How to make a winter fishing rod - 125 photos and videos how to build a fishing rod

Winter fishing is the favorite occupation of most fishermen. It requires careful preparation of gear and various devices.

Consider how to make a winter fishing rod with your own hands. This tackle must be convenient in use, indulging its owner by large catches and long-awaited trophies.

Easy design

Experienced fishermen know that good luck on fishing does not depend on the cost of tackle. Sometimes the homemade fishing rod allows you to catch a greater catch than the analogue of factory production.

Uses in the details, how to make the winter fishing rod properly, it is necessary to remember which major parts it consists. These include:

  • handle;
  • whip;
  • nod;
  • fishing line;
  • Morms.

Having in stock These items can be collected design of the product.

Using girlfriend materials

Recall the times when there were no shops in step accessibility and the person tried to do with undergraduate means.

We make a fishing rod for winter fishing by the Deadov method:

  • We make handle. To do this, we take a suitable wooden bar and a knife cut out of it a comfortable design.
  • Making a whip. Sut off the twig of juniper, clean it from the bark, remove the bitch. In vivo, we produce her drying in a not too heated room. It is grinding its surface with sandpaper, after which they soak the heated oliff. In the handle, we make a hole where with the help of glue is a fastest end of a whip.
  • Kivok is performed from the boar of the bristles, after which it is fixed on the thin edge of the whip.
  • Making a lot for the fishing line. To do this, on the opposite edges of the handle, you will fix two hooks of their wires, on which the line is wound with a diameter of 0.15-0.3 mm. Its length is in the range of 10-30 meters.
  • A silver drop of a mormushka is fixed on the edge of the fishing line.

This is the manufacture of fishing rods. It is believed that it is ready for use.

The influence of the turbine

Analyzing the video how to make the winter fishing rod worth paying attention to the nod to the game in its various design. It is performed from polymer or steel plates, special rubber and bristles of boar.

The features of this element are as follows:

  • Its sensitivity depends on the mass of the mobile;
  • When fishing on the "goats" and "Dogs", the wrappers with a horizontal position are selected;
  • If fishing occurs without baking, it requires the use of nods that bend at an angle of 30 °.

The bait game depends on this element.

There are nodes with attached cargo on their edge, it makes it possible to continue the dynamic movements of the Mormushka with each touch to the rod. Rods should be smooth and not to confuse a fishing line.

Bottom fishing rod with float

Consider how to make a winter float fishing rod. The design of the rod has some features:

  • As a pilot warning device, a float is used, a lifting capacity of 1.5-2 grams;
  • Above the hook is fixed;
  • It is allowed to use a feeder that performs the role of cargo tooling.

The fishing line between the tip of the whip and the float must be stretched, it will save it from frost.

The feeder is used when fishing for the flow. A moth is placed in it, which is gradually washed out than attracts swimming fish.

Setting rods

We looked at how to make a winter fishing rod at home. The catch will depend on the correctness of its adjustment directly above the hole.

There are some recommendations:

  • The top of the float should not be over the water, as it will freeze and change its characteristics;
  • Its top is painted in bright colors, which allows you to monitor the game under water;
  • The height of the float must be no more than 15 mm;
  • Acute hooks that have no number 3-4 are used;
  • The navigation length takes 10-13 cm;
  • For the manufacture of a leash, a line of 0.1 mm is selected;
  • The less weight of the bait, it is less sensitive to the fish.

On fishing should take a few varieties of hooks and momens. Often there are cases when the shift of the gear leads to a sharp increase in Klev.

Do not be lazy and cooking gear in advance to winter fishing. At home it is much more comfortable, rather than being near the well. Take with you a few gear, it will increase the chance of a rich catch.

Stock Foto Winter Fishing

Making fishing tackle is not a bad idea that will enjoy any fisherman. Fishermen are distinguished not only by interest in the process of fishing, but also to the process of manufacturing with their hands the gear for fishing and their accessories. Most fishermen are engaged in the manufacture of all sorts of artificial bait, not to mention the winter streets. But not all fishermen are such. Among the fishermen there are such that they are not focused on the manufacture, but go to the fishing store and buy. Unfortunately, not every fishing rod acquired in the store meets the necessary requirements. Many fishermen walk along this path with only one goal - to get the tackle of catch and efficient. What you can not say about purchased products, despite the abundance of structures and their diversity.

Winter fishing rod do it yourself. Method number 1.

This method is distinguished by its simplicity in the manufacture, as well as the use of infirred materials for this. The main condition is a desire and small skills of possession of a simple tool. If there is no desire, there are no skills, it is better to refuse this idea, and go to the fishing store and buy a finished product.

For the manufacture of fishing rods, you need to have: a large density foam and a thin metal plate, as well as:

  • nichrome wire;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • lighter;
  • X-ray film (you can unnecessary snapshot);
  • file;
  • Super glue;
  • pliers;
  • sandpaper.

Technology manufacturing such a fishing

  1. A segment of dense foam is taken. Its dimensions must correspond to the size of the fishing network float or take such a float as a basis. Styrofoam
  2. With the help of a file, a fishing groove is done, about 2.5 mm wide. After that, the location of the breakdown is inhabited by sandpaper to eliminate the possibility of the hooks of the fishing line.
  3. After these operations, this is such a workpiece.
  4. The next stage is the manufacture of chucks. The material is the old telescopic fishing rod who has come into disrepair.
  5. A metal strip is cut from the knee of this fishing rod, about 4mm wide and about 25-30 cm. Cut is necessary with scissors for metal. In order not to damage yourself, the sections of the sections are processed with a file and sandpaper. One end should be sharpened so that it is sharp. This can be done using a file.
  6. The sharp end of the workpiece, through, pushing the foam dwarf. The sharp end of the whistery will be the front end. Metal blank, rear end (stupid), should hide in foam.
  7. At the next stage, they are engaged in the manufacture of anterior bandwidth. It is made from the nichrome wire. So that the ring looks like a ring, nichrome wires are wound on the subject of a suitable diameter. It may be a nail, a thickness of about 3mm or an ampulle from gel handle. It should be what can be seen in the photo, only without rubber laying.
  8. After that, the end of the chuck is smeared with super-glue. Then the guide ring is applied to the end and is primed by conventional threads. Fastening should be reliable.
  9. Special attention should be paid to the manufacture of the nod. If somewhere there was an X-ray film, or rather an X-ray picture, then it is possible to proceed to its manufacture. A thin strip is cut from the film, on one of the ends of which roundness is formed, more segment width. To cut the nod, you can use conventional scissors.
  10. At the end of the nod, you need to do a hole so that through it it was possible to skip the fishing line. This is done by a preheated needle. After the hole is done, the place is processed by shallow emery paper to eliminate the influx.
  11. The next stage lies in the dressing on the whip of two Cambriks. Dressed they should be tight. The material can serve as nipple or isolation from the wire. With the help of these Cambrikov, the nod is attached to the whip. As a result, an adjustable design is obtained, capable of changing the flexibility of the nod. It is necessary in order to adapt to certain fishing conditions.
  12. After installing the nod, it needs to be adjusted so that the edge of the nod to the Cambridge (rear) is 5mm, after which it bends up. After that, the nodes glue to the rear Cambrick, but before that, the bonding places need to be deguted.
  13. At the final stage, the fontoam base, the fishing line is wound on the foam basis. It should be missed through the hole of the nod. After that, the fishing is attached to the fishing line, which indicates the readiness of gear to use.

Having studied carefully manufacturing technology, it is possible to conclude that it is possible to get a simple, but excellent fishing rod for winter fishing. To secure this information, view video.

Video example

Winter fishing rod "Balalaika" with their own hands

In the next video, you can see how quickly you can make another Fishing Fishing option. A phased version of viewing is proposed using slides, which is very available and described. Production does not require special skills and scarce details. Having tried simple models, you can proceed to the manufacture of more complex structures.

Winter fishing rod for glittering with their own hands

Like most winter fishing rods, this does not require special materials for self-making. But for this option, you will need to purchase a coil and two guide rings. The remaining details are infirmized materials that are sorry to throw away.

For the manufacture of fishing rods suitable:

  • unnecessary janitor from the car;
  • three plugs from under the wines;
  • tube from brush or mop;
  • coil;
  • insulating tape;
  • two tulips (guide rings);
  • Soldering iron, Tin, Acid.

Manufacturing process

  1. You need to take a tube from a modern brush or mop, the diameter of which is suitable for the plugs of bottles in it.
  2. Then you need to take and disassemble the old, unnecessary janitor from the car. For the assembly, the fishing rods will be required springs that are under a rubber band. They should be two, but we are enough and one. This twist is suitable for fishing rods.
  3. We are preparing bought tulips and a coil, as well as traffic jams.
  4. From the tube, which used to serve as a handle, cut cut, equal to the length of 3 corks, plus a small supply.
  5. In traffic jams, strictly centered, you need to drill one hole, the diameter of which is slightly smaller than the diameter of the chuck. The whip is alternately shoved into the hole and together with the plugs are installed in the tube. As a result, it turns out such a billet, which is half a finished fishing rod.
  6. The next stage includes operations on soldering guide rings to whip. One ring is installed in the middle of the whistle, and the other at the end. Soldering is performed using solder and acid. You can use orthophosphoric acid that is sold in business stores. An ordinary rosin is hardly possible to do this work.
  7. In addition, the coil is taken and with the help of the isol, attached to the tube, which will now serve as the holder.
  8. As a result, a great fishing rod should be turned out to be used in winter fishing.

There is nothing easier to manufacture than rod for winter fishing. Evidence of this article. As a rule, it can be collected in a very short time from the girlfriend.

Video example

Winter fishing is a continuation of summer. Many fishermen, with the onset of autumn, stop leaving the reservoirs, especially in winter, when the ice is already lying and access to the fish is practically closed. But among a huge set of fishing lovers, you can find fishermen who continue to be a fascinating occupation and in winter. The most important thing is that for this you do not need special gear, and the winter fishing rod, made with your own hands, can fit in your pocket. And if you do not apply bait, but to use livers or glitters for sheer brightness, then winter fishing is the most favorable fishing. The only problem is to get to the water, as snow drifts and drifts are possible. In addition, winter fishing, if not applying precautions, may be very dangerous. Do not go to the ice, if it is not yet faster. The ice is dangerous and then if it is under the thickness of snow. As a rule, in such places the ice can be somewhat thinner than in open places.

Despite all the precautions, most of the fishermen go to the ice to spend time with benefit for themselves, and at the same time catching fish. Winter fishing has a positive effect on the overall condition of the human body, since such clean air cannot be found anywhere, and even more so within the limits of modern cities. Therefore, the townspeople, each weekend try to spend time outside of modern megacities.

How to make winter fishing rod with your own hands?

How to make winter fishing rod with your own hands?

Winter fishing is a rather unusual and exciting type of fishing, which every fisherman should do at least once in life. It is very different from the same process in the warm season and has its own nuances. Especially when it comes to fishing on fishing rod.

This element also has a number of distinctive features from analogs used in other seasons. Let's try to figure out how to correctly make the winter fishing rod with your own hands, what they are, from which they can be made and how to construct those or other components of this adaptation at home.

Production features

It should be started with the fact that for any fishing it is important to choose the right type of fishing rod. And for winter - it will be almost a key to success. Begin to make homemade fishing models follows from what needs to decide what kind of fish is the rod. We should not forget that for such a device will be important:

  • good functionality;
  • convenience;
  • Small mass.

The design of the winter fishing rod should be such that it does not give off during the fishing process. For example, for this reason, there should not be plastic whip, because it can easily burst. In general, all models of such devices consist of such basic elements:

  • handles;
  • Coils or reels;
  • whip either a kid.

If the model is made for the catch on the mold, then there must be in the presence of nod. For glittering, its presence is optional, but it can be used if a light embarrassment was selected, and Klev is not too active. In itself, the winter fishing rod is a short smaller, the length of which does not exceed 30 centimeters, equipped with a reel with a fishing line or a small inert type coil.

It must be necessary to have legs for mounting on ice and a handle made of materials that will be able to isolate cold elements of fixtures. It is best when the handles are made of foam or cork.

Sometimes fishermen simply rewor the handles from the factory models, because they are made without taking into account the specifics of domestic winters and from the most suitable materials.

It should be remembered that winter tackles are usually used with a serious frost, often in mittens or gloves. Therefore, the adaptation should be simple and distinguished by reliability, because it is not the easiest and not very convenient affair to carry it out. So the selection of materials will be extremely important for the successful use of such a fitting in winter.

But the reason for the independent creation of such a device can be called:

  • desire to save;
  • the ability to make something yourself;
  • The store did not find a suitable fisherman model.

Note that it is not so difficult to make such a device, as it may seem at first. And all the required materials and tools that may be required, in principle, everyone has.

How to make fishing fishing rods?

Before starting the process of creating various models of winter fishing rods, it must be said that for the most high-quality and good result, before the start of work at hand, it will not be superfluous to have drawings. They can be painted independently or found on specialized sites or forums for lovers of winter fishing.

The presence of the scheme will make it possible to make such a device as low as possible in terms of proportions of all elements. Now we will analyze how to make the various models of winter fishing rods. It should be added that the models of each other are very similar and the set of elements will often repeat each other.

From foamflast

Foams often make fishing rods. They are adapted and for use in winter. The main feature will be the lack of need to keep in hand. The fishing rod is usually installed on a special stand, located near the wells. If you wish, you can immediately set several such rods. The main thing is that the hole does not frozen.

To make a similar device, in principle, nothing strongly is required. Is that make the float. The basis for him will be a piece of foam. It should have dimensions of 30 by 50 millimeters. It will be better to give him a bright coloring. It is first necessary to process with a file, emery or a knife. This is required to give a piece of foam form similar to the handle.

In the upper area of ​​the created device, leaving a small protrusion. It is on him that the fishing line will be carried out. And at the bottom of this handle should leave a couple of wide legs. In the area of ​​the end-type part, it will be necessary to make a hole of a longitudinal type, which will have a depth of somewhere 2-3 centimeters. In the future, you need to put a whip and pull the forest. When it is done, it is very important to prepare the axis before it placing it and putting it right.

It will be necessary to pay attention to the correct creation and cutting of the hole for the axis, so that there are sides. Now it remains to insert a whip in the hole and securely secure it. It is best to accomplish with glue. It remains now to make legs. To create them, you can apply plastic or a plug. We stretch the forest and the device can be read ready.

From traffic jam

This option is considered one of the most compact and simple in manufacturing and does not require large amounts of materials. To construct such a model, you need to have:

  • champagne tube;
  • brush;
  • Metal plate with low thickness;
  • part of the feeder vertex;
  • plastic needles;
  • emery;
  • file;
  • spring;
  • a piece of plastic;
  • Cambricks (so-called special tubes made of silicone, which will be used to secure a leash).

So, from the tube should be cut for our fishing handle. Overnight should be treated with sandpaper and file. If desired, on the handle, you can make a place to locate by Motovil. From the cutting of the tassel or spokes of plastic, or any other suitable rod will need to make a whip. After that, in the handle from the traffic jam, you should make a hole where you need to insert a stalk or put it on the glue, so that it was fairly more reliable.

There are 2 options for attachment to traffic jam:

  • from the side of the cylinder;
  • In the end of the cylinder.

If the fastening of the whops is carried out still on the side, then in this case the winding and reset forest will be somewhat more convenient. Now it remains to build awesome. It is created from the spring and a piece of plastic with the help of their fixing by the cambricks of various diameters. Now winding the fishing line with the clogging of the Mormushka should be carried out. Motovilo is made personally or applied ready.

By the way, sometimes a similar fishing rod is equipped with a simple and maximally non-heavy inertial coil, which can perform the function of the handle in return.


To create this model of the winter rod, it will be necessary:

  • A pair of wooden strokes;
  • glue;
  • Coils for threads made of wood;
  • bung;
  • Caps equipped with threads that can be removed from the conventional ball-type handle.

The workpiece here will be made from one of the harvested bars. It requires to place future roundings, squeezes, as well as axes for mounting a hlystics holder and reel. On one of the paversing ends, a hole of a 10 mm depth of 6 mm diameter should be done. There will then be inserted a whip holder. This hole should be continued, but driving it to the end with a 4 mm drill. A whip is removed into it when such a fishing rod will be in a marching position.

Now, with the help of a knife, you should give a bar the required shape and clean the irregularities of the skin. When the base is done, you can start to put spare parts of our winter fishing rod. First, you will need to create a reservoir that will simultaneously perform and reference function. For this, the coil from the threads, which should have a 30-millimeter diameter of the spool cheeks, should be cut in half using the jigsaw, after which the sawing location is cleaned with the skin and lubricate with adhesive composition.

It is also required to be applied to the handle of the device, after which it is necessary to glue the halves of the coil and attach them to screws through holes to increase strength. Hats bolts should not just fall into the holes. Before screwing, they should also be lubricated by adhesive composition. . When he dries, the "mare" must be cleaned once again with the help of a skirt, after which it can be painted in a bright color or to treat the veil and impregnate with oil.

When the composition gets dry, it should be cut off with a sharp knife or a razor blade from the plug cut off a pair of pieces in the form of a 3 m millyter thickness and glue them to the upper part of the "Film" on the axes similar to those who were glued to the coils. These discs will be required for attachment to a similar rod of Mormushka or hook. On this "FILE" can be finished.

From wood

Fishing device can be constructed from wood for balance. Moreover, it is possible to complicate a little construct to get a telescopic model. This will require a wooden tube. But it needs to be inspired.

Algorithm actions.

  • Crumble on small pieces of wine cork.
  • Tube made of wood to wash with adhesive composition, skipping only the area where the coil will be located.
  • Rolling it on the crumb and wait, when everything dries, after which it will repeat this action again.
  • When the required thickness is achieved, the product should be processed with skins having different graininess.
  • Then it is required to install the coil on it. To do this, attach the coil holder to the handle. You can apply a few clamps, between which you clamp your paws. In addition, it is possible to climb a polenta.
  • Now we do and mount the hlystics. To do this, on the last section, the fishing rod is done by a hole where the whip is installed and secured. Note that its length should be about 70 centimeters.
  • To the whip should be fixed at least 3 rings of the bandwidth. It is best to do with the use of adhesive composition, threads and fishing varnish.
  • At the last stage, it will only take to strengthen the nodes, although many fishermen misses this stage.

How to make components?

Consider as if you do some components and spare parts for winter fishing rods that may be needed in a particular situation. First we will look at the holder or legs for such a device. It should be said that when equipped with a float, the fishing rod can be simply placed on the ice near the wells. But for civot variants, the hlystics are placed directly above the hole so that the position of the wagon is correct. For convenience, similar devices and equipped with a holder or legs.

Make this spare part can be made of submitted materials. The simplest thing is to store it from the wire or conspicuous on the whip of the simplest clothespin, which is used for hanging the linen. Another element that can be done independently, or rather a little upgrade - float. These fixtures for winter fishing have certain features that need to be taken into account. Cut this element is very easy of high density foam with a regular knife. But it should be well visible under water.

Its upper part should be made as bright as possible so that it is really noticeable.

Another device is a self-breed. The essence of this element is that it automatically triggers the most insignificant Klevel and is an assistant fisherman, especially in winter. It will be relevant when the fisherman moved to get to warm up, and follow the fishing rod, all the time. Constructs of this element There are several, but we will look at the simplest options. The first is made from plywood, which will be the basis of the whole design. Here we need to have at hand:

  • a piece of plywood 2 centimeter thick and 300 sizes per 100 millimeters;
  • Forest, float, reel, hook, which is equipped with a ship;
  • brackets for fixing the lever;
  • wire is thorough to create levers;
  • Spring.

Now you need to spread on the board the plan of the whole design. On one tip, I should mount the brackets, thanks to which the lever will be attached. It must be made of thick wire. It is necessary to screw the spring on it, then attach the lever with it on the Faneru. From thick wires should be made of a bracket of a shut-off type, which should be fixed in another part of the lever.

At the top of the bracket of the shut-off type, you need to attach a gum. If necessary, it can even be labeled with a tape. Now it is necessary to secure the coil to a wooden basis, as well as the hook of the suspended type. After winding the fishing line, it is necessary to skip it through the suspension and on top of the tip, made of rubber, which is equipped with the aforementioned bracket of the shut-off type. Now it remains only to adjust the stretch and spring lever.

Another option of such an element has a principle similar to the operation of a mousetrap. Let's wonder it. In this case, first at the back of the plywood should be cut a small hole. This is required to attach the design to ice. In the hole we score a peg having a pointed end. It will give confidence that the big fish will not take the fishing rod. A slightly retreating from the hole, the spring with a rod should be attached to the board, similar to the counterparts, which are installed in mousetrap.

On the long tip of the spring you need to install a locking element that can be cut in advance from rubber. This element of fixation should cover the tip of the fishing line. To the front of the plywood, you must attach a descent hook made of wooden plate. In its upper part, a small hole should be done, which will allow you to insert the tip of the spring rod there.

About how to make a winter fishing rod with your own hands, look in the following video.

Winter fishing - rest, popular with a huge number of people. Despite the harsh weather and the minus temperature, the real fisherman is not able to stop at home - you always want to go to the lake and try to catch anything. And winter fishing is good because it provides for a much smaller number of gear and accessories. Forget about long rods, submers and other accessories. Compact, comfortable smaller - this is the main tool of the fisherman-wintering! It is for this reason that the question "How to make a winter fishing rod with your own hands?" Worried now a large number of fishermen.

How to make winter fishing rod with your own hands?

Winter fishing rod do it yourself

In fact, this procedure is not so complicated. Before the start of manufacture, it is necessary to decide in advance for what purposes we will serve as a fishing rod and what fish we will catch with it. For the felt of the roach and perch of the mold, you need a lightweight and compact smudicial, catching pike and pike perch involves the use of more powerful gears based on these circumstances, the fisherman proceeds to the manufacture of fishing rods.

· As a handle, it is best to use a plug or foam. This dense and very warm material is perfectly processed and perfectly transfers the minus temperature, not imposing in the cold.

· Chlystik is the most important part of the fishing rod. It is better to make it better from the old vertices from the fishing rods or from the quivertip for feeder fishing. Such tips are obtained very soft and amazingly durable.

How to make winter fishing rod with your own hands?

· Despite the fact that many fishermen for storing the fishing line are used by the reel, the optimal solution will be the use of the coil. For fishing on Mermyshka, it should be used a miniature conducting coil, and to glitter, the preference should be given to compact rackless coils or multipliers. With their help, fisherman gets the opportunity to cope even with a large fish using the friction brake.

· An important element of tackle - nod. You can find a large number of nodes for winter fishing, and you can make it yourself. To catch on Mermatki, the nickname from Cabania of the bristles or Lavsana will be a great solution, for glittering, preference should be given to the metal plates with a springs.


Bought a fishing rod, and after some time I stopped answering your requirements? Do you want to modify something in it? Or did you decide to create your own fishing tackle? We offer you advice of experienced fishermen, who can be considered in this matter by real professionals.

Okun on Morrowchat

How to make a winter fishing rod with your own hands at home

Making gear for fishing in the winter can be independently without any problems. The main thing is to listen to the opinions of experienced fishermen. Today we will tell you how and from what the two most popular types of winter fishing rods are manufactured:

  • for mammashchka;
  • For glittering.

Before you start, let's figure it out in theory - we learn from what, both fishing rods consist of. And only then listen to the opinions of experts in this matter.

What is the winter fishing rod

Both options, fishing rod for fishing and fishing rod for fishing on bulk bait, in something similar, but at the same time there are small differences between them.

Winter fishing rod for fishing on Mermyshka most often consists of the following components: a coil or reel (both options serve as a handle), sixth and turbine. Additions are possible, but the classic version is such.

Winter fishing rod BalalaikaAn example of a classic winter balalaika fishing rod.

Winter fishing rod for fishing on bulk bait is equipped with different "ingredients", the set of which depends on the method of catching: fishing on the lungs or on heavy bait.

In the first case, the fishing rod consists of a kid, which performs the role of handles, coils, chuck and noddes. Moreover, if you use flexible whip - nods can not be used.

Winter fishing rodAn example of a classic winter fishing rod, fuels.

In the second case, when you went fishing with heavy baits, you will need a serious, durable tackle, which, with animation, presents higher requirements for strength and rigidity, rather than the tackle for fishing on the merch. Such rods are completed with a short form, with several bandwidth rings, including tulip, handle on which or an idle or multiplier coil is attached.

Perch on the winter fishing rod with the coilAn example of winter fishing rods with an inertial coil.

Tips Masters

So, we briefly learned from what two variants of fishing rods in averaged configuration consist. Now let's talk with the specialists who independently made more than a dozen winter fishing rods, both for fishing on the moron, and for britality.

Nikita Dupin, CCM for fishing sports (NDUP): - Good day dear friends, today I will tell you how to make a couple of types of fishing rods. The simplest and very effective fishing rod, which can be done in a short period of time with your own hands is the so-called rod of Shcherbakov. It is done very simple! After the New Year's table, a stopper from wine or champagne remains (from cork material, not plastic!), Gently, we carefully do the place under the fishing line and glue the sixth on super glue. The main thing is that the sixk is amortized, and when biting a fishing line from the tube began to boil, ie some analog of fr tar.

Winter fishing rodHomemade fishing rod.

Plus such a fishing rod is simplicity of manufacture, and it does not occupy a lot of space. Another plus is a small weight of this design. The minus lies in the fact that the fishing line is wound with his hands, there are no bumps of this fishing rod ...

Another simple and convenient fishing rod is a mare. It can be caught not only using the mudtim, but also on the gloss.

Winter fishing rod out of foamSelf-made fishing rod out of foam.

It is also done too, we take a piece of foam or cork material, we calculate the place under the fishing line. Drills a hole in which we insert a sixth of about 20-30 cm and everything. The fishing line on such a design is also wounded with hands, no spool.

You can also watch the video where I modified the nod for the winter fishing rods with your own hands.

Igor. Experienced fisherman ( IVH): "Each fisherman, whether it is a beginner, or experienced, no matter, over time, after a hike, a certain amount of baits accumulates - glitters, balancing and many other fishing good. It's no secret that a huge number of winter fishing lovers hunt it to predatory fish - perch, pike perch, pike, pike. But the baits are of course under each predator - differ in size, weighing and other parameters.

Bait for winter fishing

How to adapt under these different bait? Someone catches purposefully perch, and someone likes the winter fishing rods for a balancer. That is, you will have to have a whole bundle in the drawer with a variety of glitters with different degrees of rigidity and long busties? And if in this place all these types of fish are present?

As an option, you can do the shopping glignies, which is now the assortment is now providing, but in my opinion it is better to do with your own hands - no! It corresponds to all the necessary fisherman parameters - weight, length, stiffness of a whip or vice versa softness. Here everyone chooses in itself. In the shopful rims these parameters may not coincide. Therefore, at one time, he was also puzzled by this issue - the fact that the stores were offered, did not suit my conditions for fishing. Just did not go in hand - but feel discomfort during fishing, I did not want. After all the pondays, I came to an unequivocal decision - it's time to make the manufacture of fishing rods under your requests.

After many years of experience manufacturing such gears, I can say that options are a premise set. However, they all differ only to nuances.

In general, there are two types of kidnikov - with a coil and without a coil. The second option is the simplest - a variety of fuels, pistols and any shape of a lightweight handle, for example, from foamed PVC. For example, I did from foam, pine bark and other unusual materials. Such affinities are the lighter and weightless. But one inconvenience of such fishing rods - there is a fishing line to get out with your hands. When moving from the well to the well, all this is confused ... We spend time on unwinding, nervous ... Is it necessary on fishing?

Homemade Fakes

That is why the fishing rod with the coil considers the most optimal option for the winter glittering perch. The fishing line for winter fishing quickly bursts and sweat. Homemade smaller with a coil can be made from anything. But the best option, I think the cork handle from the old spinning with the coil holder. It is simply cut under the desired length and shuffles from the end.

The whips can be replaced under their conditions catching, for all cases and any fish. From the most powerful to delicate, for example, to perch. Pike and pike perch are best suited fiberglass from old telescopic rods. Modern shopping whips, in my opinion, are soft. Crawly can be used on the perch. Do the fishing rod on Sudak? Uglylastik not advise. A couple of whips broke and abandoned this material.

Another embodiment can be made from an ordinary balalaika, replacing a standard vinyl whip on a flexible carbonistic, and put on the end of the ring from spinning. Nodes are not needed here - the tackle is so delicate that the bite even a small perch will be visible. In the photo, my standard set of homemade glitters. I made a long time and still use. The hand is perfect, the weight is small, the hand does not get tired, the bait is animated without problems. Such homemade fishing rods, again, in my opinion, very sensitive. Each knock on underwater snags or stones is transmitted to hand.

Winter Fishing

Whips are easily changed. You can find it, so insert inside.

And at the end, I will open a little secret - to know the depth in each well, it is not necessary to use a depth size or echo sounder - the risks of a permanent black marker are made on each meter on the line of each meter - you wish the fishing line and see how many meters under ice.

Sergey Dmitriev ( Buterat): - I came to this question in the same way as well as all the rest of the homemade - in the evening before fishing, on which I had to catch the perch on the light glitus (a new way for me), I studied the match on YouTube and came across a video about the fonducting fishing rod. Naturally, I had a desire to do it on my own. And immediately! By the time, all stores were closed, so I had to do so that it was available. The benefit that the details of such a fishing rod turned out to be not so much: the coil for winding the fishing line and hollow whip. It is this "recipe" I want to describe you.

Winter fishing rod Balalaika

In his fishing cabinet, a foam low balalaika was laid - it will be warm, conveniently and quickly change the length of the fishing line, since I love running for active fish, and not sit in one place, and a small weight is one of the most important parameters of the filach fishing rod. The question with hollow huckster also decided quickly - the float fishing rod, thin and flexible.

From the balalaika, we remove the native whip and drill a hole in the case so that the fishing line for a new hollow whip goes to the coil without beggars in a straight line - so the fishing line will be less injured about the edge of the case or chuck. In addition, so the fishing rod is more convenient in hand, a la pistol handle.

Insert the whip into the body of the coil on the glue, I used the "moment of crystal" - it is transparent and sets out not instantly, which allows you to set a whip of smoothly without deviations. After setting the glue, I advise you to treat the end of the whip inside the round Nadfil - it will slide his sharp edges slightly and prevent you from the cutting of the fishing line and loss of beloved brilliance.

The last thing I did is put on the tip of the fishing rod of the segment of a bright heat shrinkage, as carbon fibrous and can burst, and the tube will prevent from it.

That's all, it remains to wind the fishing line, cook the lore for winter fishing, to be melted for the roach, for example, and into battle.

Such a fishing rod is easy to manufacture, has a small weight and very sensitive - you do not miss any, even the smallest change in the game of your microblesen, and there is nothing to say about bite.

By the way, after fishing with such brillons, I came to the Beckel Flying Fishing in Racing Fishing, but this is another story ...

Alexander (SKAZ): - You know, I pretty quickly came to the conclusion that the amusements make it no sense. But remake or fit - much easier for both labor costs and time. My personally, my opinion is that for people who are engaged in professionally, it is possible and makes sense to do all this, to develop from scratch, invent, to achieve some particular characteristics from the gentlemanufactured by them. But for the total mass of fishermen - there is no point in that. But again, it is my opinion that concerns most of the kidniks for vertical shutter shine. By the way, in my opinion, the most successful smaller for glitter on the perch is "Peter", which is made in the form of a pistol handle. If you describe my refinement, it is maximum simple. First you choose the most lightly smooth as weight. Watch from what a whip and what it, or change it, or shortening, depending on the requirements for stiffness. Mount the tulip, a pair of leaving rings. And you have a cheap and reliable tool for winter fishing.

Video: We make a simple winter fishing rod with your own hands

We offer you one of the above options for the manufacture of winter fishing rods with your own hands. We will make it from the usual tube from under champagne.

But the option, how to make a fondant fishing rod.

From the usual balalaika, you can make the most convenient and comfortable tackle, to fish of which is a pleasure. The other day, we took the next series of our video, in which Alexander Gray (CCM for fishing sports), shared his secrets on the refinement of Balalak.

Friends, we hope that our users advice will help you not only in refinement, but also in creating from scratch your first winter fishing rods. If you have your own "cooking recipes", then boldly share them in the comments.

# Homemade

A modern range of fishing gear allows you to choose the appropriate version of the winter fishing rods based on its size and cost.

Manufactured models of this product are characterized by a high price. Their structure uses strong materials that make a fishing rod hardy and reliable during operation.

Make this device can be independently. Production of homemade winter fishing rods with their own hands requires some time and patience.

Varieties of models

Products made at home for fishing in the winter period of time are divided into several types. They differ among themselves in size and method of catching.

In turn, they are divided into:

  • Treated;
  • Active grazing catch.

For lovers of treated fishing, the optimal variant will be float patterns of fishing rods. They allow you to catch a white fish and deep-water perch. The construction is based on the use of ordinary hooks and additional loads.

If the catch is produced on an unstable ice coating, then a small coil with additional gearboxes use for full configuration. There is an additional stock fishing fishing racks and replacement hooks.

For fishermen preferring active Klevel, it is recommended to choose products with a thin nod. For this product, we use lightweight types of materials that provide regular stripping and movement of fishing rods in the process of catching.

These manipulations allow you to lure large prey and deep-water inhabitants.

Materials for creating a fishing accessory

How to make winter fishing rod with your own hands? To create fishing equipment, use a long or short handle and whip. These details can be made from various materials. What can make a whip?

This element is the most responsible part in the structure of the fishing rod. It allows you to adjust the frequency of eyeliner and the sheets. In the process of manufacture, it is necessary to take into account its length and rigidity.

Experienced fishermen prefer to use polypropylene or polystyrene to create this part. The main advantage of these materials is their ability to deform

For the manufacture of chuck, you can use ordinary fiberglass. It is used to create a fishing rod for treated catch.

If fishing is planned for a predator, the optimal option will be the use of carbon fiber. This material is not deformed and disappears when the fishing line is tensioning.

Materials for creating handles

In the process of manufacturing fishing tool, it is recommended to take into account convenience and comfort during the operation of the finished product. It is not recommended to do the base of the fishing rod dense and hard.

Experienced fishermen prefers to make a handle from wood. This material is nice to keep the palm. In addition to wood, you can use a dense polystyrene or cork oak.

Fishing Fishing

How to make winter fishing rod with your own hands at home? First of all, it is necessary to decide on the design device.

We bring to your attention a master class to create an inspection. For this we need:

  • Cork from under champagne;
  • Plastic rod;
  • Nod;
  • Long fishing line;
  • Insulating tape.

Creating a winter fishing rod runs several stages:

Getting to make the handle. To do this, process a cork from champagne with the help of sandpaper. It will help to give the desired form for the future foundation. In the future, this item can be used as a coil on which the fishing line will be wound.

We make through hole. Its dimensions depends on the thickness of the whip. As a whistle, we will use a plastic rod;

Now to this detail mounted nod. So that all the details were firmly fixed, it is recommended to use several layers of tape.

After that, tighten the operation of fishing equipment. To do this, we wear a long fishing line and tie the chopper or another type of bait.

The average weight of the finished product will be not more than 25 g. In the photo of the winter fishing rod, the finished model of the product is presented with their own hands.

Electronic Fishing

This model is equipped with an additional electronic mechanism that allows you to establish an exact number of bumps and make timely tight. The device and design use the built-in coil and the pressure nut.

To create an e-winter fishing rod, you must prepare the appropriate tools and equipment:

  • Electrical mechanism from an old toothbrush;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Champagne plug;
  • Long plastic rod;
  • A piece of fishing line;
  • Plastic coil;
  • Nod.

Special attention should be paid to the rotating mechanism, which will provide fast pinch. Prior to that, you can use an old toothbrush on the electric drive.

Kivok can be made of viniplast. This material is presented at any fishing store. The coil with a fishing line is fixed on a plastic rod. To the cork handle secure electromechanism from a toothbrush, plastic rod and coil with a fishing line.

We test our invention in shallow tank with water. At the opposite end of the fishing line tie the hooks. Gently immerse them into the water and turn on the engine mechanism.

In the process of work, it makes up long sound vibrations. When immersed in a hole, the device produces a short sound wave, which britches deep-water predators.

Photo winter fishing rods do it yourself

Fishing rod for winter fishingWhy make a fishing rod with your own hands, because now a very large selection of such goods in retail stores, on the market and on specialized Internet sites. The answer is simple - fishing lovers are so passionate about their hobbies that even fishing gear do themselves. After all, this occupation is as pleasant for them as the process of fishing.

Homemade fishing rods and their advantages

Homemade fishing rodings for winter fishing Not at all inferior to the purchase. Another argument in favor of such equipment is that it is not always possible to purchase exactly such a rod that I would like: there is no financial opportunity, there are no shops nearby if you are far from the city. But the bait of his dreams can be made independently.

Causes can be different, and the principle of making gear for ice fishing is the same. Make a fishing rod for winter fishing with your own hands. Knowing the design and the necessary elements for fishing, many fishermen are improvised and produced it from well-made materials. But those who doubt their strength will use detailed recommendations, how to make a winter fishing rod.

Knowing fishermen allocate three main types of winter fishing:

  • Mormshing.
  • Glittering.
  • Fishing on a balancer.
  • Fishing on a pedestal or gallicle.

Creating fishing rods for mammashchka

Pluses of homemade fishing rodMormshing is One of the most difficult types of fishing. After all, fisherman requires a concentration of attention, permanent movements of the rod and the dexterity of hands, so as not to get confused in the fishing line. The valuable advice is that for the carrot you need to take a thin line. This will allow the bait to play, attracting the attention of fish. Winter fishing rod for mammashchka should be easy, because it is constantly necessary to hold in his hands. The handle is most often made of foam. This allows you to warm the rod so that the hands of the angler do not frills too much.

Balalaika, or Fish Borisyach

The most popular view of the fishing rods with momens is The so-called Balalaika Due to its miniature and ease. The rod arm is presented in the form of a closed coil with a fishing line, so the coil here performs two functions at once - it is a handle of the fishing rod, for which the fisherman holds it, and actually the coil to wind the fishing line.

Just this type of the famous winter fishing rod, made by her hands Mastery of Fishing Merzyskaya Igor Borisovich Grabenko from Pskov. In fishing circles, he is known under the name "Borisich". It is the owner of the first discharge in fishing sports, a member and a medalist of a multitude of competition for Mermatki.

An experienced fisherman is glad to share their experience with their colleagues, gives advice on fishing and making cast mormysk, wobbler, fishing rods. So that the fishing rod was very sensitive, and the Mormashka made hesitations attracting fish to bite, whip of the winter fishing rod "Borisyach" is made of a clock spring. Winter fishing rod with his own hands from Borisovich sometimes meets even in online stores.

Manufacturing at home

For the manufacture of Mormushka fishing rods:

  • Fishing MormushkaA piece of foam of the cylindrical shape, float from networks, polystyrene foam or wooden bar.
  • Replaceable peak for the feeder, the last knee of the old fishing rod.
  • Purchased ready mechanical coil or reel made manually.
  • Strip of film from X-ray, spring wire or cambrick.

This model is easy to manufacture. It is necessary to fasten the reel for winding the fishing line on the handle. Motovilo can be made from a piece of plywood cut in the form of a bracket with two branches. You can use the finished coil to wind the fishing line. If you take a closed-type coil, then it can be used as a substitute for the rod handle itself.

In the handle stick to the long needle or the last knee from the rod, thereby getting a row of the future Mormushka. On the tip of the rod, the Cambrick or a narrow strip from the film is attached - thus the fishing rod gets the missing part: whip. It will remain to supply the fishing rod in the form of a mammy of the desired size and go fishing.

For the manufacture of a more complex model of Mormushka The next minimum of tools and materials will be required:

  • Foam or wooden blank.
  • A knitting needles from an umbrella or a similar durable rod (a tin rod can be cut out of a knee of an old telescopic fishing rod).
  • Winter fishing rod out of foamNichrome wire.
  • Two Cambridges or Wire Winding.
  • File.
  • Scissors for metal.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Super glue.
  • Threads.
  • X-ray film.
  • Needle or awl.

The first stage is the manufacture of handle rods. It can be made of dense foam or similar material, covered it in a cylindrical shape for convenience. The billet size is 4 cm in length and 3.5 cm in diameter is quite enough. You can use a tree for the manufacture of the rod handle, but it will be more complicated to work with it. In the cylindrical billet using a file, a 2.5mm groove groove is made for a fishing line. Entry paper must be smoothed the top edge of the cutline so that the fishing line in the fishing process is not clinging for it.

Then you need to make a whistle . To do this, you can use any durable material in the form of a long plank. It is possible to cut the desired part from the canvas of an old telescopic rod or any thin metal with the help of metal scissors. The whip looks like a strip, about 4-5 mm wide and a length of 25-30 cm. It is necessary to process the edges of the cut metal sandpaper. Chlystik should not be done long, since the hand of angler is always low from the well.

Puting a cylindrical harvesting of the handle on a flat end, stick the foam with a whip so that it was parallel to the table. One tip of chuck should be completely recessed in a foam handle.

Winter fishing rod with coilMake a tulip - the so-called bandwidth for a fishing line at the end of a rider. For this, nichrome or any other wire turn on the rod from the gel handle. The remaining ends of the wire are twisted with each other. To secure the tulip, attach it to the end of the whistle, smearing it in advance with glue, and wrap the usual thread several times.

Then you need to make nod . The best nodes are made of boar's bristles. But for a homemade fishing rod, a narrow strip from an old x-ray or nipple rubber 4-5 centimeters is suitable for a width. At the end, this strip must have roundness, a little larger than the width of the strip. In this area, with a hot needle, a hole is made for the fishing line, after which the edges of the burning are equal to the emery paper. Kivok for catching bream and roach better use long and elastic, for catching perch - soft and short. Kivok signals about bippy. It is his movements that Morrowcke play - move in water, attracting fish.

Two cambridges or winding from the wire are very tight on the whip. Cambridges are evenly distributed along the length of the whistle, the nodes are doing through them. This will allow to regulate the length of the navigation depending on the terms of fishing. The edge of the nod to the extreme cambrick should be pulled out on a half-meter and bend it up. Declaring these two surfaces, you need to glue them.

It remains only to wind the long fishing line on the handle in the area of ​​the propylene groove, to turn the fishing line through the hole in the whip and through the tulip and fasten the bait on the end of the fishing line.

Homemade fishing rod

When choosing brilliants For successful fishing, it is necessary to navigate not only on the size of the fish, but also on the specifics of the reservoir: the presence of a flow, depth. The larger the size of the fish that the fisherman plans is, the greater the size should be glit. The deeper the reservoir and faster the current - the more massive should be equipped. At the same time, the color of the color of the brilliance and imitation of the movement of fish bait is important. It is noted that the best metal color options for glitters are a combination of golden overflow with silver, as well as striped brilliages. Again, the choice of gear depends on the set of factors: the flow, depth, type and size of the fishing fish.

Fishing rod for brilliantsA fishing rod for fishing on gloss is made similarly to Mermyshk. With one difference: as larger fish will have to learn, the fishing rod should be more durable. Therefore, as a rod, a tree or a hollow plastic tube is most often used. In order for the hands not frills, the handle is recommended from the outside to shock the foam, crumbling of wine plugs or synthetic isolan, the non-ruffled side.

An important component of the fishing rods is High-quality coil . You can use the idleness, but it is better to give preference to inertial models. After all, sometimes the catch may be a solid size, and the fishing line needs to quickly rush to great depths, after which it is easy to blame her and learn fish. The coil manually does not work, so the coil bought in the store is attached to the rod (plastic inertial, multiplier, "meat grinder" with a small spool). Fastening places are wrapped with a tape to prevent the hand contact with the metal.

A wine plug is inserted into the ends of the handle to fasten the whip. A hole is done and a whip is inserted, about 60-70 cm long.

Over the entire length, the rings for skipping a fishing line are uniformly distributed, one of them is set at the end of the fishing rod. Rings are attached with super glue and wrapped with threads. The rings should be at least 4.

Fishing on the gloss - most often a bell-free way. But if the fish pecks sluggish or carefully, when using light bait when glittering, nod can also be used in the rod design.

Features of catching balance

Balancir fishingYou can make a fishing rod for balancing . Such a fishing rod differs from the fishing rod with the milkman, the fact that it is more dimensional and has a longer rod-handle. The fishing rod has a reliable coil and more rigid whip. Balancer is a bait in the form of a small fish, in which hooks are installed in the head and tail area, in the area of ​​the tail part - the stabilizer. The trajectory of bait depends on the work of the stabilizer during its movement. It is he who imitates the movements of live fish to lure the predatory residents of water bodies. Pikes, pikes and other large fish are becoming the main mining in fishing on the balance sheet.

Let's stand and draw your own hands

For fishing on predatory fish, it is also good to use the tricks or anger. Such a tackle is two types:

  • The pedestal is under the ice and to check the catch it is necessary to periodically remove from the well.
  • Gerlitsa: The design is equipped with a flag located on ice. In this case, it is possible to understand that the fish can be kept on the movement of the signaling device.

One of the options is a self-seater . It is a plate or plywood, which is located on ice near the well. The samopodentist responds to the slightest fish bumps that can not notice the fisherman.

On Phaneur, a board or a piece of chipboard with parties 10 by 25 cm on one side, brackets for fastening the lever are attached. The lever is a thick wire, which, the coil to the turn, is winding a thin wire to create a spring. Fat wire bends in the form of a lever and is attached to a wooden base.

Homemade fishing rodings for winter fishingFrom thick wire, a locking bracket is made and fastened in the opposite, front of the base. At the end of this bracket, an elastic band is fixed, for clarity, fixing colored tape. A coil with a fishing line next to the lever-spring is mounted. The center is screwed down the chandelier holder or just a hook with a rounded head. The fishing line from the coil is passed through the suspension for the chandelier and on top of the shut-off bracket. At the end of the fishing line the bait is adjusted.

The variety of models of winter rods and methods of their manufacture allows each fishing lover to choose the best option for yourself. . For the manufacture of fishing gear You can use both the experience of your comrades and information from the Internet. The manifold of thematic groups, sites, videos from lovers and masters - the choice is truly huge. Being fishermen can share their secrets and accused of experience, which will continue to make homemade winter fishing rodings at home even beginners.


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