How to store pineapple at home: ripe, unripe, cut

This juicy exotic fruit is often bought in advance, while preparing for the festive feast. If you know how to store pineapple, you can get a delicious treat to the desired date, avoiding the appearance of mold and product damage.

Solly fresh cut pineapple

What pineapple will suit

Only mature intact fruits can be used for storage. To determine how sang a pineapple, it is necessary to assess its compliance with the following characteristics:

  • Colour. Stretching fruit has a greenish tint, completely matured distinguished by yellow smooth color.
  • Elasticity of the peel. When pressed on the scales of ripe pineapple, the peel is rapidly returning to its original state.
  • Leaves. In a subtle fruit, they are not separated from the ground, they can be removed from ripened, but they still retain a saturated green shade. The relaxed - leaves are yellow and dry.
  • Aroma. High-quality ripe nozzle has a pronounced fruit smell, it becomes too bright and sharp, green aroma almost does not have.
  • Color pulp. A ripe copy, it is rich-yellow, evenly, the less maturity, the paler the shade of the pulp. Litted and spoiled options are distinguished by a water-bearing structure and stains of a darker shade.

When choosing a suitable copy, it should carefully consider the peel scales, they must have the same shape, their area decreases in the direction from the central part to the top and bottom zone. It should not be damage, mold zones or rot.

Terms and Storage Terms

The storage period of pineapple differs depending on whether it is ripe or even green, as well as from the temperature regime.

  • If you contain a ripe fruit at home at room temperature, we could certainly away from sunlight, the deadline for maintaining freshness is up to 2-3 days.
  • In the refrigerator, it retains taste for 2-3 weeks.
  • If pineapple is already cleaned of the peel, it should be stored not more than 3 days. Pre-wrap the cut fruit into the food film.
  • Cuts from pineapples can be stored from 6 to 12 months.

Maintain the freshness of the product during the specified period can only be compliance with the necessary conditions. Mandatory include:

  • Temperature from 6 to 8 degrees. The temperature change in one direction or another affects the taste characteristics of the product and its storage.
  • Humidity of about 90%. If you exceed the specified level, the formation of mold is possible, with a lack of moisture, the instance will begin to begin.
  • Periodic inspection. It is necessary to check the fruit so as not to deteriorate, the presence of condensate, mold and dark spots. If it is covered with drops of water, you need to wipe it dry and wrap with clean paper.

A moldy fruit cannot be eaten, it should be thrown out. If there are dark spots, they can be cut off, and the product is immediately eaten, as it is not subject to further storage.

How long to keep in the refrigerator

For the storage of pineapple in the refrigerator within 2-3 weeks, the compartment for fruits is best. At the same time there should be no products with a strong aroma near.

Pineapple is better wrapped in paper, leaving several holes. Ventilation will be carried out through them. If paper wureswards, the fruit should be wiped out and wrapped . It is permissible to put a fruit in a plastic bag with holes.

The temperature inside the compartment is optimal at 6-8 ° C, it is also worth controlled by humidity, preventing molding of the fetus. If it is already cleaned from the peel or sliced, it is better to wrap it with a film and consume to eat in a short time (up to 3 days).

How much keep in the freezer

In the frozen form of fresh fruit can be stored up to 4 months, it will be different with the same taste and texture. To do this, it is necessary:

  1. Clear pineapple from the peel.
  2. Cut on slices (straw, cubes, rings).
  3. Lay them on the board in one layer.
  4. Place for 1 day in the freezer.
  5. Frozen slices decompose on packages and send again to the freezer at the right time.

It should not be subjected to the previously frosthed pineapple slices re-processing with cold or increase the product content in the freezer.

To fruit doser

If, due to different reasons, the fruit was acquired by misappropriate, he was brought to readiness at home.

Such a pineapple should be placed in a dark place with good ventilation (it means the cabinet is excluded), and a humidity of about 80-90%. Temperature should be room 20-25 ° C. If there are several instances, the distance between them is worth leaving at least 10 cm.

After about 3 days, the fruit will become ripe and juicy, it can be placed on storing in the refrigerator or consumed in food.

It is believed that if you cut up the top with the leaves and put the pineapple "upside down", then you can accelerate its maturation.

Pineapple can be bought ripe or unworthy, in the latter case it will slightly increase the shelf life. Depending on the temperature of the product, quality, humidity, you can save it freshness up to 20 days. If you put the slices of delicacies in the freezer, this exotic product can be destroyed and a few months later.


Many wonder how much and how to store pineapple at home so that it does not deteriorate. At room temperature, the shelf life of fresh fruit is short, storing pineapple in the refrigerator can be longer. The storage temperature of pineapple varies depending on whether the fruit has docked or not.

Choice of pineapple

Before you decide where to store pineapple, how to store fruit at home, it is recommended to learn how to choose a fruit when buying, which will allow you to preserve its taste and aroma for several weeks. The main role is played by the appearance of the fetus:

  1. With visual inspection of traces of rot, mold, scratches and other damage should not be.
  2. Ripe fruit pleasantly smells. A sign of spoilness can be considered a sharp smell.
  3. If pineapple is planned to store for a long time, it is best to acquire a good fruit.
  4. It is important to draw attention to scales: in a row they are the same size, from the tops to the bottom it decreases smoothly.
  5. The ripe fetus is shiny and bright.
  6. Color - brownish-golden.
  7. Fresh pineapple leaves bright green.
  8. The base is dense and dry.
  9. A ripe fruit can be checked like this: if you knock down your fingers, a deaf sound is clearly heard.


Often ripe fruits weigh a little. To increase the mass of pineapple, unscrupulous sellers in a few days before the sale are soaked fruits in warm water. In this case, they are saturated with moisture and taste becomes less pronounced.

Wrinkling, dry or old fruits do not need: they have fallen yellow leaves and soft, dark spots on the peel.

Pineapple should have elastic skin: when pressed, it quickly restores the form. Too solid flakes sign about the immaturity of the fetus, too soft - about his surfaction.

Rules for storage at home (bring to ripening)

If the fruit is incorrectly stored, it will quickly deteriorate. For a non-free fruit, it is necessary to adhere to some conditions:

  1. Support optimal humidity in the room is at least 80%. It is impossible to deviate from the norm, otherwise the fruit begins to rot or quickly dry.
  2. Provide good ventilation. Pineapples are forbidden to store in close storerooms, cardboard boxes, cabinets.
  3. Periodically turn the fruit, especially if it lies vertically.
  4. Provide the required distance between several fruits - at least 12 cm.

From what room was chosen for storage, the fetal ripening rate directly depends on: Pineapple is fully rushing in 3 days in a well-ventilated room. The fruit must be wrapped in advance in a blank sheet of paper and put in a plastic bag, after making several punctures in it. Fruit 2-3 times a day you need to turn on side by 30-40 minutes. If paper wet from the condensate formed, it must be changed.


To improve the taste of pineapple and speed up the time of its maturation, it is necessary to cut the top from it in advance. The degree of maturity of the fruit depends on how long the storage period can be calculated. The temperature that allows the fetus to quickly mature - not more than 8 ° C.

Most often, tissue decay products in ripe pineapple appear in 2 days. Dark spots are visible on the skin, the taste becomes less saturated. At temperatures above 15 ° C, the sliced ​​fruit cannot be stored for more than 3 hours - slices must be placed in the refrigerator.

Refrigerator Storage Rules

There are a number of useful tips on how to store pineapple in the refrigerator. The fruit can be left as a whole, but best to cut it into small lobes. They are placed in a plate with one layer and placed in the refrigeration chamber. Household appliances ensures the right storage conditions of pineapple, therefore taste and all useful properties remain the same for 15-20 days.

The fruit must be placed in a special department for fruits and vegetables, located at the bottom of the refrigerator. There, the temperature does not exceed 7-8 ° C.

And if the fruit needs to be saved fresh for 2-3 weeks, you need to wrap it with parchment paper so that it does not absorb foreign smells. Sliced ​​slices are covered with a food film and placed on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. Eat them need 2-3 days.


Is it possible to store in the freezer

For long-term storage methods include freezing. Cut fruit can be left in the freezer, lobby is put in a plastic bag. Fruits are frozen in several ways, in the form:

  • puree;
  • juice;
  • whole pieces.

Before proceeding with freezing, the fruit is washed several times under running water. From Pineapple, they remove the skin, remove the top and bottom, cut in half. A dense middle can be removed with a sharp knife, the ingrown scales remove the same way. The fruit is cut into small flat plates, so that in the future it was comfortable to grind and add to desserts, baking and salads.

The plastic tray is covered with food parchment or polyethylene package and lay out pieces, not allowing them to contact with each other. Pineapple can let juice when cutting: the liquid must be blown into a wafer towel or linen napkin. Juice freeze together with pieces is impossible. The tray with sliced ​​slices are placed on the bottom regiment of the freezer for several hours.

After the fruit is fruit, it is easily separated from the food film. Slices need to be placed in the package, preferably with ZIP clasp, release excess air from it with a cocktail tube. Package It is recommended to march: The label indicates the shelf life and content. It is stored in the freezer for several months.


To freeze a pineapple puree, you need to clean the fruit, cut into small bars and put them in the bowl of the blender. The pieces are crushed at high speed to a puree state. It is frozen in cans from glass, glasses of plastic or in forms for ice.

If the puree is planned to be stored in a glass jar, then it is recommended not to fill the tank to the neck: the volume of the puree increases during freezing. The neck is tightened with polyethylene, tightly clog or shut up mashed potatoes into polyethylene containers, which are placed in the freezer.

If cubes are supposed to be made from the semi-finished product, then it is decomposed with the help of a spoon in special molds and placed in the refrigerator. Cubes from the form get easy: they are approaching the sharp object or turn the form upside down and knock on its bottom. Pineapple puree later stored in a polyethylene package with the necessary labeling.

The juice of fresh pineapple is spilled in forms and frozen. The principle of storage is the same. In the process of treatment, the puree can change the color: from pale yellow it will become bright orange, it will not affect taste. If you wish, you can save the color, after adding a few drops of lemon juice in the puree.

Several secrets about pineapple storage

Store pineapple can not only be frozen. Fruit is knitted, canned and dried. The last type of package is carried out in the sun, in the oven or special dryer.


For the overall procedure:

  1. Bakery paper linen and lay pre-cut slices in one row.
  2. Pieces are distributed evenly, they can not come into contact with each other.
  3. The oven is warmed up to 65 ° C and put in it a baking sheet.
  4. After 36 hours, dried fruits are ready.

They can be suspended with sugar and get candied. In the dryer, dried fruits are laid out by one layer and set the temperature in a dehydrator of 60 ° C. Dried fruits will be ready after 34-35 hours. This drying method has no minuses.

If you dry pineapple in the sun, then it will be completely ready in 3-5 days. The baggage is littered with several layers of gauze, lay out pineapples and cover them with a light cloth, which is capable of passing the air to protect slices from insects. For the night, the baggage is entered into the house so that the pieces of fruit do not absorb moisture. Only ripe fruit is suitable for drying, otherwise the semi-finished product will be sour.

If pineapple is planned to be knit, then it must be cut into a larger than before drying. The main differences are in direct effects of cold air when driving, not temperature, like drying. It is best to cut the pineapple with circles, to turn through their center to a canvas rope, wrap in gauze and cheer in a well-ventilated room, away from the kitchen, so that the slices do not have nailed odors.

You can dry on the street if the temperature does not exceed 15 ° C, the stream of fresh air will not give a fruit to fart. The duration of the procedure is at least 14 days. Drier pineapple will be slightly fibrous and damp. During the procedure, all vitamins and useful minerals are fully saved. Dried fruits are used during snack. Scientifically proven that they are able to reduce appetite and favorably affect brainwriters.


About the benefits of pineapple

The benefits of fruits are due to their chemical composition. The pineapple pulp contains a large amount of substances beneficial to the body, 85% it consists of water, and by 15% from fructose, sucrose and glucose (monosaccharides). As part of apple, wine and citric acid, pineapple is rich in microelements:

  • iron;
  • manganese;
  • magnesium;
  • zinc;
  • iodine;
  • potassium;
  • calcium.

Vitamins present in the composition of the fruit:

  • beta carotene;
  • Pp;
  • E;
  • A;
  • C;
  • B2;
  • B12;
  • B.

The composition contains fiber and enzymes of plant origin. Fruit is useful to people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system. It is able to thin the blood, so it is often used as a prophylactic drug from thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.

The fruit relieves swelling, cleans the vascular walls from cholesterol plaques, reduces muscle and articular pain, slows down the development of atherosclerosis. Thanks to the chemical composition, pineapple is used in pneumonia, pleurite, sinusitis, sneakers, pyelonephritis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.



In order not to lose the taste and benefit of a tropical fetus, you need to purchase only ripe fruit. If desired, pineapple can be stored at home for several months, observing all the recommendations. Drier and dried fruit slices are rich in vitamins, minerals and acids of organic origin, so they will be most useful in winter.

Pineapple is an exotic fruit, useful and tasty. I buy it for the new year, for children's holidays, and in weekdays I love to enjoy. I noticed that he quickly flies and loses juiciness if lies in the wrong place. I will tell you how to keep pineapple at home and what fruit is better to choose for this.

The degree of maturity of pineapple depends on its shelf life. In the photo at number 5 and 6, the fetus was removed - you can use.
The degree of maturity of pineapple depends on its shelf life. In the photo at number 5 and 6, the fetus is allowed - you can use

Choose "Right" Fruit

Pineapple needs not only to store correctly, but also to choose the right thing to break longer. Here are the main points:

Condition 1. Smell

Good ripe pineapple with a sweet odor.

If the sweet smell is too sharp - it means that the fruit fell

Condition 2. Color

Pineapple color should be homogeneous, without spots.

It should not be scratches, dents or other damage

Condition 3. Leaves

Pineapple leaves should be green and slightly angry at the edge

Condition 3. Elasticity

Ripe fruit must be elastic, but not soft.

Than hard pineapple, the less his maturity

Right - ripe fruit, on the left - unworthy pineapple, he will break longer.
Right - ripe fruit, left - unworthy pineapple, he will break longer .. Photo:

Save Ripe Pineapple: 4 ways

Ripe pineapple is kept no more than 12 days, so you need to know how to keep pineapple at home.

Do not put the fruit in a plastic bag - it does not give air to penetrate inside, pineapple is prefert.
Do not put the fruit in a plastic bag - it does not give air to penetrate inside, pineapple is preferably
Method 1. In the refrigerator

Fresh pineapple is well stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 7 ... +8 ° C:

  • It is best to put a fruit in a paper bag or a plastic bag with ventilation holes
Method 2. Frozen form

How to keep pineapple in frozen form:

  • cut up the top and bottom;
  • Then the knife gently remove the peel and cut the middle;
  • cut the flesh with small pieces;
  • put pieces on the tray so that they do not stick out, and leave in the freezer at night;
  • Then get the baking sheet and fold the frozen pieces into the vacuum package;
  • Send back to the freezer.

Storage term - about 4 months

Method 3. In the form of a puree

You can store pineapple at home as mashed:

  • Clear pineapple;
  • cut the pulp on small pieces;
  • Grind in a blender to a homogeneous mass;
  • puree shifting into glass jars or glasses;
  • Tighten the food film from above, put in the freezer.

After such freezing, the puree can change its color, become darker

Method 4. In the form of a zuchatov

Fruit has the longest life of freshness, if pineapples when storing sugar - to make a candied:

  • Clean pineapple and cut it with slices or cubes;
  • prepare a thick syrup of sugar;
  • Place the flesh in it for several days;
  • get pineapple and dry
On the photo example, how to clean the pineapple at home.
On the photo example, how to clean the pineapple at home .. Photo:

Save unripe pineapple: 3 ways

If you want Pineapple to be kept longer - it is best to buy a little unplanned pineapple. I'll tell you whether pineapple roses at home.

There are many varieties, but the longest time to ripened pineapple at the Mauritius variety. It must be taken for long-term storage.
There are many varieties, but the longest time to ripened pineapple at the Mauritius variety. It must be taken for long-term storage .. Photo:
Method 1

Pineapple rushing at room temperature during the week:

  • So that Pineapple is ripe, he needs a low humidity and a ventilated place;
  • so that the fruit remains sweet, put it up with the top down
Method 2.

If you need to give Pineapple to the Quickness:

  • Put other fruits around Pineapple, then it will ripen faster;
  • Check Pineapple on ripeness every day so that he does not overripe
Method 3.

If it is necessary for pineapple to ripe it quickly, but it is too green, you can speed up the process to get it in a couple of days:

  • Put other fruits next to Pineapple;
  • Wrap a fruit in several paper layers;
  • Check the pineapple several times a day so that it does not sleep
If on Pineapple there are spots rot, it is better to throw it away. There is such a pineapple dangerous. To protect the fruit from mold, it is necessary to store it separately from other fruits.
If on Pineapple there are spots rot, it is better to throw it away. There is such a pineapple dangerous. To protect the fruit from mold, it is necessary to store it separately from other fruits

Raise the fetus

If Pineapple overripe, you can grow another fruit from its top:

  1. Choose pineapple . Suitable pineapple for landing should be brown with green leaves.
  2. Cut up the top . Separate it from the remaining flesh, and then rinse thoroughly.
  3. Disturb top with leaves . Cut off several lower leaves so that Pineapple can launch the roots.
  4. Lower the top in a glass with water . Water should cover a piece without leaves.
  5. Follow the growth of the roots . Periodically change / topping the water in the glass.
  6. Plant Topushki in a pot . When the roots will grow by 2-3 cm.
After 2-3 months, the leaves will begin to die, a new greens will appear in their place. The fetal ripening period from the date of landing is up to 1 year.
After 2-3 months, the leaves will begin to die, a new greens will appear in their place. The period of maturation of the fetus from the moment of landing - up to 1 year


  1. Choose the right storage fruit . It is best stored a little unripe elastic pineapple. The peel should be homogeneous, the smell is slightly sweet.
  2. Do not buy pineapple long before the desired term . In stores, it is often sleek slightly, so no more than 3-5 days is stored.
  3. Do not store pineapple in closed polyethylene packages . They limit air access to the fetus, because of this, pineapple quickly spills and deteriorate.
  4. Throw fighters . If you notice the traces of rotted on the fruit, it is better to throw it away. It is dangerous to use it in food: a rotary process - reproduction of microbes.
  5. Store pineapple separately from other fruits . If you want to store the fruit longer, so that it does not fall ahead of time, put it away from other fruits. They contribute to rapid ripening.

If you love pineapples, then you need to know how to properly store them at home. Thanks to this, you will always have a fresh fragrant piece of this delicious fruit.

What is useful pineapple?

The pineapple is useful for digestion, it has become known for a long time. The fact is that due to the substances that entered its composition, splitting and assimilation of carbohydrates, protein and fats are much faster. But remember that only fresh fruit has such properties.

In recent years, a lot of information has emerged that Pineapple is able to save extra kilograms. This is due to the fact that in such a fruit contains substances that accelerate the process of digestion and improve the organism's metabolism, which necessarily contributes to a faster deliverance from the extra quill.

However, in this case, it is necessary to remember that at night you should eat no more than 150 g of fruit. The fact is that the excess of the same substance that can accumulate in the body contributes to obesity.

A fruit is also good because 100 grams contain only 48 calories. If it is a little bit daily, then besides the fact that digestion will come to the norm, you can also strengthen the immune system with the body.

Choose pineapple for storage

Before dealing with how can I save pineapple fresh and delicious for a long time, you need to learn how to choose a high-quality fetus. There are several points for which it is necessary to pay attention to the store or on the market:

  • Make a fruit inspection, it must be completely whole, no rotten and plated plates;
  • Smoke fruit, the smell should be pleasant and felt at a distance of 20 centimeters, if the aroma is a very strong fruit fruit;
  • slightly push onto the skin, it should be sold, however, a good pineapple after a time, the form is necessarily restored;
  • For prolonged storage, it is better to choose a non-fermented fruit that can coach in room conditions;
  • The peel must be painted in yellow-green color; Pay attention to scales, their form should be the same, and their value must gradually increase from the edge to the center;
  • foliage fresh rich-green color;
  • Slightly hit the palm on the fruit, if the sound is deaf, then it is ripe.

Creating ideal storage conditions

So how to keep pineapple correctly, so that it remains fresh and tasty for a long time? First you need to figure out what storage conditions are considered perfect:

  1. Store fruit recommended in the refrigerator, the shelf for vegetables is perfect for this. The ideal storage temperature is considered from 7 to 10 degrees. If it is warmer, then it will start quickly to deteriorate, and the temperature below 7 degrees will negatively affect its saturated taste and aroma.
  2. The ideal level of air humidity is about 90 percent. If it is higher, then the risk of mold appearance is increasing, and if the air is excessively dry, then pineapple will start.
  3. Conduct a systematic examination of the fruit. If a brownish color is formed on its surface or dark spots, then all damaged places are cut off from it, and what remains, eat.

How many pineapple can be kept

If you store ripe pineapple in the refrigerator at the right temperature (8-10 degrees), then fresh and tasty it will remain for 12-14 days. If you want Pineapple to be kept as long as possible, it must be cut into pieces that are dried. The resulting candles are stored for 8-10 months.

An even longer stored such a fruit after conservation. In this case, it can be used in food throughout the year. If you want to have fresh and juicy pieces of pineapple at your hand, then freeze them.

In this case, they can be stored in a freezer about four months, plus they will retain their unique taste and aroma.

How to store at room temperature

Store mature pineapple at room temperature can be from one to three days, provided that the following requirements are completed:

  1. The air temperature in the room should be low (from 18 to 20 degrees). As for the level of humidity, it should be at least 90 percent.
  2. For storage, you should choose a well-ventilated and necessarily dark place. If you decide to remove several fruits at once, then make sure that the distance between them was at least 10 centimeters.
  3. If the fruit is stored in a horizontal position, then it will have to turn it over several times a day.
  4. When storing the fetus in a vertical position, it is for a day several times needed for 40 minutes. lay on side

Now you know how to store pineapple at home. The main thing, remember that at the very first signs of damage, it must be cut and eat or use to prepare various dishes.

How to store in the refrigerator

Best of all fresh pineapple is stored in the refrigerator. But it should be noted that it is possible to put only a whole ground fruit on which there is no mold and signs of rot.

Before storing, wrap the fruit with a typical paper sheet. Removing either wet paper immediately change to a new one. You can replace a paper sheet with a polyethylene package, in which a large number of holes are done, otherwise rot it may appear.

Put it on the shelf for vegetables, while the temperature should be no lower than 7 degrees and not higher than 10 degrees. If the refrigerator is warmer than necessary, the pineapple will quickly deteriorate, and at a lower temperature, its storage time will increase, but it will become less tasty and not so fragrant.

More closely make sure that the humidity in the refrigerator is not excessively high (more than 90 percent), as this may cause the development of rotes or the appearance of mold.

Mature and healthy fruit on the shelf of the refrigerator can go around 12 days (and even longer) and not spoil. A little unripe pineapple can be stored in such conditions for 14 days, and green about 21 days. Every day they need to be inspected for the appearance of dark spots or mold. And do not forget to turn them several times a day.

How to store in frozen

In order for the pineapple to be kept for a long time in the freezer and remained tasty and helpful, it needs to be freeze. For this, the fruit is suitable for any degree of maturity. It needs to be prettier to penetrate under running water and dried with a paper towel. After that, it is removed by the foliage and cut off the peel. The pulp can be cut into any way convenient for you: straw, semirings, cubes, rings or slices. Then it is unfolded by packages and placed in the freezer.

You can store in the freezer and not purified fruit. To do this, it is also washed and "Khokholok" is also washed, after which they are placed in the package and freeze. Also, if desired, the fruit prepared in this way can be cut into rings, decompose them into one layer on a plate and freeze. After that, they are folded into the bag and remove into the freezer.

Stored properly prepared pineapple in the freezer can 3-4 months. If you got it and dismissed it, then it is impossible to freeze it.

What to do with immature pineapple to quickly sleep

It happens that you bought an immature pineapple or even a few pieces, but you need only a few days later. In this case, it should create certain conditions in which it will divert in just two-day.

Place the fetus in a dark place with not very high humidity (about 80-90%), in which the air temperature is kept at a level of from 20 to 25 degrees. Also note that this place should be well ventilated, so the closet or buffet is not suitable for this.

Put the fetus on the side, while turning the EO regularly. To accelerate maturation next to it, it is recommended to put fruits that highlight gas ethylene contributing to the acceleration of maturation.

For example, ordinary apples are perfect for this. In order for the ripening process to go even faster before laying a pineapple for storage, it is turned around by several paper layers. Check it daily as soon as you see that it is ripe, immediately shift to the refrigerator, otherwise it can perm and not bend.

In order for fruit to be very sweet, it is stored for storage in the same conditions, but at the same time turn the top down. Before that, it will be necessary to cut the leaves.

What to do with immature pineapple to stored for a long time

Such an exotic fruit, as a pineapple in the fresh form at home can not be stored for a very long time, even if it is unplanned.

In order for it to be able to ripen, it is placed in a dark place at room temperature, and then remove into the refrigerator. In this case, it should be regularly turned over and check for the appearance of mold or posting.

If you think about how to keep pineapple to the new year, then you need to consider that in the fresh form it is unlikely to be done. As a rule, it is recommended to freeze it for this. How to do it, described in detail above. Instead, the pulp can be conserved, for this you need to follow the instructions:

  • Rinse the fruit well, dry it with a paper towel and remove the peel from it;
  • The pulp cut rings and stacked into the enameled dishes;
  • They are poured with a solution of sugar (on 1 liter of water 0.5 kilograms of sugar sand) so that they are covered in full, leave the fruit at room temperature in this form half a day;
  • When the time comes out, the tank with pineapple rings put on fire, they are allowed to bother for 10 minutes;
  • After that, put them in pre-sterilized banks, fill it with hot syrup and sunk.

In such a form, fruit can be stored for about a year, like any other jam, but at the same time banks must be in the dark and coolness, and be hermetically closed. When the bank is open, its contents must be used to eat within a few days.

Also extend the shelf life of pineapple by dries it. It turns out very tasty candies that can eat instead of sweets or use when cooking desserts. To begin with, it needs to be cleaned and cut into small pieces that are placed in sugar syrup and leave for a while.

Then the pieces are keenly dried. If you cook and store the candied, then they will be able to be stored from six months to a year.

How to reanimate pineapple?

Even if you keep all the rules for storing pineapple, it is not a guarantee that it will not deteriorate. The fact is that you do not know how the fruit was kept during transport and in the store.

If the storage conditions were violated, then it can start spretch very quickly. How to save it in this case? Clean it from the peel, cut the flesh with rings either by half rings and cut all the dark sections.

After that, each piece must be wrapped with a food film and put in the refrigerator for storage. If the pineapple is to be stored for several days, it will have to freeze it or put it.

If the damage to the fruit is minor, then they are neatly cut out, wrapped it into the same food film and remove the refrigerator on the shelf, intended for vegetables. Remember that in this form a fruit will be able to be kept short.

How to save from mold

Very often, a mold appears during continuous storage on pineapple. Its development promotes excessively high humidity and heat (above 11 degrees).

Therefore, ripe fruit is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, observing the recommended temperature and humidity (see above). In order to prevent it, it should be systematically inspected, and at the first signs of the appearance of the plaque, it is cleaned, cut and frozen or eateled.

Remember that immature fruit is undesirable to store in the refrigerator, since in this case the risk of mold appearance repeatedly increases. It is also not recommended to wrap in a film for the same reason.

If you store pineapple correctly and provide it with optimal conditions, he will be able to lie down long enough. But still, experts do not recommend it to keep it longer than 1-1.5 weeks and buy this fruit to the future.

How to keep pineapple at home?

Pineapple has long ceased to be an exotic guest of the festive table. A delicious and healthy fruit entered the constant diet of Russians to please the taste and fill the margin of vitamins. But eat a big fruit right away without a big family. Therefore, caring owners are interested in how to keep pineapple.

Select for storage

How to keep pineapple at home?

Before you find yourself on the counters of our stores, foreign fruits make a long way from Thailand. In order not to be disappointed in the purchase and that pineapple is not spoiled at home, it needs to be chosen correctly in the store:

  • Inspect: It must be the correct oval shape with a uniformly colored green-yellow leather, without dents and cracks, rough and convex slices should be proportionally reduced from above and below;
  • The ripeness is determined by pressing the bark: ripe pineapples has a soft but dense and elastic surface, when the epismer fruit is too loose;
  • Look at the bottom: it should be dry;
  • Pay attention to the tops: so that it is not dried and brown, and thick and green;
  • Touch the skin: Sweet and juicy pineapple will be deaf, dried up,
  • Crying: A nice pineapple exudes a sweet and gentle aroma, weathered almost does not smell, when a strong smell can be a sign of overripe and fermentation.
To determine the ripeness, you need to clasp with your fingers and scroll it back-forward. If it is easily scrolling, then the pineapple is ripe.

If you spend time to choose the best fruit, then at home it will be stored for a long time.

Storage rules

How to keep pineapple at home?

How to keep pineapple? If you want to keep it for the future home festival, then buy a unworthy fruit. At home, at room temperature, it will divert some time - as a rule, 2-3 days. A longer home storage involves certain rules. The room must be maintained:

  • humidity at least 80% and no more than 90% so that the fruit is not covered with rot and mold;
  • The constant low temperature (7-8 degrees) so that the whole pineapple does not sleep and do not dry.

It is recommended not to store several pieces at once, periodically change their position and wrapping the fruit with dry paper. If you know how to properly store pineapple, you will delight relatives and close to sour and sweet taste at any time of the year.

When brown spots and a white flare appear on the peel, throw a spoiled fruit as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can get a disorder of the digestive system.

In fridge

How to keep pineapple at home?

The refrigerator allows for a long time to store pineapple at home. In a special compartment for fruit, it may not spoil within 10-14 days. The optimal temperature for storage is 6-8 degrees. If he is cut, then do not leave it in the refrigerator for a long time. It is better to pack it in food polyethylene or folded into the closing capacity.

In the freezer

How to keep pineapple at home?

This is a cardinal method of long storage at home. Here it can be stored 3-4 months and save all healing properties. Leaves and peel are cut, and the pulp cuts into cubes or round slices. Next you need to fold the chopped flesh into the container and freeze.

Now you know how the pineapple is kept at home - it means there will be another healing source of vitamins in nutrition.

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