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Many of us adore karaoke. Favorite compositions awaken the most prosperous feelings, the music assumes, makes you forget the whole bustle of our life, and I want to feed the words from your favorite songs again and again. But the material for karaoke (the very nominous songs without vocals) sometimes get enough difficult, and especially rare songs that are not intended for the average manual. How to be in such a situation? We will help special network instruments, allowing you to create a minus one of our favorite songs online, and in good quality. In this material we will tell how to make such a minus, and what instruments will help us.

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How is the process of creating a backing track of songs

The algorithm for working with these resources is quite simple. You download your song to the service (usually in MP3 or WAV format), this site processes it for a few seconds, and gives you to listen to the result. If the latter arranged you, then we can only save the corresponding minus file on the PC.

When implementing this operation, it is worth understanding that with the help of the tools listed below you will not succeed to achieve the perfect sound of the minus obtained. Despite various algorithms for calculating, completely eliminate the vocalist's voice is not possible, and even in the highest quality composition somewhere on the background you will hear the voice of the artist.

In addition, keep in mind that the basic composition with which you will work should be high quality (desirable, with a bit rate of 320 kb / s). The better the "cleaner" sound of the song, the easier the service will perform all the necessary operations, and the more optimal will be the result.

Let's consider in detail the network toolkit to create backing tracks, from Russian-speaking to English-speaking analogs. - Popular tool for the creation of minuses

The most popular service is the most popular service to create backing and changing the sound tonality - The service has an absolutely simple and affordable functionality, which allows you to remove vocals from the composition, leaving only background music. The service of the service is used in the principle of differentiation of phases of channels, in which such sounds are calculated for the right and left channel, and then removed from the song.

  1. Go to the, click on the inscription "Select an audio file for processing" and download the desired composition to the resource.
  2. After downloading the song, select the acceptable frequency of the filter using the slider, and listen to the result. Service VocalRemover.
  3. If the latter made you, select the outgoing audio file format (WAV, MP3, OGG), a suitable bitrate, and by pressing the appropriate button, save the result on the PC.

See also: how to connect songs online. - a large backing base online

The resource is a huge base of already available mining of various music in pretty good quality. In addition to the "accumulative" resource function, the possibility of the latter also allows you to create a minus one of the desired composition in just a couple of seconds.

Specificity of work with this site is not different from other analogues. Download - Listen - Keep.


Working with does not differ from the analog sites

Anglo-language is one of the highest quality services for this specialization, and the results obtained with it, I consider the best among competitors. At the same time, it, like other English-language analogues, has a conditionally free character, and you can get access to a full functionality only after the appropriate material payment.

  1. Go to, and click on Try IT Now.
  2. Then click on the "Drop Your Audio File Here", and download the desired song to the resource.
  3. Next, it will be necessary to wait until the resource processes the file (takes up to minute).
  4. After processing on the left, the base initial composition will be located, in the center - a karaoke version (without vocal), on the right - the vocal itself, seized from the song (it is possible to download each of the last two versions by clicking on "download" below).

The free version of the site functionality is limited to 30 seconds for processing.


VocalremoverPro - service to remove voice from the song

The last service, which I want to tell in this material is The quality of its backing tracks is at an acceptable level, but its free possibilities (as in the case of other English-speaking services) are essentially trimmed. Because if you do not intend to pay for the result, then use the resource features only for informational purposes.

  1. Visit, in front of "Your Music File" click on "Overview".
  2. And download the composition to the resource (or enter the link to it in the YouTube Video URL field).
  3. In the "Verification" field, enter the captcha, and then click on "Create Karaoke Track".
Browse button

After downloading the song, click on the button below.

Bases of ready-made minuses

In addition to the creation of minuses, you can also use the databases where you are already ready for minus. Among such sites, I would noted with,, and other analogues in which you can find the minus you need using the search function.

Scrong minus


Most of the above tools for creating a "minus" has a rather middle functionality (with the exception of the resource, the results of which, in my opinion, are at a decent level). If the level of the results did not suit you, you can look for minus songs you need in the already ready bases of backing tracks on the network.


Amateur karaoke and people who have linked life with non-professional music are often asked about how to make a minus one from the song. There are a lot of ways to remove vocals from audio recordings. Some of them are professionals, and other newbies. Read more with popular schemes for creating backing tracks at home.

Tools for removal vocal

To create a qualitative "minus" traditionally use such programs as:

  1. Audacity;
  2. Goldwave;
  3. AIMP3 player.

Before the start of work, it should be noted that the ideal sound of the backing track will depend on several factors. To successfully suppress the voice, you need to select high-quality audio recording in stereo-format. Watch the vocals sounded with the same volume, regardless of the channel. But even accounting of these moments does not guarantee complete removal of voice from the song.

Work in Audacity

How to make minus songs using software? To do this, launch Audacity, select the "File" section, and then the Open option. Such actions will help to find an audio record that needs to be processed. After that, select the "split stereoons" menu. A column with a triangle will appear on the monitor, click on it, exposing the MONO mode for both columns. Then we inspect the top part of the program interface, in which the "Effect" tab is located. Click, after which I click on the "Inverting" option. This is the first stage of creating a backing track, so we work on.

Click the Ctrl + A keys, then click on the "tracks" and the "reduction" option. Then select the "Export" tab, which is in the File menu. Click and save the minus one song to the desired folder. Please note that Audacity allows you to specify the desired format of audio recordings.

GOLDWAVE to remove vocal

To create a high-quality minus, you can use an alternative program. Goldwave paid, so the experiment will suit the beta version. To create a backing track of a song need:

  1. Open the working window by transferring a file to it with the desired record.
  2. Select Effects, and then Stereo.
  3. Click in the Reduce Vocals submenu that appears.
  4. Remove the voice using Simple Cancellation, after which you open the step center submenu.
  5. Click on the Remove Vocals option for clipping vocals from the song.
  6. Listen to entry with further saving file.

The program can configure FFT and experiment with different effects. Users can change the relationship between echoed and distorting sound, "smooth out" transitions between blocks, etc.

Working with AIMP3 player

In this program, it will not be possible to make a minus without a robin, but it will help to drown out words. The principle of operation with AIMP3 is extremely simple, so even newcomers who have never treated audio recordings will be able to fulfill the player. To create a "minus", you need:

  1. Run player.
  2. Find the desired file through the menu.
  3. Select the "Sound Effects" option, placed in the "Settings" section.
  4. Go to "Charger of Votes."
  5. Mark the "Voice Removal Filter" checkmark.

Thanks to this note, the player from any record will make a "minus". To cancel the automatic cutting of speech, users need to be removed through the settings.

Now you know how to make a minus one of the songs with the help of public resources. However, the considered schemes are not the only ones that can be used to remove vocals. Online services designed to create a "minus", as well as the Adobe Audition 3.0 program, are not less popular. To pick up a convenient method for yourself, experiment!

Imagine that you need to fulfill some composition in front of the audience, but you have no minus of this song. And the time before the upcoming event is not so much, but the finished minus does not find anywhere. We will tell you how to make the task you need songs in the online application with good quality and completely free. - will help make a task song online

One of the most convenient and simple online tools to work with music is the VocalRevover editor. It allows you to lower the composition of the composition, trim, connect, change the tonality and remove the voice. This is suitable for us, what you need.


  1. Go to the address ;
  2. Press the menu button on the left and select "Remove Vocals";
Select "Delete Vocals"
Select "Delete Vocals"
Click on the "Select File" button.
Click on the "Select File" button.

Click on the "Select File" button and find the track on the PC disk;

Adjust the track with increasing and reduced frequency
Adjust the track with increasing and reduced frequency

After downloading, the tool will try to remove the voice itself. With the help of lower and upper frequency regulators, find such a balance in which the voice in the song will be missing at all;

Select the format in which you would like to download minus and click on the "Save" button.

Select the format in which you want to save the track on the disk
Select the format in which you want to save the track on the disk

Select the path to download the file to the disk. From this folder you can open it to run. If it turned out not what you wanted, try to download the file to the site again and change the voice removal parameters.

Read more: - free service to create backing tracks

On the Internet there are many services that offer to get rid of vocals in the song. But not everyone cope with their task as good as competitors. On our list you will only find the best of them. The next tool is located on this site: With it, we will work only in the browser online. The site offers not only a tool for work, but also ready minuses that are in abundance here. But about it a little later.

Procedure to make a task song:

  1. Go to the site's main page;
  2. Choose the quality at the bottom of the page. The lower, the better the algorithm hides the voice in the song;
Choose the quality at the bottom of the site page
Choose the quality at the bottom of the site page

Then click on the cloud at the top and select the song on your computer or phone;

This tool is just richer than the settings. We have channel regulator, reinforcement or outbreak of lower frequencies, checkbox auditions of the original. And also in listening mode, you can compare WAV and MP3;

Configure a music file settings to remove vocal
Configure a music file settings to remove vocal

Select the appropriate settings and click the "Download" button at the bottom when the result will be appropriate to your expectations.

Free service offers ready-made compositions in which there is no voice. To find them, press the "minus" menu item.

Select "Minuses" at the top of the page
Select "Minuses" at the top of the page

Perhaps you will not need to make a symbol. Since the list you will find suitable in good quality and free.

[CAPTION ID = "ATTACHMENT_9055" ALIGN = "ALIGNCENTER"] List of minusings [/ Caption]
[CAPTION ID = "ATTACHMENT_9055" ALIGN = "ALIGNCENTER" WIDTH = "600"] List of minusings [/ Caption]

Choose a standing category and try to find a suitable track in the list. If a specific song is needed, try to find it using the search string at the top of the main window. - help remove a voice from the song for free

Online resource at the address It is a set of simple tools. The site is: Determined Tempor, Music Editor ( combine or trim track ), a set of finished ringtones. The voice removal tool works simply and without any additional settings. You load the track - and it is automatically processed. After that, a window appears from which we load the finished file.


Go to the main page and click on the "Overview ..." button;

Click on the "Overview" button and add a song
Click on the "Overview" button and add a song

Select the track from which you want to remove a voice;

Click on the Save File button.

Click on the "Save File" button.
Click on the "Save File" button.

If you do not like the result, try processing the composition using two services. Use different settings to create a minus.

Sites for finding minuses of popular songs

Of some songs, it is simply impossible to remove the voice component. In this case, nothing remains how to find a suitable composition without voice online. There are also a lot of similar resources.

  1. A large online archive of compositions, which is divided into categories and genres. By clicking on the search button, pictures of popular performers appear, which are often looking for songs whose "cool" on the radio. Choose one of the performers so that its songs are displayed in the list.
  2. This site has a large number of categories of minuses. Because of this, it is enough just to find a song without voice by genre or style that you need. There is a string to search for a specific melody or alphabet to search by performers. At the bottom of the main window are the best tracks of the week.
  3. On the site you can also find a variety of compositions, including full tracks. All of them are available for download for free. Separately, it is worth noting a section with songs and a minus songs of different nationalities.

Video instruction

If you use free ways to make a task of songs through online services in good quality you do not like, look at how you can implement it with Audacity in this video.

programs to create backing

Programs for the creation of backing tracks (tools), in most, it is customary to call DAW, which means a digital audible workstation. Actually, such can be considered any program to create music, since the instrumental component is an integral part of any musical composition.

However, you can create a tool from the finished song, removing from it with special means of the vocal batch (or just suppressing it). In this article, we will consider the most popular and efficient programs for creating backing tracks, oriented, including editing, minimizing and mastering.


Chordpulse is a program to create arrangements that ideally (with a professional approach) are the first and necessary step towards creating a full and high-quality tool.


This program works with MIDI and allows you to select a accompaniment to a future backing track using chords, which in the range of this product contains over 150, and they are all conveniently distributed through genres and styles. The program provides the user really ample opportunities not only for picking chords, but also for editing them. Here you can change the pace, tonality, stretch, divide and combine chords, as well as much more.

Download the Chordpulse program


Audacity is a multifunctional audio editor with a variety of useful features, a large set of effects and support for batch file processing.


Audeciti supports almost all audio file formats and can be used not only for normal audio editing, but also for professional, studio work. In addition, in this program you can clean the audio recording from noise and artifacts, change the tonality and playback speed.

Download Audacity program

Sound Forge.

This program is a professional audio editor, which can safely be used to work at recording studios. Sound Forge provides almost limitless ability to edit and process sound, allows you to record audio, supports VST technology, which allows you to connect third-party plugins. In general, this editor is recommended to use not only for audio processing, but also for information, mastering already ready-made tools created in professional Daw.


The Ford Sound has recording and copying tools, batch file processing is supported. Here, as in Audacity, you can restore (restored) audio recordings, but this tool here is implemented better and professionally. In addition, using special tools and plug-ins, with this program you can easily remove words from the song, that is, to remove the vocal batch, leaving an exceptional minus one.

Download Sound Forge program


Adobe Audition is a powerful editor of audio and video files focused on professionals, which are sound engineers, producers, composers. The program is largely similar to Sound Forge, but high quality exceeds it in some parameters. First, the adobe of the audited looks more clear and attractive, secondly, for this product there is a much greater number of third-party VST plugins and rewire applications that expand and improve the functionality of this editor.


Scope of application - Mixing and mastering of instrumental parties or ready-made musical compositions, processing, editing and improved vocals, recording vocal parties in real time and much more. In the same way as in the Ford Sound, in Adobe Audition, you can "divide" the finished song on vocals and a minus, however, it is possible to do this here and standard means.

Download Adobe Audition program

Lesson: How to make a minus one from the song

FL Studio.

FL Studio is one of the most popular programs for creating music (DAW), which is quite widely demanded among professional producers and composers. Here you can edit audio, but it is only one of the thousands of possible functions.


This program allows you to create your own backing tracks, bringing them to professional, studio sound quality in a multifunction mixer using master effects. Here you can write vocals, but Adobe Audition will cope with this task.

In his Arsenal, the Studio contains a huge library of unique sounds and loupes that can be used to create their own tools. There are virtual tools, master effects and more, and those who have a standard set will not seem enough, freely can expand the functionality of this DAW with third-party libraries and VST plug-ins, there is a huge set for it.

Lesson: How to create music on a computer using FL Studio

Download FL Studio program

Most of the programs presented in this article are paid, but each of them until the last penny costs the money requested by the developer. In addition, each has a familiarization period, which will clearly be enough to study all functions. Some of these programs allow you to independently create a unique and high-quality minus "from and to", and with the help of others you can create a tool out of a full-fledged song, simply suppressing or completely "cutting out" the vocal batch from it. What of whom to choose, solve only you.

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