile on the day,
  • Barracud - rarely attack, dangerous with sharp teeth of the lower jaw, leave torn wounds,
  • Snails cones - the most dangerous types of geographical and textile,
  • Sea Stars "Ternist Crown" - are dangerous to their poisonous spikes located all over the body,
  • Fire corals - touching them leaves poisonous burns.

Why can't fish in the Red Sea?

Tourist feeds fish fish in the Red Sea
Tourist feeds fish fish in the Red Sea

There are several reasons and each weighty:

  • First, the digestive system of fish is not adapted to digesting human meals.
  • Like any animal that feeds the person, it requires additives and regular food supply.
  • In case of man failure, the fish can attack and bite it. It should be remembered that the underwater world of the Red Sea is replete with hazardous species of fish, which through the bite injected the poison into the human body.
  • Fish live in an ecosystem that worked perfectly without people. The fallout of one or more food chain links inevitably provokes the death of others.

Underwater world of the Red Sea, Corals: Description

Field of multicolored corals in the Red Sea
Field of multicolored corals in the Red Sea

Coral colonies in the Red Sea are the center of life not only for maritime residents, but also people. The smallest representatives of the coral reef are polyps. They form their colonies due to carbon dioxide calcium produced by unicellular algae. She lives in soft coral tissues.

  • Living corals have a color, the dead are white solid structures. The first build their branchings on the second. So corals grow in width, length and height. By the way, the speed of their growth is hapher, is about 1 cm per year.
  • Polyps in their body produce 2 colors - blue and red. However, there are even black corals in the Red Sea, which are highly appreciated in jewelry.
  • Yellow tones them adds zoocantella - microalgae, living in soft coral tissue.
  • The polyp has a mouth through which he sucks food, as well as a small tentacle around him. In a number of species, the latter have poisonous hairs, which the body fits sacrificing.
  • There are still polyps, sourcing a poisonous aroma paralyzing small plankton or have a sticky mucus on the surface on which it sticks.
  • Hunt polips only at night. Among the polyps there are meatsies and vegetarians. The first feed on fine crustaceans and plankton.
  • Coral settlements prefer small depths - up to 100 m of pure warm water. As they live with algae, the latter need sunlight for photosynthesis.

In the Red Sea you will meet a huge number of types of corals. It:

  • Mooreliki
  • Soft eights
  • Dendroneftia
  • Sacrofitons of different shapes - ball, mushroom, curved
  • Orange
  • xenia
  • Fire
  • Gorgonaria
  • bright red sunny
  • heteroxenia
  • Cellular Favia
  • Arab Acope

All together they constitute a unique symbiosis with a local fauna and attract tourists to look into their world again and again.

So, we reviewed the history of origin of the name of the Red Sea, his geographical position, its most famous resorts. They looked into marine puchins in order to familiarize themselves with the dangerous inhabitants and types of corals.

If you are planning a vacation in winter, choose a trip to the Red Sea. There and warm, and beautiful, and fun for any company. An unforgettable impressions and bright photos!

Video: Underwater inhabitants of the Red Sea coral reefs

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