How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB for data transmission and to access the Internet -

The smartphone and computer must be attached to each other for different reasons: This is required to transfer data from one device to another, to access the Internet or to use the phone as an external drive.

How to connect the phone to the PC via USB

  1. To connect an Android smartphone to a computer, you will need to take the USB-MicroUSB wire.
  2. This wire can be taken from your charger: Disconnect the power supply (Power Adapter) from the cable, then use this cable to connect to the PC.
  3. If you cannot disconnect the wire from the adapter, it means that the wire lies in the box from the phone.
  4. Look in advance: there is no visual damage on the cable, since the broken cable is unlikely to be able to connect your devices!

Broken cable when connected to a PC

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB for data transmission

  1. After you found a cable, insert a small output (microUSB) into your smartphone, and insert a USB output into a special connector on your PC.
  2. Open the Start menu, follow the computer.
  3. In the "Device Changers" section, you will have to have a new label with the name of your phone.

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB for data transmission

What if the phone does not connect?

In this case, there are several solution solutions. Try to solve each of them, probably one of them will accurately help!

Enable USB debugging
  1. In order to enable it, open the settings on the smartphone, go to the "About Device" section (may be called "about the phone" or any similar name).
  2. Locate the assembly number tab. Press it in it several times (usually 5-8) while you do not show the push notification that you have become a developer.

Enable USB debug on your phone

Now go back to the smartphone settings, where the new tab will appear. It can be called in different ways: developer parameters, developer menu, etc. etc., go to it, We find a USB debugging point And turn it on.

USB debugging on smartphone

It is worth trying to connect the smartphone to the PC again. A special menu entitled to appear on the smartphone screen. Use USB If this does not appear, then open the notification curtain, it must be there.

Use USB on smartphone

Most likely in this case, you will have the "Charging" function Switch it to the multimedia transmission function (MTP). What is the difference between the MTP mode from the image transmission mode (PTP), I think it is clear: the first can transmit any files, while the second photo only.

Look at the computer again: you have, with a huge share of probability, your phone should appear with which you can work.

How to connect a smartphone to a computer via USB

If you still do not displays the phone, you should check: if it is at least charging or not.

In case the charging does not go out simple: you have either broken cable either broken usb socket on computer .

To check the performance of the socket, try to insert the mouse into it. If it continues to work, it means that everything is in order and the problem lies in the cord. Try replacing it to another and check if the phone will appear now or not.

The problem can also be wounded in Windows. If you have Windows XP you will be updated to a newer version: "Seven" or "eight". By installing this protocol, you will be able to work with Android and on WINDOVS XP.

If even this method did not help, then you will need to contact the company's service center that made your smartphone. Probably the problem may be somewhere in the gland or in the part of the system that the usual user cannot be changed.

How to connect a smartphone to a PC via USB

How to connect a smartphone to a computer for internet peded

You can use the smartphone not only for data transfer, but also For distribution on the computer of the Internet . Therefore, let's figure it out how to connect a smartphone to a PC to transfer the Internet. It is even easier to do anything than sending files, and there should be no problems with this.

For this you need Connect a smartphone with a cable to one of the USB ports on the PC With OC Windows 7 and above.

You do not need to install the driver, they will have to install themselves. But if this does not happen - you will need to download drivers from the manufacturer. Speaking about the cable: it is better to use a cable that was included with the device, since it can accelerate the speed of distribution of the Internet with it.

After the cable was connected:

  1. Enter the settings.
  2. Next to the Wireless Networks item (where Wi-Fi is located, Mobile Internet, etc.).
  3. There, press the "More" button -> Modem mode, then activate the USB modem.

USB phone settings USB phone settings

Connect to the new network on the computer (it will be called "Local Network"). Mobile Internet (not Wi-Fi) will be distributed from your phone to a computer.

Local network for the Internet from the phone

On this we finish our article about the connection of the Android smartphone to the PC. We hope that now you have no questions left and you can easily connect.

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Computers and mobile gadgets that belong to one person, family or team, is a single information environment. Ideally, it provides not only the availability of the entire array of data from each device, which is included in its composition, but also provides the ability to manage alone devices using others.

Phone Connection to LaptopHow to connect the phone to the computer to access information, control or individual functions of another device, for example, use it as a webcam, microphone, flash drive, monitor?

Methods of physical connection phone to PC

To establish physical connection between the phone and computer use 3 interfaces:

  • USB . Connection via USB cable is the easiest and most obvious option. To access user files, stored on the smartphone, as a rule, do not need any settings: Usually it appears in Windows Explorer immediately after the connection. Simple push-button phones sometimes require special software and drivers.
  • Bluetooth . For this type of communication, it is necessary for both devices to have Bluetooth adapters. On phones and laptops, they are by default, and for stationary PCs they have to be purchased separately. When connecting via Bluetooth, the PC user has access to folders and some functions of a mobile gadget.
  • Wi-Fi . Normal network connection by air. Computer and smartphone can interact as equal members of one local network, as a server and client, as well as as an access point and client device.

How to connect the phone to a computer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The connection of devices by means of a USB cable rarely has difficulty, so we will not stop on it. Consider ways of wireless connection.


To install the connection, make sure that the Bluetooth adapters are enabled on the computer and the phone. On Windows 10, this option is turned on in the "Options" application - "Devices", on Android smartphones - in the quick access panel.

Press the "Adding Bluetooth or another device" shown below.

Adding a Bluetooth or other device

In the next window, select Connection Type - Bluetooth.

Selecting a device type

Click on the list of detected devices your phone. Check the digital code that appears below in this window and on the phone screen. If the code coincides, click "Connect".

Device connection

To access the mobile gadget functions, rewind the Bluetooth window and other devices down to the "Related Settings" section and click "Devices and Printers".

Section Related Parameters

Find the phone among the connected devices and right-click on it. The context menu shows the options for using Windows.

Context menu for the phone in Windows

In my example, there are practically no of them, and that the computer can interact with the phone, for example, like a flash drive or with both a webcam, you have to install a third-party application, like MyPhoneExplorer.


The most common way to interact a PC and a mobile phone via Wi-Fi is the use of one of the devices as an Internet access point for another. As an access point, a smartphone connected to the World Wide Web through the 3G / 4G mobile operator networks is more often used.

Configuring such a connection is very simple:

  • We go into wireless network management settings and turn on the modem mode.

Modem mode

  • In the modem mode options, select the "Wi-Fi Access Point". In the next section, we define the settings of the access point. In most cases, it is enough to set a password to connect, the rest is optimally default.

Wi-Fi Access Point

After that, the computer can be connected to the access point.

A reverse way to connect the smartphone and PC is possible - when the access point starts on the computer. The function supports all system issues, starting with Windows 7 (except start and home base editorial board).

Creating a virtual access point in windows is also not difficult. In Windows 10, there is a "Mobile Hot Spot" function, which runs through the "Parameters" - "Network and Internet". It is enough to move the slider to the "Enabled" position - and the access point is running. Of course, that the phone gets access to the Internet through it, the computer must be connected to it itself.

Mobile hot spot

In addition, permissions must be installed in the Internet connection properties on the PC, as shown in the screenshot below. From the List "Home Network" list, select a wireless connection.

Common Internet connection

There is a similar function on Mac OS X. There it is configured through "Shared Access" - "General Internet". For computers using Wi-Fi. The name and password of the access point are set in the Wi-Fi parameters.

Total Internet on Mac

Most modern smartphones and computers (equipped with wireless communication adapters) support data transfer technologies over Wi-Fi. In particular, Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast. Both standards use direct connection of devices to each other, that is, not through the router.

Wi-Fi Direct Wireless Transmission Technology is implemented on the absolute majority of smartphones of popular brands and models - Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi 4x, Samsung Galaxy, ZTE Blade, Asus, Lenovo, etc. The function is included in the Additional parameters of Wi networks -Fi:

Additional parameters of Wi-Fi networks

After activating the Wi-Fi Direct, the phone starts searching for devices that support this feature and close to it. When a suitable device is found, it is enough to select it from the list.

Wi-Fi Direct

To connect a Wi-Fi Direct on a computer, network detection and sharing files and printers must be enabled. The network profile must be private.

Turning on network detectionIn addition, the multimedia streaming function should be active on the PC (the easiest way to open this window through the system search):

How to connect the phone to a computer?And enabled access to access to common multimedia files for the selected mobile device:

разрешение на доступ к общим мультимедийным файлам

To display a photo or video on the phone screen or use it as a column to play music, it is enough to open the context menu of the file to the PC, click the item "Go to the device" and specify which one.

передать видео на устройство

Miracast technology, in contrast to Wi-Fi Direct, allows not only multimedia to display another device, but any content. To connect the phone screen to a computer and vice versa, make the following settings:

  • On the Android smartphone: Open the "Settings" application, go to the "Screen" section and select "Wireless Monitor". To see the phone screen on your computer, select a compatible PC from the list, which will be the signal receiver. If you want to display a picture from the computer screen to the phone, turn on the function "Used by others".

беспроводной монитор

  • On the computer: Open the notification center in the system tray and click the "Connect" tile. Next, select Mobile device from the list "Connect". If both devices support Miracast technology, the phone will connect to the computer monitor, more precisely, will perform the monitor function itself.

соединение по miracast

Phone and Computer Synchronization Programs

The capabilities of Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast technologies are far from endless and open access only to a small proportion of the functions of the attached device. To fully control the phone using the computer, with their help it is impossible. But no one does not, because there are special applications for such tasks.

The main mass of programs for data synchronization and mobile gadget management using PCs produce phone manufacturers. Therefore, such programs support only one specific brand, for example:

  • Samsung PC Studio.
  • Samsung Kies.
  • Nokia Suite.
  • Hisuite by Huawey
  • MI PC Suite (Xiaomi)
  • HTC Sync Manager.
  • XPERIA COMPANion (Sony)
  • Nokia Mobimb Mobile Media Browser
  • Sony Ericsson PC Suite
  • Siemens Mobile Phone Manager
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  • Apple iTunes.
  • Apple Idevice Manager.

But there are also universal tools compatible with many models of android devices. Among them:


In addition, such tasks can use any supported remote access tools, like TeamViewer.

The Android Screencast program deserves separate attention. It is unique in that it does not require the installation of a client module to a mobile device, so it can be used, even if the screen does not work on the phone. The only condition is the included USB debug function.

Access to data on smartphones with a broken or non-working screen provides branded utilities of manufacturers that are listed above. The main thing is to have time to establish a utility before the incident happened and carry out at least one synchronization. If the touch does not work the sensor, most likely, some of the functions will be unavailable.

Is it possible to save data using these programs if the phone does not turn on? As a rule, no. The phone may not work for many reasons, and the operating system load failure is just one of them. To extract information from faulty devices, use programmers and a special service software that is not available in free access. In addition, special training is needed for working with such instruments. In short, if your phone does not turn on, you can try to reflash it, but to save the data easier and safer to contact your mobile service.

I know several ways to transfer data from the smartphone to the computer. But before this you need to connect the phone to the computer. You can use USB or Wi-Fi to do this. Let's look at the details, all the ways to connect the phone to the computer.

How to connect the phone to a computer using a USB cable

In order to connect the phone to a computer using a USB cable, we will need a cable, phone and computer itself. It is better to use the original cable, as it is different from the cheapest Chinese large number of wires in the overall. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable, and follow the instructions below:

  1. When the phone is first connected to the computer, it will install the drivers.

    See how it does it can be at the right bottom corner of the monitor. There icon outwardly similar to the USB flash drive.

  2. After Windows downloads and installs drivers, you can work with a smartphone.

    Take the smartphone. In it, the mode selection window should appear, select File Transfer.

  3. Now let's go to the computer in My Computer (this is a conductor, here you will see all connected discs and devices).

    Select the icon of your smartphone among the connected devices and open it.

  4. Here you will see two folders: one of them is a smartphone memory, and the second Map MicroSD, if installed.

    There are such models of phones are displayed by one folder, and some are 2 internal memory stackers: system and memory for storing user files.

  5. The content will be displayed as folders and files.

    You will only have to select the desired folder and copy files to a computer or vice versa.

With this method, it is impossible to access contacts and some data. Because of this, many users use not a common connection using a USB cable, Wi-Fi synchronization. When you connect via USB cable there is no synchronization capability, but it can be compensated by applications.

Problems when connecting the phone via a USB cable

There are several problems with which you may encounter when the smartphone is connected to a USB cable computer:

  1. Error booting drivers . This error appears when there is no connection to the Internet. The fact is that the smartphone already has standard drivers, it transmits them to a computer, and there may be required to update them. It cannot be done without connecting to the Internet.
  2. Antivirus does not automatically download driver . In this case, I recommend downloading them manually from the manufacturer of the smartphone. Usually they are in the section "Support" or "Software".
  3. Your computer does not correctly define the smartphone model. . Usually it happens on computers with Windows XP. There are only two solution options: update Windows up to 7 or 10 or connect to a Wi-Fi computer.
  4. Smartphone is not visible to the computer . Try turning on the "USB debug" mode in the smartphone settings. To do this, you need to activate the developer mode.

It happens another common error, it is not related to software. The culprit is a jack for charging a smartphone, the plug can be loosened and contacts are not in contact well. Here I recommend changing the USB cable to better, if it does not help attribute the phone to the workshop.

Alternative Methods for connecting a smartphone to a computer

MicroSD cards are a convenient and inexpensive way to increase the internal memory of the smartphone.
MicroSD cards are a convenient and inexpensive way to increase the internal memory of the smartphone.

If you can't connect the smartphone to the computer, and the files and photos need to be transferred urgently, use the MicroSD card inserted into the smartphone. The computer must have a card reader or a special USB flash drive in which you can set a memory card.

Most laptops have a built-in SD card card. By inserting the microSD to the adapter you can easily transfer data to the computer. But this method is not suitable if only internal memory or no microSD is in your phone.

Computer Synchronization Programs

Mobile devices usually create a special program to synchronize their smartphones with a computer. For example, Apple has iTunes, and Nokia is Active Sync. The rest of the companies also produce programs with a large number of opportunities and stable work. But what about universality? Put on each smartphone your own program is not very convenient!

According to this, third-party developers have released their own universal programs. With their help, you can access calls, SMS, messengers, contacts and smartphone files. Let's look at the best synchronization programs and how to connect the phone to the computer with them.


MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.1

This is a free program for synchronizing a smartphone with a computer. Download it needs from the developer's site, and then install it on the computer. After installation, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your smartphone to a computer using a USB cable. The "USB debugging" mode must be activated on the smartphone. How to enable it Look on this page above.
  2. Open the program, and after it opens, press the F1 button on the keyboard.
  3. The program will ask how you are going to connect to the smartphone. Select "USB cable".
  4. The program will start searching for your smartphone, after it finds it and connect you can work with files and data.

The biggest minus of the program is very long sync. From the advantages I want to note: access to the call list, messages, files, organizer and so on, user-friendly interface, and the ability to control the smartphone from the computer.

You can download MyPhoneExplorer from my Yandex disk.


Moborobo 2.1.0.

Another good program is Moborobo. It also applies for free. It has the same features and functions that MyphoneExplorer. There is one difference, it is at startup you press not F1, and select the refreshing button with the mouse.

As the program described above, it synchronizes the smartphone with a computer and provides access to all major partitions of the phone. Of the minuses, I will note, the lack of Russian language, but the interface is understandable thanks to intuitive icons. From poles: stylish design and stable connection of smartphone via Wi-Fi.

You can download the Moborobo program from my Yandex disk.

How to connect the phone to a computer via Wi-Fi

I am sure that many know that the phone can be connected to the computer via Wi-Fi. But connect the phone to the computer via Wi-Fi without a special application fail. First, they need to install a smartphone and a computer.

Consider the best synchronization applications.

ES conductor

ES conductor

First, let's prepare a smartphone for synchronization, following these steps:

  1. Check if you have an ES Explorer, if you are open. If there is no conductor, download it from the Play Market on the link below and open.
  2. Go to the application settings, this is the "Burger" icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Select "Network" and select "Remote Access".
  4. Click "Enable"

Important! The smartphone and computer must be in one Wi-Fi network.

After you have enabled remote access on your smartphone, you can go to work with files.

  1. Open any computer Internet browser. I prefer chrome.
  2. Enter the address in the browser, which appeared on the phone screen when you turn on remote access and press ENTER.
  3. In the browser, the file system of the smartphone appears.

Now you can move, delete, rename, copy files and folders. Of the minuses of this method - the lack of full access to files. If you need something more, you will have to connect a smartphone via USB.

ES conductor


If you want to fully connect your smartphone to a computer, you need to use another application - Airdroid. Apps work as previous ones, download the Market from Play, and access to files through the browser. Let's wonder step by step:

  1. Download the Airdroid application from Google Market for reference below.
  2. Run the application. The application will ask if you want to register, you can refuse. Registration is needed only if you are going to connect the AIRDROID Desktop program.
  3. In the next window, select Airdroid Web if you installed ARDROID Desktop on your computer, select My Computer.
  4. In any browser on [Computer] (), enter the IP address from "Opportunity 2." If you are registered, enter the address from "Possibility 1".
  5. Confirm the connection on the phone.

Pros of this application is an opportunity to fully control your smartphone, you can edit calls, contacts and messages, work with files. With the help of the computer, you can also call and send SMS. Another hot plus is the opportunity to connect and manage the smartphone camera. This is especially useful to bloggers.

AirDroid: удаленный доступ и файлы

Problems when connecting the phone via Wi-Fi

What are the problems when connecting the phone to a computer via Wi-Fi. Usually devices located on the same network can not connect with each other due to the ban on the pairing. This is when the Wi-Fi router is used exclusively to access the Internet, and there is no local network or it is not configured. This problem is solved by the following way, on the example of Huawei and TP-LINK routers.

  • Huawei: Go to the router settings and go to the "Wi-Fi Encryption" section, select "Enable Access Point Isolation".
  • TP-LINK: Go to Wi-Fi extended settings, and select "Activate AP Isolation".

If you have an access point from another firm, then look for similar items in the settings, but it is better to see the instructions from it.


Dear friends! Now you know all the ways, problems and solutions, connect your phone to a computer via USB or Wi-Fi. Of course, the easiest way to connect across Wi-Fi, which is actually doing.

If you have that it does not work and have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. I and other users will try to help.

I will be very grateful if you share this article in social networks.

There are several ways to transfer data from the smartphone to the hard disk of the computer, but before using them, you need to create a stable connection. To do this, you can use wired and wireless ways. We will tell you more as you can connect the phone to the computer.

Step-by-step telephone connection instructions to a computer using USB

In order to create a wired connection, you will need to have an original cable from your smartphone at hand. It is different from a cheap cable for charging with plenty of conductors in braid. Connect the computer and your smartphone using the cable, and then proceed according to the instructions:

  1. When the driver is first connected to the computer, drivers are installed. Watch the success of this action you can, if you can pay attention to the right lower corner of the display of your computer. There will appear a flash drive icon.
  2. After the drivers are downloaded and installed, you can start working with the device. Pay attention to the smartphone screen. If the mode selection window appears on it, turn on "File Transfer".
  3. Now you need to go to the PC to "My Computer" (Explorer Displays all connected discs). Find among the connected drives the icon of your device, open it.
  4. Two drives will appear in front of you: the device itself and the microSD card, if it is inserted. Some smartphone models are displayed by one disk, while others are two internal memory drives: system and intended for storing user files.
  5. The contents of the disks are displayed as folders and files. You will only have to find the right directory and copy files or transfer them from the computer.

This connection method will not allow you to access contacts and some entries. Therefore, an increasing number of users use not a standard connection using a cable, Wi-Fi synchronization. With a cable connection, the lack of synchronization capability is offset using applications.

Possible Cable Connection Problems

There are several difficulties that users can encounter when cable connections:

  1. Failures when loading drivers. This trouble occurs in the absence of an Internet connection. In the smartphone firmware there are standard drivers that, after transferring to the computer, require updates. It can not be done without connecting to the World Wide Web.
  2. Antivirus blocks automatic loading of drivers. In this case, it is best to install them manually, downloading from the official website of the manufacturer of smartphones a version suitable for your phone model and PC operating system.
  3. Your version of the computer operating system incorrectly determines the smartphones. Often it happens with computers running Windows XP. There are two solutions to the problem: update OS on your PC; Use connection via Wi-Fi.
  4. The computer does not see the smartphone. In this case, you first need to enable USB debugging mode in the general list of the settings. To do this, you need to either activate the corresponding mode in the system settings, or tent times click on the assembly number in the "About Phone" section.

There is another common problem that is not related to the software - the smartphone connector for charging and connecting to the computer is loosened and the contacts are easy to fit. In this case, you need to give the device to the service center, and sometimes enough and simply change the cable.

Alternative way to move files from a smartphone

If you cannot connect your smartphone to transfer files to a computer, and you need to urgently transfer photos or other files to a PC, then you can pull out the microSD card from the smartphone and paste it into the computer. To do this, you will need to have a cartrider built into the device, or a special USB module with connectors for reading different memory cards.

In all laptops there are an SD card reader. You can connect a flash card from the phone to it, but only with the adapter sold with it. The described alternative is not suitable if your smartphone has only an internal drive.

Smartphone Synchronization Tools

Manufacturers of smartphones often create a special program for their smartphones to synchronize them. Successful basic products can be called only iTunes and Active Sync from Nokia. The remaining programs do not differ in sufficient options and correct operation.

For this reason, the developers have created their own universal products that open access to calls, messages, contact list and all device files. We'll figure it out how to connect the phone to the computer through such programs.

как подключить телефон к компьютеру с помощью MyPhoneExplorer


The program is distributed free of charge, it needs to be downloaded from the developer's website and install on your computer. After that follow the instructions:

  1. Connect a phone with an activated "USB debugging" to the computer.
  2. Run the program and press F1, after it opens.
  3. Now you need to choose from the menu item "USB Cable".
  4. After that, the program will find your smartphone, and you can proceed to work with its files.

The lack of this program in excessively long synchronization. The advantages are: access to all important sections of a smartphone (calls, messages, files, organizer), a convenient interface, the ability to control the phone from a computer. Also using the utility you can test the device's memory and evaluate its speed. There is nothing superfluous in the assembly, only useful options.

как подключить телефон к компьютеру с помощью MoboRobo


Another good program for managing a smartphone from a computer. It is also free. The utility works on the same principles as described above. The only difference is that after starting the program, you will need to click on the refreshing button.

This program synchronizes your smartphone and makes it possible to access all basic functions. The disadvantage of the program is the lack of Russification, but its interface is clear, you will find all the necessary stripped pictograms. The advantage of this program can be called stylish design and correctly connecting the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Connecting a smartphone to a computer via Wi-Fi and applications that help you configure it.

The possibility of connecting devices with the help of a common wireless network know a few. But to solve the problem how to connect the computer to the phone via Wi-Fi will not work without special programs. They must be installed both in the smartphone itself and on your PC. We give the most popular synchronization methods.

ES conductor

Working with this program can be divided into two stages.

The first. It is necessary to prepare a smartphone to connect according to the instructions:

  1. Browse the list of programs if there is an ES conductor in it, open it. If this application is not, then go to the Play Market and download it to the device, and then run.
  2. Go to the additional application settings.
  3. Find the "Network" tab and click on the "Remote Access" link.
  4. Click on the "Enable" button.

It is important that the smartphone and computer are connected to one Wi-Fi network. After you conduct preliminary training, you can start by the second stage - working with a computer. You need to act like this:

  1. Open any browser
  2. Enter the numbers in the address bar that have highlighted on the smartphone screen when you activate remote access.
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. After downloading the page, the file system of the smartphone will appear on it.

You can move folders, delete them or separate files, copy, view or rename. The disadvantage of the described method is that you will not be able to get full access to files and work with them together with the computer. For this reason, more advanced synchronization methods have been developed.

If you want to download information from your smartphone, then you will need to copy the path from the browser address line and paste it into the conductor. Directories will open in the same form as in the computer. Some users open the file system immediately in the conductor, it gives more features, but you still do not get complete synchronization.

как подключить телефон к компьютеру с помощью AirDroid

If you want to fully synchronize your smartphone and computer, then you will need to download a different application - Airdroid. This utility is also installed on the smartphone, and the computer opens through any browser. It is best to use Opera, Chrome and their more advanced programs. Instructions for working with this application Next:

  1. Download the program on Google Play. You will need to have about 30 MB of free space on the device for this.
  2. Run the program. It can register in it, but if you wish, this step can be skipped. Authorization provides only the possibility of not checking when connecting to home PC, but it is best to pass it every time, then the smartphone will be more protected.
  3. On the next screen, you will see the address for which you need to go to synchronize.
  4. In order for the connection to be successful, it is necessary that the smartphone and computer are in the same Wi-Fi network, as access opens through your wireless router.
  5. Enter the address in the browser, which was highlighted on the phone screen. Confirm the connection on the phone.
  6. The interface of access to the smartphone is made in the form of a desktop, the icons of which are the functions of the phone.

The advantage of this application is that you can fully manage your device, editing the list of calls, contacts, messages. In this case, all the changes you contributed will be accepted for the device. Using a computer, you can also call or write SMS. Another nice bonus of this application - you can connect to the smartphone camera and manage it.

This feature will be useful to bloggers. You also will also have full access to the device file system. Through the control panel on the right side of the screen, you can send files to a computer and load them into your smartphone. In the upper right corner there is another interesting feature of the application - with the help of a special screen you can monitor the state of the device.

Now it is possible to configure the connection using this utility faster, using the site acting as a web interface service. In this case, you need to go to the site and opening the utility on the smartphone to scan the QR code appeared on the screen. The program will independently configure the connection.

How to solve the problem of connecting problems arising from Wi-Fi?

Most often, when in one network, the device cannot contact between themselves due to the ban on the conjugation of devices. In this case, the home is used exclusively for accessing the Internet, there is no local wireless connection. You can get rid of the problem through the menu of your router:

  • In the Huawei router settings, you must go to the "Encryption Wi-Fi" section and select "Enable Access Point Insulation" item;
  • The TP-LINK has a similar opportunity to open in the extended wireless mode settings, you need to mark the "Activate AP Isolation" item.

If you have a router from another manufacturer, then you need to see the instructions for it and find similar settings.

How to connect your phone to a computer via Bluetooth?

If you are ready to be content with an extremely low data transfer rate, and other options to solve the problem, how to connect the phone to the computer, you do not have, you can use the Bluetooth interface. To do this, you will need to have a radioadapter that supports the Bluetooth connection, or use a laptop with a built-in adapter. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices and follow the instructions:

  1. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon appeared in the quick access panel.
  2. Open the parameters and mark the marker item allows devices to detect this computer.
  3. Open your smartphone menu and detect your computer in the list of available devices.
  4. Confirm the connection setting using codes.
  5. Now you have to designate files on the phone, designed to be sent, and on the computer click the "Accept" button.
  6. Specify the path to save the file.

This method is suitable only if you need to transfer from the memory of one device to another multiple files. Difficulty causes the Bluetooth activation process on the computer. This procedure can be done through the "Parameters" section.

Now you know all the ways how to connect the phone android to the computer. You can use any available option. The easiest way is to configure the connection in the Wi-Fi home network. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. Do not forget to share an article with friends.

There are three main ways to connect the phone to a computer: via USB cable, Wi-Fi and using Bluetooth. Tell about each of them.

Connecting your phone to a computer via USB

This method is the easiest and easy to suit almost everyone, since the USB cable comes complete with each mobile device. In addition, it is at the expense of a wired compound that the most wide range of tasks can be performed. Their number includes high-speed file transfer, distribution of Internet access and using the device as a camera. Also via USB input charge the phone And using a standard conductor conveniently manage data on the smartphone.

Как подключить телефон к компьютеру?

To connect to a PC, it is enough to connect with a USB cord free port with a phone. If the cable is working on both devices, a beep will be displayed that informs about the detection of new equipment. On modern operating systems, a manual installation of any drivers is not required - everything is downloaded automatically. After completing the preset, you can select the connection mode on the smartphone (camera, drive, charging). Re-conjugation will occur much faster.

Despite all the advantages of a wired connection, there is one important disadvantage. During information transfer via USB cable, the smartphone is often inconvenient to fully communicate, but thanks to the high data sending speed, this is the best way to transfer a large file.

If when connecting the phone to a computer, problems arose via USB, Explore this instruction .

Wireless connection of smartphone and PC on Wi-Fi

An important advantage of this method is a high connection speed, as well as relative simplicity settings. There are many useful applications that facilitate the pairing process with a PC on a wireless network. For example, using such programs as "ES Explorer" or "Total Commander" You can easily transfer files between devices that are connected to one Wi-Fi network.

Utilities are available for free download via Google Play. Immediately after the file manager is set, you must go to the side menu and select the "Network" section, and then the "Remote Access" item. After activating the "Enable" option, an address will appear on the screen to help access the data on the device through the computer. Now you need to open the PC conductor and enter the address from the application to the string that is responsible for the location of the directory.

Как подключить телефон к компьютеру?

Compared to wired connections, Wi-Fi does not give the same high data exchange rate, but it is still sufficient in most cases.

Matching your phone with a computer via Bluetooth

This method of connecting the phone to the computer today is not particularly popular, but still supported by many devices. To implement it, it is necessary that not only on the smartphone, but Bluetooth technology was activated on the PC. It may be necessary for this to pre-acquire the corresponding module (on laptops it is usually built-in).

After activating Bluetooth, you need to start searching for new devices on one of them. To pair, you need to click on the name of a PC or smartphone. Next, you can enter a special key that will ensure a secure connection to other equipment (this is optional). After the code created earlier is repeated on the second device, they will be interconnected. This will give the opportunity to transmit and receive files.

Как подключить телефон к компьютеру?

The disadvantages of Bluetooth can be considered problems that sometimes arise due to incompatibility of devices, as well as low information exchange rate. However, applying this feature, the user receives a lot of additional features, such as playing music due to the speakers of the computer.


Connecting a smartphone to a computer allows you to solve a number of rather important tasks. When choosing a conjugation method, you need to be guided not only to available equipment, but also the goal. For example, in one case it will be convenient to quickly transfer the file to Wi-Fi, and others will need a USB cable for recharging.

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