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A good photo of the priests will not hurt in any respect, and if in the dociferous era it would have to be strongly freeze, then with a smartphone is a task for five minutes. How to photograph the ass

Find under any corners Your priest looks interesting. You can be inspired by the pictures that Google gives out the Belfie on request. Do not thank.

Think about the light: Yellow lighting of a boring apartment is unlikely to present your ass in good light. However, a good camera on iPhone and filters can sometimes correct the situation.

The shoot place: Well, of course, if you are on a tropical beach, but if not, the bed is suitable, with the easiest white bed linen.

Actually, Shooting technique:

- The simplest thing is to turn back and take a picture of the ass in the Big Mirror. Here and the angle is successful, and documentary accuracy is observed.

- The same turn, only lying. Here, too, you need a large mirror.

- Classic method "Lying on the stomach taking pictures by the shoulder."

- With the help of selfie sticks, you can reach interesting corners.

- No one forbids you fix the phone somehow and put the shooting delay.

- Borrow from someone's GO-PRO (for example, the guy himself) - through the app you can see what is in the frame. That is, go about photographs your ass, and you aim through your smartphone, as you like.

- Ask the guy itself to make this photo. A wonderful joint project can be obtained.

- Please send photos of pop decent people who you trust, so that then she did not turn out to be where you do not expect it.

How to Take a Picture of the Ass

How to Take a Picture of the Ass?

A Good Photo of the Priests Will Not Interfere in Any Relationship, and if in the pre-de-digital Era We Would Have to Be Very Confused, Then with a smartphone it is a task for five minutes.

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The girl from Instagram showed how to get up properly to seem slimmer in the photo

Why do people instagram? To share your photos, naturally. But who needs ordinary unremarkable pictures that are forgotten after a few seconds after watching? Therefore, people, but most often there are plenty of women, make it possible that their pictures cause delight, forced people to put likes and write enthusiastic reviews about their appearance. That is why it is not clear what pictures from Instagram are real, and which is just a mix from the correct posture, photoshop and filters. Blogger from Instagram named Kathenok tells in his profile, as needed to get up correctly to seem slimmer in the photo or create an illusion of big priests. We look and remember! Or do not remember, but still look.

How to make the ass more in the photo

  • The camera at the waist level
  • Rakurs - your all. Perfect in the photo on the right. Back to the camera, but the head looks over his shoulder

Deposit Poks

  • Relax, do not squeeze the buttocks
  • Make a visual effect (shorts or suitable leggings)
  • Retain one leg forward or back, usually helps

How to pose on vacation

During the holiday, we begin to absorb all the food, which we see, without thinking about the consequences. Therefore, it is better in these pictures and not to show the stomach. "Likes will gain your Popette more, and if it is flat, it can be hoping and getting a back. Lyfhak at all times! ", - writes Catherine in his instagram

How to get slightly in the photos

  • Place your hands so that they are not pressed to the body.
  • Hands in Boki!

We make broken lines, so the figure looks not only thin, but also more spectacular.

How to get a flat belly in the photo

  • Turn the semi-bok, booty to the camera, and not the opposite
  • If turning sideways, you still have a Mammoth's belly, then try to play with your hands, cover a piece of belly as on the second photo
  • Banal - Tighten the stomach (develop the internal muscles of the bark and make a vacuum)
  • Check the lower back and pull up - it will make you loud
  • Do not forget about the angle, the straight camera is fat, the camera at the bottom of the bottom is Hoodit!

How to look slimmer in a swimsuit

Not always put leg forward to you, it is important to put it right:

  • The foot should not stand straight to the camera
  • Expand the leg diagonally
  • If you want a more elegant figure with beautiful bends in the photo, then learn slightly back and turn the lower back

How to make breasts more in the photo

  • We put on the bra with puff
  • Straight straps, our task is to make it noticeable at all
  • Most bolds can add sculptor and highlight
  • Hands closer to the body to "collect" breasts

Well, finally, reality against instagram

Katya herself is not against laugh at himself and show himself as it is. And you do not forget about it.

Hello, hello, my good! Your Alice is again with you. Today we will talk about photos. But not about the face and profile, a languid look and an inflated sponge. I want to touch on the topic of erotic photos of the priests.

Girls! I pumped up the ass with this simulator! This is the first thing that really helped me! I'm shocked! ;) Here is here more -

Read Details >>

It is enough to walk through the pages of girls in social networks, as it becomes clear that many love to post their candid pictures on everyone. But far from all photos cause delight.

How to pose?

Let's start with the fact that the photo shoot you need to prepare well, and not a photo of your fifth point simply at the behest of the heart. To make the ass wondered, it is worth paying attention to your body:

Visit the solarium. A light tan disguises skin irregularities and visually make buttocks more seductive. I doubt that someone is impressed by a blue poppy with pyroids.

Remove vegetation. Yes, yes, everywhere. Smooth legs and well-groomed bikini zone will help to feel sick and not worry that increased hair will spoil all the impression of the frame.

We heal all acne and bruises on the buttocks. Well, I think it is not necessary to explain, although I was able to see a snapshot, where the model decided not to pay attention to such trifles.

Now pay attention to the background . After all, except for priests in the picture will be seen everything that is going on behind the back, or rather in the face.

No rugs with swans in the background. It is better if it is a monophonic light wall without abundance of paintings and photographs of your favorite cats.

Beautiful bed linen or carpet . If you plan to capture yourself on the floor or in a seductive pose on the bed, then let them be clean.

Order in everything. My lovely, before making erotic pictures, look around. There is nothing funnier than a luxurious passionate lady against the background of the hanging bras, garbage chips or sticking feet of sleeping grandfather.

The same applies to if someone will take pictures. Do not do it in front of the mirror or on the background of the window at night. Otherwise, at the ready picture you will be in the company.

Important! Never take pictures on which the face and intimate parts of the body are visible at the same time, if you are going to lay out photos in social networks. Beware of fraudsters.

What kind of clothes choose?

Now it remains to choose what to unfold. You can, of course, stay in Eva costume, but still an erotic picture implies to leave a place to fly a fantasy. And what is to fantasize when everything is so beautiful. So what can be put on:

  1. Of course beautiful underwear. It's time to get a shed, corsage or peignoir from the covers.
  2. Panties. Suitable any style that looks like on the pope: thongs, shorts, tango. The same applies to color. On tanned leather, white color looks great. Of course, the pants with elephants a la pantalon should be avoided.
  3. The perfect option is a male shirt on a naked body or a light translucent halastic.
  4. Heels. There is nothing erotic than a semi-nailed girl in the straile shoes. In addition, heels lengthens and slightly slightly, and slightly lifts the buttocks.
  5. You can wrap in fur or just in a sheet. Single secular lioness or forest nymph is a rather attractive image with the corresponding setting.

If the photo did not really work out, you can get acquainted with the photoshop tricks, in a separate article!

Very sexy looks for removal of clothing. So ordinary jeans or leggings are also perfect for a good picture.

Successful postures for photo shoot

What post to take the frame to succeed? Show fantasy, practice in advance, in which posture you will look especially appetizing.

Important! No need to take photos, standing in front of a mirror with shorts to knees. This is not a drop of eroticism, but more looks at the medical examination.

If you shoot, how do you undress, then let it be flirtary peeking from under jeans the upper half of the buttocks. You can prefer such options:

  • Sweet stretch. If you are in a short shirt, it raises and the ass is very seductive;
  • Cross legs. So the buttocks will acquire more lush forms;
  • Lying on the stomach. It is a practically a win-win version, if you shoot yourself from above or slightly on the side;
  • Stand on your knees, slightly bend ahead and crawl seductively;
  • The same posture with the deflection can be beaten if you get up on all fours;
  • Run hair. If they are long, then close the back and focuses on the appetizing buttocks;
  • Stand on the background of the window in the street day. Sun rays, permeating clothes, show everything under it hidden;
  • Do not strain the buttocks, otherwise your ass will be very similar to the male.

Attention! By producing shooting, make sure the doors are closed and no one outsider will find you in a spicy moment.

Well, my good, I think there is something to think about. Of course, a beautiful erotic photo should be every girl, well, for raising self-esteem. Only here to throw it into the Internet, in my opinion, too much. This snapshot can send a loved one and that if you are confident in his decency. And it is better to invite him to participate in the photo shoot as a photographer and, I think it can end the romantic finale. All smack!

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Photo by Tony Lam Hoang on Unsplash
Photo by Tony Lam Hoang on Unsplash

This article presents advice on how profitable and correctly take a picture of the ass.

For 8 years in my art nu-project, about 70 models took part. When I first tried to take a picture of the ass, it turned out at all in any way, although the girl had a good ass. Even if the girl says that she has an ugly pop, using these tips, you can achieve stunning results. In general, never listen to the model on this topic - that it is good, and what is bad - evaluate yourself.
Ekay Panteleev The author of the photo project "Gykography"

Relax buttocks

Relax. Do not squeeze your buns, otherwise the ass will look ugly, like a male. And you need to keep femininity forward.

Experiment with light

If this is a photo for a guy, then create a small riddle in the photo. Fit light and experiment with location. Make a couple of trial pictures and choose a favorable position.

Photoproject "Gicography" Author EKEY PANTEREEV
Photoproject "Gicography" Author EKEY PANTEREEV

Stand on the tick

Did noting that in many photos or in erotic / pornographic films of the girl on heels? All the business is that the angle of lifting the thighs increases, and at the expense of this ass looks more lure and tastier.

Bending backs

If you drive your back, it will make your ass still a little round.

P.S. Standing, even greater jucia you can achieve, crossed legs.

Photoproject "Gicography" Author EKEY PANTEREEV
Photoproject "Gicography" Author EKEY PANTEREEV


You can! Lubricate a little buttock with oil. With the muted light, the glare will look natural, which will give more rounded forms of your pope.

Photoproject "Gicography" Author EKEY PANTEREEV
Photoproject "Gicography" Author EKEY PANTEREEV

Winning poses

A few more profitable poses to capture juicy buttocks

1. Lagged on the side and scrape legs. Stop on all fours and drive. But choose an angle so to show the photo exactly as much as it should be.

Experimental. Find your favorable poses and angles for the beautiful photo of your hips. Here everything is individually. Good luck;)

Prompt: Interesting light strips can turn out from blinds through which the sun shines. And the worst photos are obtained in the room in the evening, with a burning chandelier.

Where to photograph?

  • The bottom of the priests should be closer to the lens: the shooting from below will help make the waist already, the legs are longer, the ass is appetizing. You can not remove directly from the level of the priest, it is few to go.
  • Sometimes it is good to keep the camera closer, so that other parts of the body and personal belongings fall into the frame.
  • For more priests, the chamber should be below the level of the priest or, on the contrary, above, at the chest level. For example, during the holidays at the sea, ask a girlfriend to make such a photo: You stand sideways to sunset, and she shoots you lying on a sun bed.
  • Place the camera on the floor or on a chair in 1-1.5 m behind yourself. The chamber can also be placed so that it looks at the shadow side of the body and only the upper round of the priests covered.
  • Sample pose

    Take the simplest and most popular - Belphi with the phone in reflection in the mirror.

    • Get sideways to the mirror, check that in the background you are not annoying.
    • Stop legs close to the mirror, unfolding strongly: you will feel the tension in the muscle.
    • The second, long-legged foot by half the meter ago on the toes and raise it the same thigh up.
    • Do not forget to pull the tummy.
    • Remove the horizontal frame only priests, hips and waist.

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