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Email is perhaps the most efficient and convenient means of communication since the time of the Internet. And it happens very sad if someone hacks your drawer, whether it is at least personal, even corporate.

The problem is not only that in the case of hacking you will not be able to correspond using your account. Hackers who took advancing them will easily access all your confidential information, including passwords, account numbers, bank data, and the like.

As one of the measures of protection against hackers, carrying electronic boxes, performs VPN technology. VPN services send your encrypted web traffic through a safe tunnel and make it difficult for third-party access. There is a mass of services that provide services in the VPN area - both small and very serious. The latter, applies, for example, NordVPN.

What if your email hacked?

However, for starters, let's figure it out - how to understand that your email has already been hacked (well, or at least try to do it).

How do you know that your mailbox hacked?

• friends got a lot of strange letters from you

If someone from your friends complained that I received many suspicious letters from you, you should go to the post service website as quickly as possible and check the status of the account. The mailing of strange letters on your behalf is the right sign of hacking email.

• Password changed without your consent

Another of the classic signs of hacking mailbox. If you did not change the password, and the postal service reports that you enter the wrong authorization data, it means that the password changed someone else. He who "hijacked" your mailbox.

• unfamiliar IP addresses in the account log

Some mail services allow you to see which IP addresses have been input to your account. If there are unfamiliar "Aypishniki" (for example, you live in Moscow and have not left anywhere, and Ip Honduras are present in the list), then, most likely, someone else uses your mailbox.

• Unexpected and strange letters in the "incoming"

Often, hackers are trying to derive personal information of users using letters. For example, they can require data about your financial transactions under different pretexts, representing the Bank's staff. This is done primarily to get access to your bank accounts. If you are confronted with suspicious letters of this kind, you should leave them without an answer and how quickly you can change the password from the mailbox.

What if your email hacked?

What if your mailbox still hacked?

If your e-mail is hacked, but you still have access to it, here are a few things that need to be done first.

• Change account data

This is the first and most important thing to do when you learn about hacking mail. Some hackers do not change the password (or do it not immediately), which can become a huge advantage for you. Because you can enter and change the password. This will prevent hacker access to your account.

• Check your computer for viruses

Often, hackers manage to access someone else's email with the help of viruses that they infect the computer of its owner. It is not excluded that it happened to you. Therefore, you should check the PC antivirus.

• Refrain from electronic payments

You do not know which information already has a hacker, and your attempt to pay for anything can lead to additional data leakage. Naturally, in favor of an attacker. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself and not use electronic means of payment until you are sure that the thunderstorm passed.

• Check email settings

We strongly recommend checking the email settings and make sure that nothing has changed. Hackers can reconfigure mail to, for example, send copies of your email letters to your address. In addition, update security settings and turn on two-factor authentication.

What if your email hacked?

And a few more useful tips

Well, a few more points that will help you ensure the proper level of security and not collide with everything described above, as well as with some other unpleasant phenomena - such as infection with viruses and contacts with phishing pages on the Internet.

  • Always give priority to secure and protected websites.
  • Do not share confidential and personal data on social networks. Hackers can use them to penetrate your personal life.
  • Add to bookmarks sites that you visit regularly, including trading platforms. This will prevent a random hit to the "clone site", with which hackers carry out phishing attacks.
  • Download anti-virus software that will immediately notify you about cases of security disorders.


As they say, prevention is better than treatment. Therefore, you should never lose vigilance. In case of any doubt, it is necessary to immediately change passwords, and ideally, you should also activate two-factor authentication. In this case, the hackers will be much more difficult to "get to" to your personal data.

Hacked mail how to restore accessToday, life in the modern world is no longer possible without the use of various Internet services. Social networks, postal clients and messengers, video conferencing programs ... And this is just some tools.

But if we are talking about the beginning of the history of the World Wide Web, then it is impossible not to affect the issue of email.

In general, everything is not remembered. In recent years, many underestimate the importance of this method of communication and in vain ... After all, all modern Internet services are tied to mail: these are accounts on social networks, and Internet banking services, and game services. Therefore, the frivolous ratio of the user to the mailbox can be fraught with unpleasant consequences. Today, any active user is a tempting goal for Internet fraudsters. And do not think that it is just an exaggeration ... Malefactors hunt not only for owners of large online stores.

Even if you do not have your own business on the Internet, it does not mean that scammers will not look in your direction. Today in the course real addresses, bindings to services, a list of friends on social networks. This product is very easy to find the buyer. If you find that your mail is hacked, this is not a reason for panic. In this article we will discuss the basic methods of eliminating this trouble.

Who may need your email?

As noted above, many users do not give much importance to their mailbox. They do not think that he may be attractive for intruders. It is enough to consider a small example. You just think how not enough clean mailboxes to the owners of spam sites? They need them to send the next batch of information debris. Their own addresses constantly fall into the ban, so they willingly buy stolen boxes.

Also, they will be very useful to your contact list. After he falls into the hands of attackers, all the addresses will cry spam. It is worth noting that this category of intruders is at least relatively safe. It is much more unpleasant to deal with personalities who are engaged in targeted hacking mailboxes to gain access to the lists of your friends. Such people are usually quite good psychologists, so they have every chance to pull a lot of funds from gullible users.

Hacked mail: what to do?

If you find that letters that you have not sent are appear in your electronic box, and your friends tell you about strange letters received from your behalf, change the password as soon as possible. Main rule: do not hesitate for a second! Urgently change the password and contact Technical Support. You can also try to contact your friends and inform them that you have lost control over your mail. We will talk about the most popular postal services. Special attention should be paid to the rules of behavior that must be followed in the case of hacking email.

Hotmail from Microsoft.

Relatively recently hotmail spent a real fight against hackers and bots. During the struggle, an analysis of the behavior of the owners of email mailboxes was carried out. Users who entered the risk group were sent to warnings with a request to change the password. According to Microsoft, about 1-2% of users of this postal system are deprived of their accounts as a result of the activities of hackers.

Hacked mail: how to return the account back?

If you remember the password from your backup box, then you can restore access to the account. The backup box must be specified when registering registration. The recovery procedure is as follows: Special code is sent to the backup mailbox, which must be entered into a special field on the website. After this, you will be asked to respond to the code question set when performing the primary check box. In case of successful execution of this operation, you can easily enter a new password and access your email.

But what if you do not remember, what email address indicated as a backup? In this case, it will have to be somewhat harder. First, you need to contact the HOTMAIL technical support. The phone is indicated on the site. Talk you will be with the operator. If you manage to convince the operator in the fact that you are the owner of this mailbox, you will help you to restore control by email. But with this method, you still have to answer the secret question selected during the registration process.

It should be noted the following point: if your mail hacked more than a day ago, you can not twitch. The protest period is only 24 hours. If now with your email is all right, then it is better to immediately make a item in the account settings, providing for two-step identification using a password (on the principle of Internet banking). Such an access organization will allow you to secure your mailbox from hacking.

Gmail from Google

If you cannot access your mailbox on Gmail, you can try to click on the inscription "Can't get access to your account?" As a rule, it is located at the bottom of the page. After that, the system will automatically transfer you to the address where you can see the button with the title "My account was made at risk." Here you have to remember which phone numbers and alternative email addresses you indicated during the registration process. That's all you need to do in case of a hacking mail.

Is it possible to return access to your account if you do not remember the answers to these questions? Yes, but then you will have to fill a huge questionnaire with a lot of questions. But if you really are the owner of the post account, you can easily prove it. You should also pay attention to the official messages received from the Google system: they may prevent you in advance that someone is trying to access your account.

Postal service from yahoo

This postal service is not popular in our country. However, if you are permanently residing in America, it is quite possible you use just such an electronic box. If you find e-mail hacking from this provider, then you need to immediately go to the official website of Yahoo. The most popular services will be listed here. You need to choose the item "Security". Here you need to click on the "Contact Us" button. Next, you will have to fill out the appropriate form and send it a technical support service. As practice shows, in most cases this method allows you to return control over email.

Mail from Yandex

Finally, it was about working with Russian-made postal service. Mailing of this provider today has many users, not only in our country. So there is nothing surprising in that hackers actively steal accounts on Yandex. Russian computer games lovers will certainly recall the unpleasant story associated with the massory of steam accounts tied to Yandex mailboxes. What do you need to do if the attackers hacked your account to "yandex"?

The account recovery procedure on Yandex is not much different from the sequences described above. If you cannot pass authorization on the postal service, click on the inscription "Forgot your password." After that, the system will automatically reinstall you on a special page where you will need to specify the exact mail account details, dial the control numbers and click "Next". Then you will be asked to enter the phone number data or an alternative mailbox that you indicated when the registration procedure passes.

The number of attempts to enter this information is limited. After you enter incorrect information several times, your account can be locked for change. This is done so that the attackers could not have access to accounts by simply generating phone numbers. But what to do if you hacked mail to "Yandex", and you do not remember the backup mailbox? In this case, it is likely that you will not be able to restore access to the account. The company is fairly warn of its users. You can try to restore control over email by contacting technical support. Here you will be asked to fill in a special form.

Mail from

It is unlikely that this provider needs a submission. A few more than a month ago, every second electronic box in Russia was registered on this domain. Today, the popularity of Mail.Ru has decreased a little, but nevertheless, it does not experience a shortage of users. If you encounter a hacking mail on, then you will have to do about the same manipulations as in the previous case. First you need to use the "Forgot Password" button. After that, you will be asked to answer the secret question. In case of success, you will receive approval for changing the password. If you cannot restore access to the mailbox in this way, you will not have to contact technical support and convince it in your own right. Now everything will depend only on you.

Mail from Rambler.

Once upon a time, the Russian Rambler search engine was especially popular among Russian Internet users. Many users willingly registered their mailboxes on this domain. Over time, the service became worse. Users stopped using mailboxes on Rambler. But what to do, if you still needed to use Mail on Rambler, and your mailbox was hacked? The recovery procedure is practically no different from those discussed earlier. First of all, click on the "Forgot Password" button. After that, proceed to communicating with the technical support service. It is worth noting that in most cases the operators are very friendly and friendly.

Quite often, users create postal boxes and forget about them for several years. What should I do if you need to restore access just to such a mailbox? Unfortunately, you can hardly help anyone here. In order for this situation, it is not repeated, you need to take some measures aimed at protecting email.

Preventive measures

The first advice that can be given by the user who collided with the e-mail burglary is to establish an antivirus program. Another important recommendation that will allow you to secure yourself and your computer - take the rule not to move on the links directed from unknown addressees. If the letter of dubious content came from a familiar person, it is also better not to open it.

Most users do not know what to do if you hacked mail.

Hacking can be detected in different ways.

Did you find that you can not enter your email page?

Or did your mailbox suddenly turned out to be empty?

Or your friends tell you that you have made the mailing of materials about the popular sex shop?

Calm, the main thing is calm. All this may mean that your email is hacked!

It is impossible to disagree that this is an extremely unpleasant situation - you have been robbed at the same time, and they climbed into a personal life, and at the same time you can not even see (or spit) in your eyes, and tell him everything you think about him.

In the first minutes it may seem that something irreparable happened, but should not surrender without a fight, because no matter how cool, you have at least 7 trumps in the sleeve, with which you can reverse the course of the game in your direction.

That's what you can do.

Try changing the password

If you were able to log in, it means that those who wor on on your page on your behalf did not change the password, and you have a chance to leave them overboard.

Therefore, change the password immediately!

If your Mail google, This is done like this:

1 should follow enter your name in account , then alternately go to the following menus.

2Otherkroit "My account" . On the main page of Google for this you need to click on the menu of the services (icon in the form of label tiles in the upper right corner) and in the menu that appears, select the desired shortcut.

Fig. 1. "My Account" in the Google Services menu

3After that, the setup management page should be opened. Google it looks like shown in Figure 2. In the section "Safe Login" click "Entrance to account Google ».

Fig. 2. Menu "My Account" in Google

4 Select item "Password" . A window will appear to confirm and replace the password. It is almost the same on all resources. About this, as in Figure 3.

Fig. 3. Enter the password when entering the account

Further you need to enter the current password again, and after that you will be offered to come up with a new one.

Specify it and again enter your account.

After that, the attackers will not have access to your account.

Important! In various postal services, the password change procedure may differ, but the main points are shown in the manual above. If you have any questions, read the certificate to your postal service. There is exactly the necessary information.

For the most part, the cause of hacking is too primitive, short or easily guessing password.

Or something too common, such as "12345678" .

As a result, even without special programs and skills of the cracker, the attacker easily sends your mail by several non-good attempts to enter your account.

There is even such an impossibility of a simple hacking method as Bruthfts, that is, interruptions of all possible options.

Of course, primarily the simplest passwords.

Therefore, try this time not to leave the chance of evil hackers and create a truly impassable barrier in the form of a challenging password.

Let it not be the date of your birth or the nickname of your beloved cat.

Try to surprise lovers to climb in other people's affairs.

The most reliable password is considered a password containing at the same time capital and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and permissible alteration signs, and let them be much.

Restore your account

If your password has been changed by the invaders, and you cannot enter, then try to restore it using the button. "Forgot your password?" .

Fig. 4. Button "Forgot your password?" At the entrance to the account

And then use the instructions provided by the Reference Center.

If your password is tied to another mail, telephone or account on the social network, then, most likely, you can easily restore access, and enter the newly created password.

However, it should not be celebrated victory ahead of time.

If the strangers managed to change the password of your account, then this suggests that their access extends wider than just entering your login to your mail.

Therefore, immediately after you managed to enter, change all ways inputs, tie an account to the telephone number, change the check questions that allow you to restore and change the password.

Again, for all this you will be provided with instructions from the system itself. Just follow them.

Report this incident to administrators of the email site

Perhaps your provider has already come across similar phenomena, and can provide you with additional information about the nature and source of attack, as well as about the capabilities and methods that will continue to help you maintain the confidentiality and inviolability of your mail.

You can also have Access to personal data protection services Through your insurance company, bank, credit union or employer.

In particular, it is important if your mail is used for business or work. Usually the link to the sending page of the administrator is at the bottom of any resource page.

Google needs to enter the menu again. "My account" And downstairs "Help and reviews" after which the frame will appear, one of which will be "Connect US" - It should be chosen.

Fig. 5. "Connect US" button in the Google Help menu

Warn your acquaintances

Perhaps those who captured your mailbox have already managed to hide and surprise your familiar ridiculous spam from your behalf.

Warn them about the fact that the cause of these actions was not your short-term insoluction, but hacking your email.

And if possible, warned (if they have not yet managed to do this) so that no references sent by you during this period of time, as they may have dubious content or even viruses.

Notify your friends that your mail is under your control, hint that it is also possible to take care of the security of your email.

Score a computer for viruses and malicious programs.

Capture someone's post is a difficult work, it requires skills and painstaking work, so do not think that all hackers are engaged in this for entertainment or trolling.

Most of them are trying to gain access to your financial resources, so it is possible that your computer can be infected with a program that even after saving your email mailbox is able to send data to the attacker.

Based on this, the computer scanning for viruses is another necessary step.

To begin with, update the antivirus databases so that you use the newest and relevant search and destruction of viruses.

After that, run the overall scan of the entire computer.

To do this, you can use the antivirus that there is on your computer or download a special program.

In each antivirus software there is a check button. If you can't find it, read the help.

In Kaspersky FREE, for example, for this you just need to click on the inscription "Check" in the main menu and then "Run the check" In the window that opens.

It is very important to fulfill the full test of the entire system, and not separate parts.

Fig. 6. Running OS check in Kaspersky Free

Tip: Perform such an inspection regularly. If it is possible, configure your antivirus so that it independently initiated the launch of the check every week.

As for the update, you immediately manually update the databases of your program.

Usually for this there is also an appropriate icon in the main window or in one of the auxiliary menus.

In Kaspersky FREE, on the main screen there is a "Update" button.

After clicking on it, the menu of execution of this task will open in which it remains only to click the "Update" button.

Fig. 7. Starting an anti-virus database update in Kaspersky Free

Of course, if the program says that the last update took place quite recently, for example, an hour ago, then there is no point in this - the base is so relevant.

If you doubt the reliability of your antivirus, use the special program to remove viruses.

There are quite a lot of them.

One of the most efficient is called Dr.Web Cureit. It is extremely easy to use it. Everything happens like this:

1First download the utility On her official website Run the program that you just downloaded.

2B Main menu Press "Start checking".

3Dobeshe Put the checkboxes at all possible options. (This is marked in Figure 8 green).

4Press "Run the check" (on right). After that, just wait until Dr.Web Cureit fulfills the task.

Fig. 8. Running check in Dr.Web Cureit

5The result will be shown in a separate window. . Each malicious object found can be removed or restored using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the results window.

For more information about Dr.Web Cureit, as well as other programs that you can use in this case, read our article.

It will not be superfluous to check the operating system at once several utilities. All of them are quite effective.

Therefore, after using Dr.Web Cureit is completed, you can try to declare war on viruses with Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, AdwCleaner, Anti-Malware and other similar products.

Check your email settings

It is possible that the tricky villains managed to set up your mail so that she worked on them.

So check all the settings - Whether the redirection of messages is not specified, is it worth a ban on file transfer and are not blocked by those contacts that you did not block (all these settings are individual for each service, so read manuals).

Tip: It is best to contact the administrator so that he suggests what to check first. Perhaps he will tell the most vulnerable places that need to pay attention.

Check personal data contained in letters

Email - This is not only a printed messaging manager, but also a much more multifunctional tool.

With the help of it we send each other and documents, videos, and photos, and personal data, and all that can be placed on the digital carrier.

Therefore, letters may contain archived documents, contracts, personal data, bank card numbers, and so on.

What data from your letters and stored in letters of files criminals could access?

Check everything that could be available to crackers. If possible, protect your personal accounts, your accounts and bank cards.

Technologies do not stand still, and every day they develop not only the possibilities of the electron-digital world, but also the possibilities of users who live in it.

Not all of them have good intentions and noble hearts, so I would like to wish to be vigilant, prudent and always be one step ahead of those who will get into your personal information space.

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What to do if you hacked mail

Many users of various resources on the Internet are faced with such a problem as a hacking of an account or some attacks on the part of unfriendliers. In this case, it should be guided by the main rules for using sites, which, of course, also extends to all existing mail services.

Frame hacking mail

The first thing to draw your attention is the presence of a different kind of malfunction with a system of any mail service. That is, in some cases it may be that the password you specified is deleted by the system, setting the need to perform data recovery.

It happens in an extremely rare number of cases and, as a rule, many users immediately.

In addition to the above, in the case of suspected hacking of an electronic box, as well as due to the impossibility of authorization in the account, additional measures should be taken. In particular, this concerns the temporary replacement of an Internet browser or an integer operating system.

See also: How to create email

As an additional guarantee of the security of your profile in the postal services, if possible, analysis of the operating system for infecting viruses.

Read more: How to check the system for viruses without anti-virus-free online checking system for viruses

Yandex Mail

As you know, the postal service from the company Yandex on general recognition is the leading resource of this type in Russia. Of course, it is a merit of not only the high quality of the services provided, but also the internal security system.

The e-mailbox from Yandex can guarantee the security of your data only in case of instructions when registering a mobile phone number!

If you for any reason, for example, due to the loss of letters from the mailbox or changes in the account parameters, suspect that you have been hacked, you need to urgently check the history of visits. You can do this only in cases where access to mail you still have.

  1. Having opened the Yandex mailing page, in the upper right corner, open the menu with the profile parameter sections.
  2. The process of disclosing a menu with settings on the Yandex Mail service website

  3. Select "Security" .
  4. The process of transition to the Security section on the Yandex Mail service website

  5. At the bottom of this section, find the information block. "Visiting Journal" and click on the built-in link text "View the magazine visits" .
  6. The process of transition to visits magazine on the Yandex Mail service website

  7. Learn the list of active account visits, simply checking the time and IP addresses with your personal network user parameters.
  8. The process of studying the log of visits on the website of the Yandex Mail service

In the absence of any problems with the data in the table, it is safe to say that there was no time hacking a profile. However, in both cases, for loyalty, you still have to change the active code, increasing its complexity.

  1. Guided by the previously proposed instructions, go back to the section "Security" .
  2. Return process to Safety section on the Yandex Mail service website

  3. In the appropriate block, click on the link "Change password" .
  4. The transition process to the password change on the Yandex Mail service website

  5. Fill in the main text fields in accordance with the requirements of the system.
  6. The process of changing the old password on the website of the Yandex Mail service

  7. Click on the button "Save" To apply a new password.
  8. The process of saving a new password on the Yandex Mail service website

If you have not changed the basic settings of Yandex Mail, the system automatically performs an output from the account on all devices. Otherwise, the possibility of hacking will remain.

In case of circumstances in which you cannot enter your mail, you will need to execute the recovery procedure.

Read more: How to restore password on Yandex

  1. On the page with the form of authorization, click on the link "I can not enter" .
  2. The password recovery process on the Yandex Mail service website

  3. In the next window "Access recovery" Fill the main graph in accordance with your login.
  4. The login entry process for recovery on the Yandex Mail service website

  5. Enter the code from the picture and click "Further" .
  6. Continue restoring access on the Yandex Mail service website

  7. Depending on the degree of fullness of your account you will be offered the most convenient recovery method.
  8. Password recovery opportunity on the Yandex Mail service website

    It can be both a confirmation with the help of the phone and the processing of the secret question.

  9. If you for some reason you cannot perform recovery, it is necessary to urgently contact customer support.

Read more: How to write to tech support Yandex.poste

In general, this can be completed for the liquidation of the burglary of the box in the framework of the mail service from Yandex. However, it is important as a supplement to make several comments in case of suspected hacking:

  • Carefully examine your data for change;
  • Do not allow third-party bindings to the box;
  • Watch that your accounts are not created on the change of some data that requires your personal confirmation on behalf of your account.

Do not forget to periodically change the data from your e-mailbox to avoid this kind of problem in the future.

In fact, postal service from is not much different from the same resource considered by us early. But even so this site has a lot of its features, other location of sections and so on.

Mail.Ru mail, due to in-depth integration with other services, it is much more often exposed to successful attacks than any other resource.

In the event that due to a clear hacking, you have lost access to the mailbox, you must immediately perform the recovery procedure. But in most cases it can only be helped when your mobile phone was enshrined behind the attacked account.

Read more: How to restore password from Mail.Ru

  1. In the Mail.Ru Mail Authorization window, click the link. "Forgot your password" .
  2. Transition to password recovery on the Mail.Ru service website

  3. Fill the column "Mailbox" according to data from your mail, specify the desired domain and click on the button "Reestablish" .
  4. The process of transition to the reset parameters on the Mail.Ru service website

  5. Now the special form of data reset from the entrance appears.
  6. The process of performing mail recovery on the Mail.Ru service website

    Without binding phone number, the process is complicated.

  7. After entering the correct data, you will be presented to the fields to specify a new password, and other sessions will be closed.

If, after hacking your main IP address was placed in the blacklist, you will need to urgently apply to technical support. At the same time, do not forget to describe the current situation as it may be more details by providing data from the account on request.

Then, when access to the account is still available, you should quickly change the active code from the e-mailbox.

Read more: How to change password from mail

  1. Open the basic mailbox settings using the main account menu.
  2. The process of transition to settings on the Mail.Ru service service website

  3. On the page that opens, select Subsection "Password and safety" .
  4. Go to the Password and Security section on the Mail.Ru Mail

  5. In block "Password" Click on the button "Change" .
  6. Go to enter a new password on the Mail.Ru service website

  7. Fill out each text box in accordance with the requirements.
  8. The process of confirmation of the new password on the Mail.Ru service website

  9. After all the actions performed, the data will be changed.

To prevent hacking in the future, be sure to add a phone number and, if possible, activate the functionality "Two-factor authentication" .

Adding additional data on the Mail.Ru service service website

As often as possible, check the log of visiting your account, which can be found in the same section, slightly below the discussed blocks.

Viewing the history of visits on the Mail.Ru service service website

If you have suspicion of hacking, but there is still access to the account, use the appropriate section on the page "Help" .

Ability to use assistance on the Mail.Ru Mail service website

At this point, you can finish consideration of actions when hacking mail Mail.Ru, since in any case everything comes down to the instructions described.


Although not often, but still there are users of services from Google than the account was hacked by ill-wishers. In this case, as a rule, you can lose access not only to Gmail mail and personal correspondence, but also by other subsidiaries of this company.

As usual, when registering is recommended to use a mobile phone!

First of all, having any assumptions on the fact of hacking, you must perform an in-depth check check. Thanks to this, you will probably find out if your profile has been attacked.

  1. Carefully inspect the interface for the presence of various kinds of notifications caused by not your actions.
  2. Make sure your gmail box is in working condition and is still consistent with mail.
  3. Be sure to inspect the previously used subsidiaries for change.

In addition to all this, it will not be superfluous to check the journal visits.

  1. Being on the Gmail website, expand the main menu by clicking on the profile avatar in the upper right corner.
  2. The process of disclosing the main menu on the Gmail service website

  3. In the window shown, click the key "My account" .
  4. Using the My Account button on the Gmail service website

  5. On the next page in the block "Security and Login" follow this link "Action on devices and account security" .
  6. The process of transition to viewing activity on the website of the Gmail service

  7. Carefully learn the list, simply checking the service data with yours.
  8. The process of viewing the history of activity on the Gmail service site

If you have been detected by any third-party data, or you encountered notifications about making changes to parameters, immediately change the password.

Read more: How to change the password from Gmail

  1. Open the initial mail page and click on the gear icon in the upper corner.
  2. The process of disclosing the additional menu on the Gmail service website

  3. Through the submitted list of subsections Open page "Settings" .
  4. The process of transition to the setup section on the Gmail service website

  5. Through the navigation menu, go to the tab "Accounts and Import" .
  6. Go to the password change page on the Gmail service website

  7. In block "Change Account Settings" Click on the link "Change Password" .
  8. Transition process to the password change window on the Gmail service website

  9. Fill each graph, guided by the preferred set of characters, and click on the key "Change Password" .
  10. The process of changes in the old password on the Gmail service website

    A new set of characters must be unique!

  11. As completion, follow the data verification procedure.
  12. Go to the data verification procedure on the Gmail service website

Unfortunately, but among users it is often encountered the problem of complete loss access to the profile. To resolve this situation, you need to recover.

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  1. On the entry page of the authorization code on the GMail service website, click on the link "Forgot your password" .
  2. The process of transition by the link Forgot your password on the Gmail service website.

  3. The presented field fill in accordance with the previously active code.
  4. The process of entering an old password from mail on the Gmail service website

  5. Specify the mail creation date and click on the button. "Further" .
  6. Date indication process Registering mail on the Gmail service website

  7. Now you will be presented in the fields for entering a new secret code.
  8. The process of entering an updated password on the Gmail service website

  9. Fill in the field and using the button "Change Password" You will be redirected to the page, where you want to terminate active sessions.
  10. The process of termination of active sessions on the Gmail service website

As you can see, diagnose hacking and returning access to the Gmail drawer is not so difficult. Moreover, you can always create an appeal to technical support that will help in case of unforeseen situations.


Due to the fact that the mail service of Rambler is much less popular among users, the frequency of battements of the user account is extremely low. At the same time, if you still turned out to be among the hacked people, you need to perform several actions.

Rambler does not impose a phone binding, but still it is welcomed by the protection system.

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Subject to the lack of access to the mailbox, you will need to recover. This is done on the same system as in the case of other similar resources.

  1. Opening the authorization page on the resource under consideration, find and click on the link. "Remember password" .
  2. Go to the password recovery page on the Rambler Mail service website

  3. Specify the address of the mail recoverable, go through the antibot verification and click on the button "Further" .
  4. Preparation for password recovery on the website Rambler Mail

  5. Next step enter the answer to the secret question specified during registration.
  6. The process of entering an answer to a secret question on the Rambler Mail service site

  7. Come up with a new password for the account, confirm it and use the key "Save" .
  8. Password saving process when recovering on the Rambler Mail website

In addition to all this, there are such hacks, in which access to the account is maintained. In this case, you need to replace the password.

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  1. On the Mail Start page, click at the email address in the upper corner of the active web browser window.
  2. The process of transition to the settings page on the Rambler service of Mail

  3. Now you need to find the information block "Profile Management" .
  4. Process Searching the block Profile Management on the Rambler Mail service website

  5. Among the subsidiaries of the specified block, find and use the reference "Change Password" .
  6. Switch to the password change page on the Rambler Mail service website

  7. In the pop-up window, fill out each field using the old and new passwords, and click the key "Save" .
  8. The process of saving a new password on the Rambler service of Mail

  9. If you succeed, you will receive a change notice.
  10. Successfully modified password on the Rambler Mail service website

  11. As a supplement to completely neutralize ill-wishers, a secret question should be changed in a similar way.
  12. The process of changing the secret question on the Rambler Mail service site

Scribed actions are the only methods to eradicate account hacking in the framework of the Rambler Mail.

In conclusion, you can add that each postal service provides the ability to attach a spare box from other systems. It is recommended not to neglect this feature and specify the backup mail.

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Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?

What to do if you hacked your email?

Hacking mailboxes are becoming an increasingly common attack on users on the Internet.

How to understand what you attacked you, and what to do if the email was kidnapped?

How to recognize the invasion of an email account?

It is not always easy to recognize the invasion of an email account. Most often you understand what you attacked you when you cannot enter the mail. Another symptom may be the lack of the correct connection of the mobile application to the post server.

Even if you enter the mail without problems, it does not mean that your mailbox is protected. Check if a part of the messages do not disappear or vice versa, the mailbox is not empty, but contains incomprehensible letters.

In the event of hacking, new messages can be labeled as read. The attacker can also intercept or delete the address book, as well as using the obtained contact addresses for the spam mailing.

Hacking an email account is the first element of theft of personal data. An attacker having access to your email account will be able to restore or change the password for other service accounts and social networks. Almost any social network site is able to restore the password, by a special post containing a link to the page with the settings of new permissions. The message will be sent to a preset email address that will be read by a hacker having access to your mailbox.

What to do when the mail was hacked?

1. Change the password

If you can still enter your account, you must immediately change your password. The password must be reliable enough. The reliability of our password can be checked, for example, at - entering the password, you will receive information about how long it is necessary for hacking it. It is important that the password does not contain phrases or words associated with data about you, which are available to the public on the Internet.

If the password has been changed by an attacker, follow the password recovery procedure available on the service provider website. Email access recovery will be possible by confirming your identity by phone / SMS to the previously installed phone number. Another option is to confirm the identity using a confirmation message sent to an alternative email address. As a rule, the last option is used - confirm your identity thanks to the correct answer to the questions you specified when creating an email account.

2. Report a service provider

You must always report the loss of control over your account to the postal service provider. It is useful to report to also important contacts from your address book about theft of data, because they are exposed to a personal attack. An attacker can read your news and use the knowledge gained to play your personality. You need to check the computer using the antivirus program. It is worth remembering that the use of the same password for different services is a bad idea. If you are using the same password for a hacked mailbox and social networking sites, you must immediately change all passwords, and they should be different for different services.

3. Contact the police

If you have kidnapped too important data or has already been an attempt on your behalf to carry out any actions using your stolen information, you should declare the police. Any hacking mail is a violation of the Criminal Code of Russia, namely, Article 272, "On illegal access to computer information". Specialists of the electronic crime fighting department will establish from which address and which way your mailbox hackel, determine the kidnappers and will find the guilty. But even if they won't find - to the police, it is necessary to apply to have a confirmation that the criminal case was established, if in connection with the damage to third parties, they will try to sue you. In court, the fact of contacting the police will serve as evidence of your innocence.

What to do if you hacked mail

Most users mistakenly believe that their email is not interesting to anyone. But they forget that just with the help of email there is registration in social networks, messengers, financial sites, and so on. If the attacker hacaves email, he will not be difficult to gain access to other services that the affected users use.

Subject to all recommendations, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of hacking. If a person has suspicions that hacking his email has already occurred, then for a start, it is necessary to make sure of this, and then immediately act.

To dispel or confirm your fears about hacking emails, you need to familiarize yourself with the magazine visits. For users of the Gmail email service, you need to go to the settings to familiarize yourself with the logbook, scroll through the open page at the bottom and in the lower right corner to open the section "Details".

After that, on a separate browser tab, a table will open in which the following information will be indicated:

  • When and from which IP address was logged in to your email box.
  • What sessions are active at the moment.
  • What operations were carried out in an electronic mailbox (operations with letters, folders, labels, etc.).

If, when viewing a log of visits, you found there actions that did not make or saw extraneous IP addresses - this is a reason for concern. Perhaps your email browsing an attacker and all unauthorized operations performs it. Also Google leads the story of all actions on the account. This information can be viewed in "My Actions in Google".

Note! Do not rush to panic if you see foreign IP addresses in the journal visits. Try to remember if you did not enter your email from a friend of a friend or relative, with a third-party public WiFi.

Typically, the first thing the scammers change the password, and the user simply cannot enter your email box. If you do not have any problems with the entrance, but you still suspect that your email hacked, pay attention to the following factors:

  • In the settings, check if the phone number has not changed, the e-mail address or the secret question.
  • You come incoming messages about sending a letter that you did not send. In case of hacking email, some attackers begin massive mailing of malicious letters, but for a number of reasons, not all of them are successfully sent.
  • Complaints of friends or acquaintances on strange emails coming on your behalf.
  • New incoming letters are read, despite the fact that you did not open them.

All of the above indicates that your email can operate an attacker. In such situations, you need to act immediately.

If your e-mailbox is really suspended, it is necessary to act as follows:

  1. Change password. Do not use data about yourself in the password: date of birth, first name, surname and so on. Remember that the fraudster has already familiarized himself with information about you, and repeated hacking in the case of using a similar password will not be much difficulty.
  2. If the attacker changed the password, you can restore it. You can return access to the email box by confirming my own personality. Such a process can occur differently, depending on the mail service used.
  3. If you cannot restore the password, you can try to write in the Technical Support Service of the Mail Service. Notify you that you are hacked, and in your electronic mailbox really valuable information is stored.
  4. Warn all friends and acquaintances that your email was hacked. Fraudsters can ask for money from your behalf, send malicious links and so on.
  5. If access to email was not lost or you managed to restore it, check the settings of your mailbox. Pay attention to whether the transfer of incoming letters is not configured. It is advisable to write to the support service of the mail service used, they will definitely promptly tell what parameters you need to double-check.
  6. Scan PC for malicious programs. Perhaps the hacker hacked your email with the help of viruses.
  7. Forget about e-payments in the near future, as a fraudster could have definite information about your email wallets.
  8. If your pages on social networks are tied to an email mailbox, do not change passwords to them. Password change notifications will come to a hacked email and a fraudster will access your social accounts.
  9. Go to all services in which registration passed using the mailbox, maybe there was a password was changed.

There is a sufficiently large number of ways to protect your email box from hacking. The first one is two-factor authentication (password + SMS). It is not very convenient, but significantly increases your safety.

If a link from an unfamiliar person came in an email e-mail, in no case go through it. Hackers can mask malicious links under the sites of famous companies. For example, instead of and so on.

Your password must have a really high degree of complexity. It is advisable to use line and capital letters in it, as well as numbers. The password should not contain data about you. Also used password must be changed periodically.

If you entered the World Wide Web through the public Wi-Fi network, do not enter your personal data anywhere. Hackers can intercept this information. To secure your Wi-Fi connection in public places, use VPN.

Install a really good antivirus on your computer. There are a large number of proven antiviruses that can be used completely free and at the same time they will protect your stay on the Internet. High-quality antivirus will protect your email from phishing, viral programs and everything that threatens your personal data.

Hackers know dozens of ways to deceive the gullible user, wipe the password and infect the computer with a virus. So that in the future did not have to restore a hacked e-mailbox for a long time, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations in the field of cybersecurity starting from the moment of email registration.

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