How to connect the Internet on the tablet via phone

How to connect the Internet to the tablet through the phone and what is needed for this

Of course, it is much more convenient to use the Internet on the tablet through a Wi-Fi router, as a last resort, with a 3G connection, but if there is nothing like that at hand, you can connect the Internet to the tablet via the phone.

What is needed to connect

How to connect the Internet to the tablet through the phone and what is needed for this
  • Phone with connected internet.
  • On the phone there should be a Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth should be on the tablet.
  • The phone must support DUN technology (Dial-Up Networking). For this, the phone should not be the flagship in the lines of smartphones of this year of production. There is even a function, even in old phones, which everyone used before the appearance of smartphones.
  • The same DUN technology must support the tablet.
  • The BlueVPN program must be installed on the tablet.

Connection procedure

  1. Connect the phone to the mobile Internet.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone and on the tablet.
  3. Run BlueVPN on the tablet.
  4. After both devices see each other - confirm the connection and on the tablet, and on the phone.

After that, the Internet on the tablet through the phone should calmly heal.

Internet Connection Settings

  • AUTO-RESUME: Included
  • Modem Compatibility: Disabled
  • Bluetooth Insecure Socket: Disabled
  • LCP Compatibility: Disabled
  • GPRS Options:
    • Phone Number: * 99 *** 1 # (this number was already there)
    • Access Point: (There is a Mobile Operator Access point here)
    • Authentication: none
    • UserName (not activated)
    • Password (not activated)
    • Primary DNS (not change)
    • SECONDARY DNS (Do not change)
  • Bluetooth Options, Turn Off BT: Included

The remaining options remain as they were.

Transferring the Internet to the tablet through the phone is a fairly exotic thing, but in case of a sharp need can come in handy.

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In most cases, the Internet access on the tablet is carried out by several uncomplicated actions. However, it is necessary to take into account the features depending on the brand of the device. For example, it becomes important to establish a SIM card or connect a special device with a tablet through the port.

Tablet device can be connected to the Internet as directly through the mobile operator, and using a computer or phone

Options How to connect the tablet to the Internet

Configuring Internet connection on the device can be carried out by any user. There are many ways for this:

  • Home router providing wireless Wi-Fi.
  • Search for possible networks. For example, in cafes and parks, the Internet can be distributed completely free and without a password.
  • Using a personal computer or phone with access to the global network.
  • Via bluetooth.
  • According to modern mobile communications: 3G and 4G modems.


Wired Internet at this time is increasingly used, preference is given to a more convenient and functional type of communication - Wi-Fi, which can serve several gadgets at once.

Search for public points

To connect to the Internet in public areas, you need to spend a pair of simple actions:

  1. Go to the internet settings section in the tablet.
  2. Click on the search button available networks.
  3. Choose a relevant - the one that has the name of the restaurant, a resting place, etc., where the user is.

Additionally! Public routers also have a network name, login and password. It is enough to choose the appropriate name to enter. But in some cases it takes a code that needs to be found in the information booth, a consultant or other employee.

Open access to Wi-Fi saves in the absence of mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

You can configure the Internet in different ways depending on the operating system of the tablet - Android or iOS. Also, you need to connect the Internet in advance by selecting a specific operator. So, many electronic technology owners prefer Yota, offering unlimited Internet and gigabytes for applications.


On the Android database there is a lot of technology, for example, from the manufacturer Honor, Lenovo, Digma, Ecs, Huawei, also include Samsung and the popular Khaomi company (brand technicians called Redmi).

Stages of connection with the World Wide Web, on the example of the Android tablet Asus:

  1. Open the main settings.
  2. Go to "Wireless Networks".
  3. In the "still" click "Mobile Network".
  4. Enable active mode.



  1. Insert Sims into the device.
  2. Include it.
  3. Go to the main menu, click on the "Data Transfer" item.
  4. Enter the necessary information.
  5. Open section "Cellular network", make a tick or move the slider. Install 3G or LTE.
  6. Tablet Turn off and run again.

Attention! Not all tablets have the ability to use a SIM card.

Where to get the data you need to enter when setting up mobile Internet

To connect to the global web through another gadget, in most cases it is required to enter a number of information: APN, name, code. They are in public domain on the mobile operator's website or are provided at the request of the client in the SMS message.

However, today almost 99% of devices receive all the necessary data in automatic mode. The question is unlikely to be relevant for some user.

Wireless network with PC

Through the router in the apartment you can enter the global web. It is possible for a laptop, and a cellular, and tablet device. However, if there is no router and only a wired web resource is available, you need to connect the Internet to the tablet not directly, but through a computer.

The system module is converted to the router.

  1. Open menu with settings in PC.
  2. Find Count Mobile Hot Spot.
  3. Make information about the login and password.
  4. Allow the use of connection on other devices and click on the Wi-Fi item.
  5. Install an Internet connection on the tablet.

Bluetooth connection

One of the simple methods for turning on the Internet is Bluetooth. This will require cellular:

  1. Activate bluetooth in the tablet and phone.
  2. Give a command to search for a source of connection.
  3. On the mobile log in the menu, select the departure of Bluetooth.
  4. Enter the name of the receiver.
  5. The data export begins. Allow, OK.
Portable Modems of Different Generation are characterized by the speed of connection and information transmission

Using 3G or 4G modem

Portable modems are small devices that allow you to connect to the Internet anywhere, which is especially relevant for netbooks and tablets. They work at different frequencies, their features depend on the manufacturer. Thus, in MTS modem, the maximum frequency of only 847, rather low and in the tele2 - 839, in the megaphone rises to 854, the highest is marked in biline - 862 Hz.

First of all, when using this device, you must adjust the Internet access to the PC, then connect the modem to the tablet.

Important! The tablet must have a USB port where the device will be inserted.

Cable connection

For a tablet, a cable connection called an Ethernet connection is possible, the cord is inserted into the RJ-45 connector or the standard YUSBI port. First you need to insert the cable and go to the main instrument settings, select the DHCP or PPPoE connection type. In the second variant, the program in which the name and password for the network is entered.

If the user is turned on through the port, then the adapter is additionally purchased and the driver package is installed for it. As soon as Wi-Fi is activated, you can go to web pages.

How to enable the Internet on a tablet through a smartphone

How to connect the tablet to the Internet via the phone:

  1. Go to the Settings section on the phone.
  2. Open Other networks.
  3. Go to modem mode.
  4. Click on a portable (portable) point. Confirm Wi-Faya Turns off.
  5. Configure tablet to search for networks. Select an appeared option called the user's mobile phone.

Possible connection problems

The Internet does not always turn on the first time. There may be a problem that is usually associated or with systemic errors of the tablet, or the lack of communication on the line.

Problems with Operations

This group of complexities can be attributed:

  • Incorrect installation on a personal computer if the inclusion occurs through it. For example, limitations or filter of MAC addresses may be.
  • Outdated iPad model.
  • Lack of the desired tablet updates.
One of the common problems when connected - incorrectly inscribed safety key

Problems with Wi-Fi connection

First, the complexity may concern the wrong connection of the router, which does not distribute the Internet. To resolve the problem, you need to check the maintenance of the cable, the operation of all indicators. If necessary, restart it. Secondly, the wireless adapter may be turned off by default. Its activation is carried out through a laptop browser. Thirdly, modes on the device, for example, flight, block visible local lines.

Attention! The causes of the lack of the Internet can be due to external interruptions in which the provider is responsible. In this case, you need to contact a specialist and receive professional assistance from him.

The specificity of how to connect the tablet to the Internet is due to the presence of a cable or an adapter and the functionality of the device itself. In advanced Internet models, connects in a couple of minutes through the operator.

We connect the Internet on the tablet through the phone

Tablets so quickly won the hearts of consumers that the Internet market did not have time to adjust the dynamics of development. But the tablets are created primarily for the Internet. MID - Mobile Internet Device. It is so called all the tablets abbreviated. But not all users have access to the Internet at home, especially in small towns. You need to look for an alternative solution. And this solution is: You can simply connect the Internet on the tablet via the phone.

By the way, this method can use not only people who do not have the opportunity to connect to the Internet at home, but also those who want to save, do not pay some money to the operator for telephone services and the Internet. That is, you do not need to buy two cards, even if there is a 3G module in the tablet.

The very essence of the question is that the phone converts its signal, regardless of technology (3G, GPRS, EDGE, and others) to be clear for the radio wave tablet. And vice versa. The tablet makes a request to the phone, and the latter already sends the data.

Tablet and smartphone

So let's figure out how to connect the tablet to the Internet via the phone. Make it can be using:

Each method has its own supporters and opponents. For example, the advantage of the second at the speed of the connection, at the same time it is more difficult to configure it. Let's look at both cases, and you decide that it is better directly for you.

How to enter the Internet with a tablet through the phone using Bluetooth technology


  1. Blues and install the BlueVPN program on the phone. Universal is the fact that there are different variations for different platforms: Symbian and Meego (Nokia), Android, Windows, iOS. That is, it will be suitable for any phone.
  2. Conjugation of two devices. On different phones, this is done in different ways, but the point is the same. You need to enable Bluetooth on both devices, perform the other search on one of them. In some cases, the device pairing button will immediately, in some it is done through the connection menu.
  3. Running the BlueVPN program. Only phones on the Android operating system do not need additional program settings. For all other platforms, you need to register an access point.


Access points for different operators:

  • MTS - "" (for regional tariffs you need to prescribe a regional access point. For example, "internet.kuban")
  • Beeline - ""
  • MegaFon - "Internet"
  • MegaFon-modem - "internet.nw"
  • MegaFon Contract in Moscow - "internet.msk"
  • MegaFon (unlimited GPRS) - "unlim19.msk"
  • Light - "internet.ltmsk"
  • Smarts - ""

Save all settings and go to the BlueVPN main menu. Here you need to choose your phone, after which your work is made. The phone itself will create a VPN connection: connects to the Internet, contact the tablet and starts the data transmission. The procedure will take from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes, depending on the power of your devices. Evidence of the successful connection setting will be a large shutdown button on the phone and the connection icon in the notification area on the tablet.

How to enter the Internet with a tablet via the phone using Wi-Fi technology


Let's look at how to enter the Internet from the tablet through the phone, using Wi-Fi technology. At this stage, you can distribute the Internet from all Android devices, iPhone 4 (5) with version of iOS 4.3.1 and above, some of the Windows-backgrounds. We will not consider the latter, because there are many variations for each individual phone. Let us dwell on the iPhone, where to distribute the Internet is simple and on Android, where it will be necessary to tinker.

We distribute the Internet to the tablet with the iPhone

  1. We go to the "Settings" of the device, select "Basic" and go to the "Network" menu.
  2. In the "Network" section, you must enable the "Turn on 3G" and "Cell data" levers, after which the new "Personal Access" menu will be available.
  3. When entering this menu, the iPhone itself will show the desired password. Password can be changed to more convenient. That's all! On the tablet, search the network, as you usually do this and connect to your phone by entering the key provided.

IOS settingsCell dataAccess point

We distribute the Internet to the tablet using Android devices

Before you start setting the access point on your device, you need to have root rights. If you do not have them, you can use the SuperUser or Root Explorer program. You can do it and manually. Root rights are needed on the phone and on the tablet. Also previously downloaded any program to create an access point on your device. For example, Joikuspot Light. If you download another, then at the same time watch the support file to it, because some data will be different. Below will be given how to create an access point using this application. Joikuspot Light

  1. In the Wi-Fi settings, add a new network ("Add Wi-Fi") and prescribe access point: joikuspot.
  2. Next, it is necessary to edit the WPA_SUPPLICANT.conf file, which is located in the / Data / Misc / WiFi directory. Important: the owner's rights to this file should be 660 (System.Wifi), otherwise Wi-Fi will not work.
  3. Disable Wi-Fi network.
  4. Using the file manager, you need to rename the WPA_SUPPLICANT file in WPA_SUPPLICANT_OLD. The file itself is in the / System / BIN directory.
  5. Only now we move the file from the folder / sdcard / downloads or flash drives downloaded in 5, if you downloaded the computer. As you can see, they have the same names, and you renamed your file just in case, if necessary, return the system to the previous state. To do this, this downloaded and displaced file will need to be deleted, and in the renamed file to remove the _old /
  6. In the properties of the new file, we set full permissions for categories. User, Group, etc. - read, recording and execution.
  7. We produce a reboot of the tablet, after which the Wi-Fi point on the phone will be detected.

Internet on tablet via phone: video

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Connecting the tablet to the Internet - what kind of way it is better to choose

Before choosing a way to connect the tablet to the Internet, you need to read all possible and choose the most optimal one. The parameters that are guided by choosing is usually the same, regardless of access. For example, for the phone it is recommended to use the mobile Internet, for general use in the country or in a private house there is also a way to connect using 3G, 4G USB modem. For an apartment within the city, the entire wired network and connection using Wi-Fi from the router. But the final choice always depends on the user's preferences.

Options How to connect the tablet to the Internet

Tablets are gaining immense popularity as home devices for entertainment and work. Almost all of them have several ways to connect to the network. It can be both wired and wireless types of compounds. Before choosing a connection option, it is desirable to weigh all the positive and negative sides of each. It is easiest to have to residents of cities, since they are available to all options. However, it is sometimes necessary access to the Internet at the cottage, in a private house or other places distant from the city, where cable operators do not offer their services.

How to connect a tablet to wired internet

Note! The number of subscribers outside the city is small, so pulling the expensive cable to connect multiple users - unprofitable.

All methods of connecting to the Internet are divided into two types: wired and wireless.

The first includes such types of connectivity:

  • provision of access to the network using a fiber optic cable;
  • With the help of a regular telephone connection. This option is called DSL and has many varieties - ADSL, VDSL, etc.

The second type is divided into the following types:

  • Wireless connection using the 3G, 4G, LTE mobile standard. Access to the network smartphone or modem receives from the SIM card of one of the cellular operators;
  • Wi-Fi. In this case, to the access point, the connection comes using a cable or other wireless method, and with the help of a router or router, then it is distributed to several devices;
  • Satellite Internet. All data is accepted and transmitted via satellite.

Important! Routers are often used as a distribution device. They transmit an Internet connection using Wi-Fi. However, they themselves can be connected to the network both using the wire and without it.

Wi-Fi 3G Module


This is one of the simplest and most common ways to connect a tablet computer or any other device to the Internet. All modern gadgets have a built-in module that allows you to conduct an Internet connection. All that is required for this is to find an access point, enter the password (if provided) and then you can freely enjoy all the benefits of the Internet.

Search for public points

Note! To date, almost every public place has its own wireless network access point.

You only need to search for the gadget settings and select Wi-Fi connection. A list of available networks opens. You need to select the desired and enter the password, if required. After that, the device will connect and later, when this point is detected, will automatically connect.


There are various problems, in connection with which the connection is not always possible. Often they are associated with incorrect password entry or problems in the tablet or router.

  • Invalid data entry can be corrected, trying to enter a password again.
  • It is also often a device may not see the connection point, although it exists. You can try to connect from another gadget. If it does not work, it is recommended to restart the router.
  • If there is a connection, but the data is not transmitted, then it is not necessary to change anything on your own, as this is the problem on the access point side.

Mobile Internet

This method involves connecting the Internet to a wireless network on the phone or tablet. It is provided by 3G, LTE or 4G communication standards, for which only the SIM card is needed. This option is suitable for any gadget, be it iPhone, iPad, Samsung smartphones.

In the tablets, configure an Internet connection using mobile communication as simple as in the phones. You need to install the SIM card and enable the "Data Transfer" item in the settings.

Note! You can order so that the operator sends all the settings using an SMS message, then all data is activated automatically.

Enter the required data of the cellular operator

It will also make manual entry of settings. For devices on Android, this is done like this:

  1. "Settings".
  2. "Wireless networks" - "More".
  3. "Mobile network".
  4. "Access points (APN)".

Note! You can create a new access point in the menu. This requires to enter specific data that each operator has its own. You can learn them by calling a hotline or search on the official website.

We are talking about the following data:

  • APN;
  • Username;
  • password.

For iOS devices, the sequence of steps is approximately identical to:

  1. To refine the data from the operator about the parameters such as the username, password and APN.
  2. Enter the gadget settings.
  3. Choose "cellular network".
  4. Open the Data Transfer tab.
  5. Enter login, password and APN.

Wireless network with PC

To create a wireless network using a computer, you need it to be connected to the Internet via the modem. This may be a USB 3G / 4G modem or modem connected by fiber optic line. To distribute the Internet without the help of wires for the tablet, you will need another Wi-Fi router. It must also be connected to the computer using a USB port. A simple scheme allows you to distribute data to several gadgets from the computer.

Modem mode for tablet

Bluetooth connection

To do this, you need to have a computer or laptop that is connected to the rapid Internet. In addition, you will need equipment for data transmission using bluetooth. If all this is, it remains to configure the connection on both devices.

After both devices are connected and synchronized, you need to set up distribution on the tablet or phone:

  1. Enter the settings and select the Other Networks tab.
  2. In the menu that opens, select the "Modem and Access Point" section, in which three connection options will be presented: Mobile Access Point, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth-modem. Select the last item.

After performing steps above, it remains to configure a laptop or PC:

  1. In the notification area, find a blue bluetooth icon and click on it.
  2. Select "Show Devices".
  3. In the window that opens, select the tablet or smartphone, click on it with the right button and select "Connect through the Access Point".

Using a 3G modem

In this case, the tablet must be connected and configured by a USB modem. These are produced mainly by Chinese companies, like ZTE or Huawei.

Note! It is also required to check whether the operation of the tablet is possible in conjunction with external devices and in OTG mode.

If all items are supported by the tablet, then in the modem you need to select the "modem only" mode. After that, it is worth disconnecting the input of the PIN code on it and create an access point by setting all the necessary parameters of the mobile operator used. Perhaps you will need to get rut-right. Only after that it will be possible to use the Internet on the tablet.

Cable connection

There is still the ability to connect the Internet using an Ethernet cable. In this case, set up everything is simple. This will require a USB - RJ45 adapter and special drivers for a tablet that can be downloaded from the network and install. The name of the USB to Ethernet driver, but it is necessary for each manufacturer of tablets specific. After the adapter has been purchased and drivers are installed, you need:

  1. Copy the archive in the memory of the tablet and install in Recovery mode.
  2. In the terminal emulator, enter such commands: SU, USB_EETHERNET.
  3. After that, connect the adapter and cable to the device.

Note! Android system This connection does not support, so you need to enable Wi-Fi.

How to enable the Internet on a tablet through a smartphone

If the user has a tablet and a smartphone already connected to the Internet, then you can distribute data with it. To do this, turn on the modem mode on the phone and set the password to connect. After that, from the tablet, select the desired access point and connect to it, as with Wi-Fi.

Modem mode on iPhone

There are many different ways to connect the tablet to the Internet. There are both wired and wireless. The user remains to choose the most suitable and configure. Everything is so simple that even a beginner can do.

Technical expertPodgornov Ilya Vladimirovich All articles of our site are undergoing an audit of the technical consultant. If you have any questions, you can always set them on his page.
Connect your mobile Internet.
Connect your mobile Internet.

In everyday life, I had situations when the Internet is sharply required for a tablet or laptop where there is no free access to the network.

And in general, this problem is not at all difficult to solve if you are the owner of a smartphone, and your tariff plan supports mobile Internet. Although I do not understand why you need a smartphone without the Internet.

Often, users do not fully know about the possibilities of their gadgets, and therefore, with this convenient function, many simply are not familiar.

And each modern smartphones has the "distribution" function of its Internet from the SIM card on Wi-Fi, that is, each smartphone can work as a mobile router. But still, something needs to be understood.

How to distribute the Internet from the phone on wi-fi quality

Let's start with the fact that the quality of the distributed internet, of course, is highly dependent on your smartphone. For example, the 4G smartphone in the 4G reception conditions will distribute the Internet much better than the 3G smartphone, everything is logical.

I also think it is clear that some flagship smartphone will distribute the Internet somewhat better than the device less than the device. For a modem, a processor - and other filling in simpler devices will not be so shock.

Do not forget that the better the quality of the reception of the cellular network, the better the quality of the mobile Internet. This means that for a smartphone, distributing the Internet, it is better to immediately find the place of the best reception, wherever you are, at home, at the cottage or in the campaign.

How to create an access point on the phone android-step-by-step instruction

And now, in fact, about creating an access point. When you first connect, it will be actions from several steps, with subsequent connections, only one click will be required.

So in order!

We go to the smartphone in the "Settings" section and there is a place "More". That is how this item will be called in the settings of the standard Android smartphone, such as most Chinese or Google smartphones.

We are looking for a gear "Settings"
We are looking for a gear "Settings"
Find and click on the item "More"
We are looking for a gear "Settings"

But keep in mind, in the smartphones of some well-known brands, it will be broken by the feed to the leg, and this item may be called differently, it is worth looking for this in the menu somewhere in network connections.

After we went to the "More" item, you need to go to the modem mode and then everything is simple. (See the following steps in the gallery)

Find and activate "Modem Mode"
Find and activate "Modem Mode"
Next you need to click on the Wi-Fi Access Point, additional options are opened.
Find and activate "Modem Mode"

Additional options are in the following paragraphs and actions:

Because I make a connection on the Honor smartphone, then the access point with the name of the smartphone appears on the menu.

Access point name that needs to be activated.
Access point name that needs to be activated.

You must click on the point opposite the Honor_chm_8C4B inscription so we activate the access point.

Note that in your case the access point will be called otherwise, in no way "Honor_chm_8C4B"

Honor_chm_8C4B is the name of the access point in my particular case. We then see it as an affordable network on the plug-in device is under this name.

But it will be next. I am sure with this you easily coped and pressed on the button, it turned on, which will be seen by the replaced button of the button.

Access point is activated, it remains to connect. Select "Configure Wi-Fi Point"
Access point is activated, it remains to connect. Select "Configure Wi-Fi Point"
Access point is activated, it remains to connect. Select "Configure Wi-Fi Point"

Excellent! Now your smartphone works as a router and distributes mobile Internet via Wi-Fi. We know the network name and password to connect to it.

Go to the device to which we need to organize a connection. In my example, this is a laptop.

I open the Internet access control on the laptop and see that he has already found the network with the name we need. Of course, Wi-Fi should be activated in the laptop.

As you can see the laptop found several different networks, but we need a network named "Honor_chm_8C4B"
As you can see the laptop found several different networks, but we need a network named "Honor_chm_8C4B"

Click to connect and enter the password that will be requested by the system.

Everything! Ready! Now your laptop is connected to the Internet, which is broadcast to your smartphone.

It may seem somewhat complicated, but in fact it is a simple procedure and it is done once. Then the laptop and the smartphone will begin to "find out" each other without passwords.

You will need only to choose an automatic connection in a laptop when you find this network, and you press only one button in the smartphone. "Access point"

This button is quickly located if you open the top menu of the icons in the smartphone.

The "Access Point" button for quickly awareness of the modem may be denoted anyway (leaf gallery)
The "Access Point" button for quickly awareness of the modem may be denoted anyway (leaf gallery)
Та же кнопка "Точка доступа" — вот так она отображается в более новых версиях смартфонов "HONOR"
The "Access Point" button for quickly awareness of the modem may be denoted anyway (leaf gallery)

For all subsequent connections, simply activate it or vice versa, turn off the smartphone modem.

Several tips:

This feature consumes no little battery energy.

Consequently, if you plan a long connection, for several hours, take care of what the smartphone is connected to the charger.

Do not forget to turn off the smartphone modem when you do not use it.

But this is relevant for not for all smartphones, more recently have a function of automatic shutdown. For example, you stopped using a laptop and the modem will turn off automatically in a few minutes.

That's all! Good connections!

Connect the tablet to the Internet through the phone in two ways using WiFi distribution or via Bluetooth connection.

In the first case From the phone you will need to make a 3G router:

  • In the phone settings, turn on WiFi;


  • Translate to modem mode, for this you need to put a daw next to the menu of the same name in the WiFi settings or the "Advance" clause;


  • configure the connection by clicking on the appropriate button;
  • In the window that appears, select the network name, protection type, password and click OK.

After that, on the tablet it is necessary:

  • enable wifi;
  • find a network dropped by a smartphone;
  • Press it and enter the password.

Get access to the Internet using the phone, you can via bluetooth connection . To do this, it is necessary:

  • In the settings, turn on Bluetooth on both devices;
  • distributing to make visible;
  • Go to the same item that when distributing WiFi, only a daw put next to the "Bluetooth modem";
  • on the tablet find the phone;
  • connect to it;
  • At the same time, it will first be a warning of a conjugation attempt, and then a request for connecting permission.

In addition, via Bluetooth can Install VPN connection Using the BlueVPN application. After pairing and installation, it is necessary:

  • open the program;
  • choose from the phone number;
  • Connect with it.

Connect the Internet from the tablet or other android device, you can Using iPhone which can also be made WiFi point. So that it becomes a handout required:

  • Go to "Settings", then "Main" and "Network";
  • Here you need to turn on 3G and the transmission of cellular data by the same switches;
  • After that, an additional menu "Personal Access Point" appears in which you want to install a password;
  • From the tablet to find and connect to the network as well as in previous methods.

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