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How to quit drinking?

People use wine from ancient times. The reasons for this - abound. One with it takes away fatigue, others - celebrate a joyful event, they will simply drink "for the company". The question of how to quit, probably, would not have arisen if not these facts:

  • Each year 2.5 million people die in the world. from wine;
  • Approximately half of all crimes are performed by drunken people;
  • One third of all accidents happens due to the fault of drunk or from "Bodun" drivers;
  • In Russia, due to the drunkenness of one of the spouses, 500 married couples are diverged.

The list of negative effects of alcohol per person can continue to infinity. Let's try to figure out the problem: how throw back , To help those people who are trying to return to normal human state, improve their health and restore the peace of mind.

throw back

Why drink alcoholic beverages?

By generalizing at least the main part of the reasons, due to which people use alcohol:

  1. On holidays: March 8, New Year, "For the Airborne Forces!", The day of faceted glass, etc.
  2. Example for imitation: "As dad!", Near the senior comrades for work, "For young!" and much more.
  3. Self-treatment: raise the mood, improve my health, "head hurts ...".
  4. Significant Event: Birthday, Wedding, Birth of the Son, Grandson, etc.

You can enumerate indefinitely.

There is nothing bad in the very fact of drinking alcohol. People and invented wine to enjoy life, more relaxed to feel in the company, celebrate important dates in life. Other is bad: when the holidays continue every day, and a man in the morning stretches to a glass to continue them. As a result, it becomes dependent on alcohol.

An alcoholic can become both a man and a woman. Moreover, female alcoholism, according to doctors, harder to heal than the male.

The consequences of drinking alcohol

Drinking at first does not notice that it becomes dependent. He believes that at any time it can stop and "tie" independently. Alas, it is not. With any insignificant reason, and without him a person drinks.

First, he begins to bring health: problems with cardiovascular system, nerves, workload of the tract, etc. However, this is not all. We list the symptoms saying that a person falls under the influence of Bahus:

  • There appears aggression in behavior;
  • memory losses;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • depressive condition, stress;
  • The appearance changes: "aging" the skin, bruises appear, blood vessels and others are expanding.

The constant consumption of alcohol leads to acking, a state in which the drinker loses the reality of what is happening.

Not only this person suffers from all this, but all his relatives, close, work colleagues.

What to do in such a situation?

How to quit drink forever yourself?

Throw to drink quite possible. But for this you need:

  1. Have a great desire. The desire to return to the life in which the concept of "holiday" does not boil down to drinking. Repeal to find a family, real friends, and not drinking companions. Feel fully the joy that life brings us: Communication with children, traveling with loved ones, sports and much more.
  2. Asking relatives, friends to help in this right thing. Exclude on holidays from the alcohol menu, hide away the wine bottles away.
  3. Do not communicate with former drinking companions, eliminate visits to companies in which alcohol is a mandatory attribute of "sincere" conversations.
  4. Fully work, a favorite thing, to be downloaded solutions to any tasks, family issues. A man can be advised to repair, crafts, a woman - to give more time to children, learn lessons, walk with them in movies, theaters.
  5. Normally eat. According to studies of scientists - Delicious physicians, healthy food flies the desire to drink, saturately the organism with the necessary substances, such as endorphins.

Unfortunately, such recommendations are not always effective. Drinking person can not throw drunk on his own because of the weakness of character, lack of family support, real friends. How to throw to drink in this case?

Help on the side

Society with understanding refers to this serious problem, so you can enlist the support on the side. It is recommended to use the following factors:

  • To consult a doctor - a narcologist, which based on the state of the patient will make up a program of exit from this state.
  • Take medication drugs that reduce attraction to alcoholic beverages, for example, antidepressants, "proprotene-100", drops "Collema", etc. These and other drugs should be used only by appointment of a doctor.
  • Take advantage of the means of traditional medicine. Similar effective drugs have long been helped to get rid of alcohol dependence. Well help, for example, the root of the hoof, the chamber, St. John's wort and others.
  • Help psychologist. Psychotherapy is an effective remedy at various stages of such a disease. The specialist will help the dependent person to evaluate its own state, strengthen the volitional qualities that are necessary when leaving the alcohol crisis, to make themselves.

The one who reached the last stage of alcoholism, and the above tips are no longer able to help, the last chance remains: encoding. It operates on the basis of psychological impact, working with acupuncture points and the use of drugs.

If you have decided to get rid of alcoholism, think how to stop drinking vodka or how to throw drinking beer every day, you are 50% ready for recovery. Allow those who help dozens and hundreds of people, help you.

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  1. How to throw drink yourself
  2. Further work on oneself

Attention! Drug use makes irreplayable harm to health and represents a danger to life!

There are quite a few women who are confident that nothing terrible will happen if you drink a little beer in the evening or a couple of wine glasses to relax after a hard day. One-time consumption of alcohol damage will not apply, but if the evening "relaxation" is repeated often, then gradually go into the category of habits and addiction is formed. Everything happens unnoticed, and one day the woman discovers that the state of the skin is worse, circles appear under the eyes, and without the dose of alcohol it is no longer possible to cope with irritability.

How to throw drink yourself

Women almost twice as fast as men fall into dependence on alcohol, and throw it to use it harder. Usually, the refusal of alcohol occurs against the background of various stresses:

  • detection of severe illness;
  • pregnancy (desire to make a healthy child);
  • The need to take care of loved ones (parents hired, husband, child).

Then the woman mobilizes his whole will on the correction of the situation arising and "forgets" about the need for daily alcohol consumption. Well, if there is no strong incentive from the outside, and the hand in the evening gets up to the bottle in the evening, it is important to realize your problem and make a decision to abandon alcohol forever.

Encoding Dovzhenko

How to make yourself

First of all, you need to identify the reason for the appearance of thrust to alcohol. This may be painful insecurity, household problems, misunderstanding of loved ones and much more. Determining the provoking factor is an important stage. If the reason is not eliminated, then in the future, motivation can weaken.

If you independently understand the reasons, it is necessary to seek help to a psychologist. In parallel, you should think about what you have to lose if you continue to drink. Most likely, the list will be:

  • career;
  • Respect for children and husband;
  • beauty and health.

The motive can be any. It is important that I wanted to save the already exempted successes.

After the decision is made and priorities are placed, the most difficult thing begins. It is necessary to overcome the habit, make yourself learn to live without daily alcohol intake. It will be difficult, because the body has become accustomed to get a daily dose, so irritability, mood drops will be felt without alcohol first time, problems with sleep may arise. To overcome the destructive addiction, you will need to make several difficult steps:

  • Determine the date of failure. You can decide to quitting from tomorrow morning, but most of those who have taken such a decision, in the evening decide to postpone the rejection of the alcohol the next day. It is better to choose a specific date and tune in to success in advance.
  • To understand that the refusal is not a victim. Alcohol destroys the brain and badly harms female beauty. Stopping drinking, the woman will not lose anything.
  • Remove all alcoholic beverages from home. No need to justify yourself that alcohol will be in case of arrival of guests. If the bottle is "at hand", then the temptation is stronger. And guests can be treated with tea with cake or cookies.
  • Find a lesson in the shower. The evening without drinking will seem boring and dull, if you do not switch your attention to other interests. It may be anything: walks, knitting, sports. The main thing is that the occupation is carried by, forcing it to forget about alcohol.

And after preparation, make a decisive step into a sober life. First, it will be very hard and have to act through "I do not want", but gradually the thrust for alcohol will decline, soon the woman will learn how to enjoy walking, delicious food, creativity, communicating with family and friends.

Get help right now

Does any of your relatives or friends dependence? Have you ever tried to help, but as a result, a person returned to a past life?

You are not the first who faced this trouble, and we can help you.

We guarantee anonymity, persecute for treatment, help you choose the center.

What to do

To begin with, adequately evaluate your strength. If it seems that it is not possible to overcome painful thrust or attempts to refuse alcohol led to another breakdown, then it is better to consult a doctor. In the visit of the narcologist, there is nothing shameful, and you can be treated outpatient and anonymous. Perhaps, to maintain the will, the doctor will appoint tablets or drops that reduce the craving for alcoholic beverages:

  • Teturas. The drug slows down the production of acetal dehydhydhydrogenase-Embedding, which is necessary for the splitting of ethanol and 5-10 times increases the concentration of acetaldehyde. As a result, instead of drinking pleasure, a woman will experience an unpleasant tide of the heat to the skin of the face and head, the increase in heartbeat, nausea and vomiting.
  • Lidewin. It acts similarly to the Tetrauma, with a joint admission with alcohol causes nausea and vomiting, tachycardia, decreased blood pressure.
  • Clamp. Produced in drops. Like previous agents, the effect of acetaldehydehydehydrogenase is blocking. Combined with alcohol causes nausea, shortness of breath, heartbeat.

Drugs are prescribed so that a woman has a negative attitude towards alcohol. Additionally, narcologist recommends the reception of vitamins and hepatoprotectors (phosphoggy, castle) to maintain the liver operation.

Preparations helping to form a disgust for alcohol without appointing a doctor cannot be taken. They have a lot of side effects and in improper use can cause irreparable harm. At home, you can drink champs with a similar action:

  • Mixed in equal shares of wormwood and a chamber;
  • Baranets.

But the vitamins are necessarily drinking. They will strengthen the body and have an antioxidant effect, helping to reduce the effects of alcohol intoxication. It will be useful and cutting the CARRY Course - a plant hepatoprotector will improve the work of the liver.

But it is more important to pay attention to psychological advantage and firmly believe in success. This will help:

  • Classes in the shower or a list of interesting things that will fill the evening without leaving time for drinking.
  • Sober circle of communication. At first, it is necessary to avoid companies where it is customary to drink, it is better to be in a circle of friends who love to relax a conversation for a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Little relaxation. A multitude of women has become a habit of abandoning sweets because of fear to spoil the shape. But a piece of cake or ice cream will help relieve stress not worse than alcoholic beverages, and harm to health is much smaller.
  • Manifestation of love for yourself. It used to seem that manicure, scrubs for body and salt for baths - non-disabilities. Then it is necessary to calculate how much it was spent on the drink. Many? Then, instead of alcohol, it is worth spending these means to delight your beloved.

Medicines and home remedies will help, but only as additional help. The basis for the success of the abandonment of alcohol is a psychological attitude. The manifestation of love for themselves, new interests and sober friends - this will overcome a detrimental dependence.

Further work on oneself

The first 2-3 days state is worse. Irritability, negative perception of reality, constant internal tension, poor sleep is only part of the symptoms that will have to experience the woman after the abolition of alcohol. But you need to configure yourself that the rejection of the alcohol is a manifestation of a huge force of will and very soon everything will be fine even if not to drink.

With full refusal of alcohol, not only violated health is almost completely restored, but also the risk of diseases such as stroke, liver cirrhosis, oncology, dementia will decrease.


Three days later, the decay products of ethanol are completely derived from the body. Although alcoholic intoxication is still preserved, general well-being is gradually improved:

  • A week later. A full-fledged sleep will be restored and digestion will improve. Some women, due to the preserved intoxication, short-range time can appear nausea, but it is expressed weak.
  • In two weeks. Frequent dizziness and headaches disappear, pressure normalizes and stops disturbing tachycardia. Woman begins to feel the vigor and increase mental abilities.
  • A month later. Alcoholic toxins are completely removed from the brain tissue, the emotional background is normalized, the vital tone increases. At about this time, the liver begins to fully work, cleaning blood from toxins and improving the absorption of fats. The ladies will be able to notice that, despite the episodic techniques of "prohibited" sweets, the fat layer on the stomach and thighs gradually decreases.
  • In a year. Tighted, cheerful and energetic woman.


Wrinkles, dry unhealthy leather, circles under the eyes - these defects drinking woman will not be able to hide even with a bright makeup. But, after refusal of alcohol, positive changes will soon appear. Already seven days a healthy blush will appear, and the skin will begin to gradually acquire elasticity.

In about the month, characteristic circles under the eyes will disappear and wrinkles caused by alcohol abuse will disappear.

Throwing to drink, the woman gradually returns to the lost energy and beauty. Becomes sociable and cheerful.

Alone to quit drinking a woman can only at the first stage of alcoholism, when the tolerance towards ethanol is only formed and only psychological traction should be overcome.

On the second and subsequent stages "to tie" with alcohol, only units with strong will or having powerful motivation are managed. Most representatives of the beautiful half will need a psychologist and narcologist.


  1. How to throw drink alcohol
  2. Ways to throw a drink
  3. Easy way to quit drink

How to quit a drink womanMany abusers and their relatives early or later begin to seek the answer to the question of how to save a person from alcohol addiction. Throwing is very difficult to throw. Dependence is evolving for months and years, and to get rid of it at a time, shiminatingly, once and is forever it is impossible. Alcoholism is not an element of promotion, bad behavior or a bad habit. It's a disease. And primarily the soul and psyche of man. And the healing of the shower is a long process. It provides for the revaluation of values, the formation of new ideals and horizons of life, the search for new sources of joy, clean joy, which is achieved without alcohol.

How to quit drink alcohol: first stage

You can stop drinking alcohol drinks. Many have gone through this path and have a happy experience of long-term remissions. To start the path for this difficult, difficult, complete temptation of the path, you need to answer some very important questions: How to quit drinking alcohol - Lightweight ways - Verified

  1. Are you experiencing alcohol problems? If you drink regularly and at the same time answer this question "No", then you are an alcoholic, and you have to think about the "string". The negation of the problem is a characteristic feature of dependent. They all say that "not in the problem and can stop at any time." But if they stopped, then there would be so many spoken, dead in a drunken fan, who remained without family, work, respect for the surroundings? Recognition of your problem and the desire to influence it are important steps towards healing.
  2. Are you always looking for a reason to drink? And without it in any way? Will your new wardrobe look better if it is "wrapped up"?
  3. For you, alcohol is not a drug? And why after the next feed you are visited by the thoughts about a glass? Because he is a drug! You have formed a traction, and it needs to be defeated.
  4. Do you think that one hundred grams are not harmful to the body? The impact of alcohol is crossed by a mass of obvious negative consequences. After all, it is rare some of the Russians stops on a hundred grams.
  5. Are you accustomed to cope with fatigue and stress using alcohol? And what, stress gone, are you in the morning like a cucumber? No! The problems remained, and the hangover also joined them.
  6. Do you think alcoholism is not treated? Typical excuse. He is treated. And examples of the mass. If you want, you can see for yourself.

How to quit drinking alcohol - Lightweight ways - VerifiedWhy do this questionnaire need? To understand the worthlessness of alcohol in a person's life. Without it, you can do how hundreds and thousands of conversants living around us are doing.

Ways to throw a drink

  • Alone And without medical support to quit yelling. But only with the boys in health, which is not yet strongly undermined. An independent decision will save you at the first stage of alcoholism when the dependency has come not so far and can be allowed to change the environment of communication, go to another city, country. But not everyone has such an opportunity. And many have already overcame the first stage ...
  • Release from the serpent - It seems that this is the easiest way to quit drinking. But after the dropper, many begin to all first. The conclusion from the bang can become a trigerrom to start the struggle for sobriety. After him, you should think about where you go, and what this road can lead. To the hospital bed, a wheelchair, a passionate pit or a sobility in a heyday ... To change your life, you need to go for help to a narcologist and together with it to make a plan for further action.
  • Coding - A good way to stop. But without your mood, readiness to resist temptations and periodically arising thoughts about drinking, the encoding will not be the guarantor of long sobriety.
  • Psychological rehabilitation with subsequent resocialization - Today, perhaps the most effective, giving the greatest result of the helicity of the psyche of an alcoholic. It proceeds in several stages, in the conditions of anonymity and isolation of patients from society.

Rehabilitation programs help: How to quit drink alcohol: first stage - verified

  • stop using;
  • form a new look at sober life;
  • reduce cravings;
  • on specific examples to prove that you can throw drinking;
  • Prepare moral and psychologically to return to society.

Easy way to quit drink

If you are waiting for a simple recipe, it will not be. The tablet has not been created from this ailment. If it were done, the creators would have become the most rich people on Earth. While the medical community has no easy way to remove the alcohol craving once and for all. There is only the experience of using integrated measures leading to long-term remission - periods without use. And in many respects, the alcoholic behave in these periods in these periods, what will be its dums, thoughts, actions, a circle of communication, and will depend on the period of the period without alcohol.

Easier to quit if:

  • Realize that problems need to be solved Not afraid of the future, and the joy of life on a sober head brighter and more interesting.
  • Do not succumb to self-deception. We decided to throw - throw! No "one hundred grams and everything"! The first glass will somete the self-control and no power will help. Apply it even before you take a glass in your hand. Do not take it at all!
  • Rehabilitation programs help stop drinking - verifiedWorkout. Anyone, sat. It will help develop a good mood. And if there is an euphoria from alcohol than replacing, then the chances of returning to it are less.
  • Do not be sad and not to make yourself bored. Take yourself on housework, work, hobby. Almost always the first step towards alcoholism is made at the moments when there is nothing to do, to try something new to try from idle desire.
  • Change the environment. This is an important step. Those who pulled you on the bottom will try to do it again. Replace the circle of communication, but do not avoid those who continue to drink. Look at them. And do not repeat their actions and actions.

And if you feel that you can't throw yourself, contact the specialists. In their arsenal, methods and ways to safely stop and achieve remission.

List of references:

  1. How to quit drinks / Egor Tikhorsky. - St. Petersburg. : IR "Kit", 1997. - 220 s.
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This article is the answer to the question "How to quit drinking alcohol yourself at home." Simple and clearly described the basic principles for a person who wants to throw drink alcohol on their own and come to stable sobriety.

How to throw drink alcohol yourself at home

I managed to quit alcohol on my own.

  • I did not use coding, tablets and other artificial drugs
  • I did not hoped to get rid of dependence in 1 day
  • I knew that I would need to work on sobriety constantly

Before throwing to drink, I got the knowledge that allowed me to get out of alcohol Western.

Briefly, what did I manage to reach?:

  • Now for more than three years I am a sober way of life.
  • My alcoholic experience was at the time when I threw a drink, more than 10 years.
  • Simultaneously with alcohol, I quit smoking, playing computer and gambling, there is harmful food, etc.
  • I started playing sports
  • Dropped overweight by 10 kg

In this article I will try to clearly explain how to quit alcohol on my own at home.

Change attitude to alcohol. The first step to quit drinking yourself.

Also one of the first steps I did is the following:

I changed my attitude to alcohol.

This does not mean that I overestimated the perception of alcohol in my eyes.

I changed the perception of myself in relation to alcohol.

I will try to explain what it means

The beliefs that I interfered

I used to think that:

  • I drink culturally,
  • What I drink on weekends is considered normal.
  • I drink like everything
  • I have no problems with alcohol
  • I have no dependency

It all started to change from the moment I understood: I have serious problems with alcohol.

I stopped looking at myself, as a man of a person. I realized that I was dependent on alcohol.

That by no means I choose how much and when I drink, namely Alcohol determines the frequency of my alcohol consumption.

Such a non-obvious, on the one hand, the step allowed me to start my way to sobriety.

The sooner you stop justifying yourself, h then you drink culturally , the better you can throw drink.

While you will assume that you:

  • Capably drinking moderately
  • think you control alcohol consumption
  • You like the taste of alcohol
  • think that alcohol helps you
  • Think that you do not have a dependence

You will not be able to throw drinking.

Recognize the problems that alcohol calls is the key to throw drinking alcohol yourself at home.

Look really on the problems that you have in your life, and understand the real negative effect of alcohol on your life. Sports - VerimeI looked at my life, appreciated the problems that in her. I have spent Detailed analysis and realized that most The problems in my life caused alcohol:

  • Family problems
  • Problems in relations
  • Problems at work
  • Problems with psyche
  • Problems with the perception of the world
  • Problems with feeling

I am horror realized that alcohol caused most of the problems in my life:

  • I became more insecure
  • I did not communicate well with people because it was always annoyed
  • I was aggressive and dislike that I pretended to build relationships
  • I was constantly bothering me. Something prevented feel good
  • I worsely coped with elementary tasks

Sometimes it seems that when all the problems are solved, we can throw drink. But the essence is that it is alcohol that causes problems in life.

Break out of self-deception. One more step to quit alcohol.

I do not know what helped me lose Self-deception But I am very happy about it. For ten years I cheat myself. I gradually robbed myself in a depressive and dependent state of alcohol.

Now I understand why neither relatives nor parents nor close people are able to reach me. Because I was pleased to deceive myself.

I covered my own pain of various excuses, like:

  • I like to drink 
  • So I rest 
  • So I cope with my problems 
  • This is my hobby 
  • Alcohol is the only joy 
  • Alcohol removes stress and relaxes 

I was engaged in self-deception, without understanding.

Recognize the true face of alcohol and its impact on life problems. Kak-Brosit-Pit-Alkogol-Samostoyatelno-V-Domashnih-USLOVIYAH

Symptom of cancellation. The main consequence of alcohol.

Then I would like to tell Chief Council How to quit drinking alcohol yourself at home.

It lies in the fact that you need to understand the existence of such consequences as Podbentian syndrome or symptom of cancellation .

What is this symptom of cancellation

Symptom Dumping - These are inadequate feelings that you will experience if you stop entering alcohol. What is this feeling:

  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pessimism
  • Irretan

These feelings you will experience very long after throwing drinking. They last from 6 to 12. months.

If you can pass the symptoms of dumping and not break, then in the end they will stop, and you can start living soberly.

Often a man confuses the symptoms of cancellation with his real feelings. He begins to seem that:

  1. It is his character character
  2. He really is in life something goes wrong
  3. What, he has problems because of which you need to drink
  4. What exactly is something wrong with him

These false reasons make people drink again.

If you are not aware of them, then the likelihood of your breakdown is great.

Therefore, you need to realize the existence of symptoms of cancellation and wait when they stop.

Constantly receive knowledge of addiction.

If you want to know how to throw drink alcohol yourself at home, Get knowledge permanently . Do not belong to this process.

If you decide to drink alcohol without an extraneous help, then you certainly need to be armed with knowledge. Read everything that concerns your dependence.

But knowledge of the influence of alcohol on the physical organism (about the dangers of the liver, brain, heart, etc.) do not help Throw to drink.

Need to study the effect of alcohol on the nervous system and psyche . Because it is these knowledge that explain why you drink. Having received this knowledge, you will understand what to do to throw drink, you will understand the mechanism of addiction.

Throw drinking alcohol once and forever.

How-to throw-drink-alcohol-independently-at home-5You must take a final and irrevocable decision to quit drinking.

When I threw a drink, it seemed to me that if I stop drinking, I could die from the nervous breakdown. I was covered by fear that is not amenable to explain.

So strong was my dependence that it seemed to me that I would not survive without alcohol.

Then I undertook the following steps:

  • I told myself, I understand the brain that I would not die that alcohol is not food and not the air that I need for life.
  • That most likely obsessive fears are the deception of my psyche.
  • I decided not to trust my psyche and the brain. Because they were twisted with alcohol and played on his side.
  • I said, I'll throw a drink and postpone all any negative consequences that are waiting for me during the cancellation period.

So it happened. I just turned me mentally turned mentally, the following states came to me:

  1. Panic attacks
  2. The strongest depression
  3. Sharp periods when the hunt was just die than to experience these negative feelings
  4. Strongest irritation and dislike
  5. Aggressiveness to the outside world to all around
  6. Obsessive fears

To throw drinking alcohol, you need to realize the falsity of these coming feelings. They have no real base and external cause. The reason is one - past alcohol consumption.

To throw drinking alcohol, it is important to remain alert

I always remained vigilant. I knew that it was alcohol. So he wants me to drive me again into dependence. Sometimes I was forgotten, and then the depression became even stronger.

Anxiety growth stopped when I realized his true nature.

Kak-Brosit-Pit-AlkogolI realized how much my own feelings and your own brain can deceive. They are not to blame. I myself poured a dozen years alcohol. What did I count on? What is my psyche, despite this, will work like a clock? Whatever!

The mechanism is shot down. Theory happened. And I knew that my nervous system would adapt for a long time and recover.

I understood that I could not wake up tomorrow, as if I never drank.

I was ready to pass the cancellation period.

Duration of cancellation period

Perhaps someone has a question: How much time it took me to come to the state when I stopped with the negative consequences of alcohol?

It was about a year when I felt free.

It was a difficult year, especially at the beginning. When the psyche constantly leads to the thought of drinking. When depression and depressed state is the norm.

I learned that the symptoms of cancellation will always be with us. Now I have no, but it happens in life there is a strong stress, then they can come to me again. But I distinguish them, then I Reduce the pace of life and linger this period . Then I can continue to live again how I lived before.

Brief conclusions:

So answering the question how to throw drink alcohol yourself at home , we can say that the main thing is:

  1. The first thing to be done is to realize your dependence. While you do not change the perception of yourself with "normally drinking" on the "dependent" you will not be able to quit
  2. Realize the effect of alcohol on life problems. It is understood that most problems in life are caused by alcohol.
  3. Understand that the main consequences of alcohol are inadequate feelings Symptoms of cancellation. They will last 6-12 months.
  4. Get knowledge about your dependence. Your weapon against alcohol is your knowledge
  5. Recognize dummy symptoms and be able to survive them. Discern inadequate feelings and real.
  6. Understand that sobriety is a process. And to achieve a stable-stable state, you need a certain time.
  7. You need to be ready to pass any obstacles on the way to sobriety. And they will be with you.

how-to throw-drink-alcohol-independently

I completed these steps, now I live in sobriety. I am experiencing such a fortune to which I think I always sought when I saw. I feel:

  • comfort
  • joy
  • Feeling satisfaction
  • peace of mind
  • Temple

Everyone seeks to find Inner peace But does it in the wrong way. He drinks, laying his concern for the future. Enters a closed loop.

Throw drinks and forever - This is the only method to return to sobriety. This period does not last 1 day, but lasts much longer.

I hope in this article I answered your question how to quit alcohol on my own at home.

I wish you to stay sober. The world of sobriety is much better and naturally dependent in the world. What I personally was convinced.

Watch the video where I tell how to make a decision to quit a drink for 1 day

Leave your comments on the article, share your opinion.

If there is a question or need a consultation, write [email protected] Whatsapp +79870252710

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Program 5 steps, how to throw drink yourself!

At the beginning, I want to say that this is not a panacea, but only the practical experience of letters of recommendation steps, actions that led to the result of many recovering alcoholics, if you cannot change your life thanks to these simple recommendations, it means that it will be worthwhile to specialists in consultation or sign up for the rehabilitation course in Inpatient conditions.

And so, did you decide to drink anymore? If so, read the article to the end and try to strictly fulfill all the recommendations that I will give you, the result depends on how much you do to so much you and change your life and, accordingly, you will not return to this self-destructive need to drink more and more.

In order for something to decide what kind of problem is it for a start, you must admit and explore, study how it works, so the first our step will be sent to it, and it will sound so

1 step - I recognize myself an alcoholic, and make decisions no longer drink.

Practical recommendations at this stage are:

Notify this to your loved ones, my wife, husband, parents, children, friends who will understand you and will be able to support you in this decision. It is important that it is a confession to make things in aloud all important to you for you, and ask them to support and help you in this decision.

2 step - it is not with alcoholic beverages within a radius of 10 meters. Rule 10 meters.

Practical recommendations At this stage: Ask your loved ones to throw alcohol from home (at least the first hard time, the first 2-3 months of sobriety) Of course, the world will not change only because you decided not to drink anymore, so your task is to keep the distance with Alcohol, not less than 10 meters. The enemy should not be closer to you than 10 meters, and you are responsible for it. If it happened that someone invaded your space without your knowledge, they came suddenly friends or the table hooked the interlocutor with alcohol, you should restore a distance of 10 meters with alcohol.

Such expressions are working:

- Sorry I need to urgently go

- I need to walk with a dog

- I am very hurry, I'll call you back

- I was punished and therefore I can not attend this time at the party

How easy to throw drink alcohol yourself at home

3 step - try to be always satisfied, not stupid, observe the day of the day.

I will explain a little bit of these practical recommendations.

The need for food is a very important and vital need, when a person is fed by he is satisfied and such feelings like anger, fear, tension, and these feelings can just be descended to start drinking. The same with fatigue, try in the first 2-3 months not to overload yourself with strong loads, do not start new projects, try to go to bed early and fully get enough sleep, do not take extra work, try to postpone the first month of solving complex conflict situations for the first month. Take care of yourself and take care of yourself in these first challenging sobriety days. Very well helps in this day plan. Make a day plan that when what time and try to follow him.

4 step - make up a list of things that you like and who bring you pleasure. It can be a hobby, sport, all that can get drove away and maintain at first.

As a rule, when a person throws a drink, he faces emptiness inside himself, the feeling as if something is missing. It is important that the sobriety brings joy, and then why then a person be sober. Therefore, try in the first days as you can do what you can make you happy, movie, gym, walks with family, hobbies. It is important to feel the taste of a sober life and to realize the positive aspects of sobriety. It is very resourceful to make gifts to others, to engage in charity, visit spiritual and cultural places.

5 step (preventive) - if a desire to drink, remember the negative consequences of the use, suffering from your loved ones, wives, husbands, children. Think that they will feel? What will you feel in the morning after drunk? Remember the 1 step and the decision you make not drink.

Try to analyze the first 4 steps maybe some of them are not satisfied: Are you near alcohol? Tired? Do not sleep for a long time? Life stopped pleaseing you? Try to take action to perform these recommended steps.

All of these 5 steps helped many alcoholics to independently stop using and build a clear support system in the first 2-3 months, which helps not drink, then these steps become a way of life, especially 3 and 4.

Of course, it is better if the recovery alcoholic is watching a psychologist and helps to regulate these steps, helps to see which one now is more relevant to fulfill, it is for an hour in the fuss of life it is difficult to notice.

This simple program is designed for alcoholics that stabilized in their sobriety. Those alcoholics that test by the abstineent syndrome, we recommend to start detoxification and then begin to fulfill these recommendations.


Ethyl alcohol is easily flammable, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor, refers to the potent drug, causing the excitation first, and then paralysis of the nervous system.

GOST 18300-72.


Standards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated December 26, 1972 №2329


My name is Oleg Boldyrev, I am a psychiatrist narcologist, a psychotherapist, a candidate of medical sciences and a head of the network of professional centers of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism "Decision".

But it was not always so. Once I fought myself with alcohol addiction. In this article, I will tell you what needs to be done to defeat. I hope she helps you or your loved ones to find sobriety.

Who is considered an alcoholic

For starters, let's figure it out who is considered an alcoholic and when it time to beat the alarm.

  • If you:
  • have close relatives-alcoholics,
  • impatiently await the case of drinking,
  • can't relax without alcohol, "turn off your head", relax,
  • finish drinking the latest in the company,
  • Feel that 1-2 strong alcohol glasses are not enough
  • Sometimes drinking alone,
  • Drink often - more than once a month,
  • Increase dose over time
  • Strive to drink the maximum amount of alcohol at a time,

You are ashamed of the behavior under the degree,

You can state the initial stage of alcoholism. All lowered alcoholics once also started so. And then the symptoms become even more tangible.

  • On 2 stages of alcoholism: Increases alcohol tolerance
  • . A person can take more alcohol, and small doses are not able to satisfy it. A hangover appears
  • . The next morning after drinking alcohol dependent feels nausea and headache, irritably reacts to light and sounds. Mood depends on alcohol
  • . A person is capable of positive emotions only after drinking alcohol. Without drinking, it becomes irritable and aggressive, or apathetic and detached. Character and attitude to native changes

. The patient can lie, change its principles, apply moral or physical violence to loved ones.

  • 3 Stage of alcoholism is: Diseases of internal organs
  • . The liver cirrhosis, alcohol gastritis and hepatitis, alcohol cardiomyopathy develops. Psyche diseases
  • - hallucinations, "white hotness", psychosis, severe depression, epilepsy. Degradation of personality

. The constant impact of alcohol on the psyche and the motion of the cells of the brain leads to gradual degradation. The level of intelligence decreases, the patient is not able to think logically.

3 The stage of the illness is final - at this stage, many alcoholics die from liver and kidney diseases, white hot, stroke or infarction.

Why only some people drink?

In Russia, it is customary to drink. Most of us have any holiday, achievement or just a meeting with friends associated with alcohol. Very many drink, but not everyone becomes alcoholics. What is the reason?

There are many myths around alcoholism around alcoholism. Some say that this is a consequence of weak will, others blame the parents and bad education, others generally claim that this is a sin. But first of all, alcoholism is a disease, or rather allergies. Back in 1951, the World Health Organization's experts recognized alcoholism with a medical problem. And even earlier, in the 35th year of the XX century, a protruding specialist in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, Dr. V. Silkort put forward a hypothesis that dependent suffer Allergies

On substances that consume. Later, science confirmed this.

It turned out that dependent lack hormones of happiness - serotonin, dopamine and endomorphine, which are responsible for the state of comfort. When such people face alcohol, in chemical nature similar to hormones of happiness, an abnormal reaction or allergies are formed.

With a normal reaction, the organism rejects the poison. A person drinks 1-2 glasses and stops, because he feels poisoned, i.e. badly. People with a lack of hormones of happiness are all otherwise. Alcohol acts on them as a medicine - for the first time in life they feel good. Behind the first glass should be the second and third. Conditional reflex is formed or Phenomenon of traction

. It is not connected with the power of will, upbringing and especially with sinfulness. This is only biochemistry.

  1. So far did not come up with a means capable of compensating for an unhealthy biochemistry and change the hormonal human background. But with proper rehabilitation it is possible to eliminate the dependence and change the lifestyle in such a way that the person never returned to alcohol.
  2. Alcoholism is a consequence of unhealthy biochemistry and violation of the hormonal background.
  3. It is impossible to restore the unhealthy biochemistry. With this will have to live.

Competent rehabilitation can eliminate dependence and make sure that the person does not return to alcohol.

Why alcoholic will not throw a drink himself? Mechanisms of addiction

You already know that alcoholism is a consequence of unhealthy biochemistry. Approximately 12 - 18% of all people suffer from such a disease.

Once, circumstances are formed so that a person with an unhealthy biochemistry tries the first glass. It can be a feast of parents or graduation, birthday or wires to the army. With me, the first glass happened at 12, when I stayed at home on the hospital and accidentally found a cylinder of medical alcohol.

It is the first glass that launches the mechanism of allergies, which leads to uncontrolled alcohol consumption. About the consequences you know.

An obvious way out of the situation seems to not drink alcohol at all. And with a person who just abuses, it will work. With an alcoholic - no. Despite all the devastating consequences, the alcoholic himself will decide on the first glass. Today we will find out why.

Obsessed mind alcoholic

  1. The reason for such behavior lies in violation of the thinking of an alcoholic. American scientists called this phenomenon of Insanity, which means "madness" or "obsession of the mind." Here are 4 main manifestations of obsessed mind: Melancholy
  2. - Depression of the Spirit. Mania
  3. - Unhealthy enthusiasm, the strong desire of something, is accompanied by intrusive thoughts and excited state. Self-deception
  4. - Confidence in lies pronounced himself. Dementia

- Inability to associate an action and result.

In this state, a peculiar madness is a decision on the first glass. He can't otherwise - his brain remembered alcohol as the only source of joy and comfort.

Hell Circle Alcohol Dependency

So, Alcoholics have an abnormal reaction of the body and the obsession of the mind that circumscribed to use it again and again:

In the sobriety of alcoholic does not leave the state of discomfort. Against this, this obsessed mind throws his thought about the first glass. The mechanism of allergies and the phenomenon of thrust is launched - the more alcoholic drinks, the more he needs. Very soon comes the filing and its consequences.

When an alcoholic finally comes to himself, a feeling of guilt, the fear of the future and pity for themselves are superimposed on the basic state of discomfort. This emotional cargo over time leads to the first glass, and the circle closes.

Now you see why alcohol is doomed to use. He may have some kind of will power, but one day will not stand pressure from the inside and will break. That is why throwing drinking alone for 99% of alcoholics - a non-abundant dream. When I see all these forums where they advise reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, try to feel The advantages of sobriety Find an important stimulus which will help hold find a hobby and stock mineral

(My favorite), I smile.

It is immediately clear that the author of the concept does not have the essence of the problem. Otherwise he would know that all this does not work. When an obsessed mind enters into the game, an alcoholic has no more choice - drinking or not to drink. Ask the drinking alcoholics about it: at a certain stage of the development of the disease, they drink against their will. Obsession of Mal.

- The main reason why an alcoholic cannot throw drink. That is why all attempts to solve the issue at the physical level are useless.

  • Other traps of independent treatments: Broke, abstineent syndrome.
  • In a state of breaking, the patient is not able to think adequately, its willpower is suppressed by persistent physiological impulse of alcohol. And relatives at the sight of the torment of alcoholic are afraid of him and show pity, buying a new portion of drinking. Availability of alcohol.
  • Alcohol is a legal drug, you can get it in any store. Such wide accessibility creates an alcoholic with an illusion of the safety of use and constantly encounters it with an object of dependence. Supporters.
  • Alcoholic friends try to return dependent on their company: they offer him a drink, configure against family and society. And the dependent himself attributes the euphoria from alcohol to joint leisure with comrades and misses such a pleasant "communication." Inability to cope with destructive emotions.

The dependent is used to drowning the problems of drinking, and in any stressful situation it will feel an irresistible attraction to alcohol. Clean alcoholism you can!

Sign up for advice in the clinic.

Popular methods of treating alcoholism

  1. We learned than an alcoholic differs from other people:
  2. Alcoholic begins to drink and cannot stop (body disease).

Alcoholic wants to quit and can not (the disease of the mind). Allergies - body disease - it is impossible to cure, it's forever

. So, you need to understand how at what level the problem of the first glass should be solved.

  • Consider the most popular methods: Folk remedies
  • Alcohol treatment with folk remedies is the useless and most dangerous for the patient. Alcohol conspiracies are an empty spending of time and the method of profit for charlatans. And herbal decoctions and infusions do not affect the biochemical mechanisms of alcohol dependence. Moreover, their reception is a dangerous game with weak health of an alcoholic. Dosage and combination of components in "folk recipes" from thematic forums and Internet articles are not supported by medical knowledge. They can cause patient poisoning, severe allergies, renal and liver failure, the development of nervous disorders. Prohibitive measures - encoding, fusion, hypnosis

Coding, liner or hypnosis could be a solution on the biological level. But the encoding requires constant repetition of the procedure and is not suitable for everyone. The psychotherapeutic encoding is only easily inspired by people, and the implants for sewing, pills and physiotherapy methods have many medical contraindications. Coding also has side effects - increased aggressiveness, anxiety, depression, a breakdown with long-term mop at the end of the coding period. And most importantly - any coding only stops the desire to take alcohol and does not treat the causes of the disease - psychological and social problems. Because to really overcome the addiction, it is important to throw drinking without encoding - sobriety should not be based on prohibitions, but on a personal choice and spiritual values.

  • Comments on thematic forums Help psychotherapist
  • At the psychological level, an obsessed mind can be tried to cure with the help of a competent psychologist. But even if successful, the dependent will return to society, which does not understand the essence of his problem. Close, friends and colleagues will call to drink together, and once an alcoholic will not refuse. Change of the situation and environment

Social level problem can be solved if you change the environment, marry / divorce, find a new job, etc. But this will not help if a person has no values ​​capable of replacing alcohol. So the problem will have to decide also on the spiritual level.

It turns out that alcoholism is a complex bio-psycho-socio-spiritual disease. Therefore, it is impossible to drop drinking at home. For treatment, a whole range of measures is needed, the active participation of the dependent and a number of specialists - and the combination of these factors is possible only in the conditions of a professional rehabilitation center.

How does it go and what professional rehabilitation gives

  1. The rehabilitation model in the "Decision" centers are aimed at integrated personality recovery and consists of several stages: Detoxification.
  2. With the help of medicines from the organism, the alcoholic remove toxic substances. The dependent is getting rid of the symptoms of breaking and does not feel physical attraction to alcohol. Hospital.
  3. The alcoholic lives in a country hospital and together with other addicted integrated psychosocial recovery. On individual and group classes with psychotherapists, dependent learns useful information about alcoholism, learn to control emotions and cope with stressful situations without alcohol. In groups, patients also learn to solve conflicts and get the skills of healthy communication in society. Restoration affects the personal, spiritual development of the dependent: he learns about the ways of self-realization, learns to develop its creative and intellectual potential. Ambulatory treatment.
  4. The resident of the center returns to home and learns to apply in practice the knowledge and skills obtained in the Center. A person regularly visits the specialists of the Center - classes with a psychotherapist help faster to adapt to sober living in society, and a regular inspection of a narcologist prevents a possible recurrence. Resocialization.

Under the leadership of psychologists, a person returns to a full life in society: it is building relationships with relatives and friends, builds a career, learns to spend time without alcohol.

  • The rehabilitation program uses world-famous techniques that have proven their effectiveness:
  • Program 12 steps
  • Datetop.
  • Model therapeutic community

Minnesota model

In our team, psychologists, additologists, narcologists, psychiatrists, chemical addiction consultants are working. They provide comprehensive assistance to patients at each stage of rehabilitation.

Treatment of alcoholism - effective and ineffective models

09/24/2015 /

Alcoholism Care price from alcohol dependence

Program 5 steps how to throw drink yourselfEvery case of dependence is individual. Someone needs special nutrition or medicines, another - additional hours of therapy with a psychologist. We will help you choose a treatment option that is suitable for you or your close.

How to throw drink alcohol? This question sets himself every drink. Dependent people face two main problems: how not to start drinking, and how to get out of the state of the abstinence, if you have already started drinking. The second question requires an urgent decision, and it is at him first to answer.

What a binge is known only to alcoholics. It is winding alcoholics that dream of how not to drink alcohol.

Alcoholics become those who have the body ceases to process the decay of alcohol, and simply slowly removes from the body. During the filings, they do not suffer from thirst as from a hangover, with long-term drunkenness, alcohol does not become disgusting, but seems like a welcome magic pill from suffering.

The use of alcohol in alcoholics lasts up to 7-10 days. Even if you can easily get out of the feed, remember that the next time it may not be lucky, and everything will end with resuscitation or death.

But to move away from alcohol and try to quitting drinking yourself, of course, it is necessary. In this article, we have collected for you advice, which in practice will help you, firstly, prevent the development of the state of abstinence, secondly, they will help to keep alcohol at least for a while.

How to throw Drink at home: Alcoholic tips

An alcoholic is puzzled by a question if you can throw a drink, as a rule, after the next long-term use of alcohol. Those who defeated themselves and stopped using alcohol, argue that, first of all, a drinking need to learn how to learn a literate mechanism for an independent exit from a long drinking. Only then we can talk about how to quit.

Before you take for yourself, try to create such an environment so that no one can interfere. Alcoholism provokes the development of very deep negative emotions that can reconcile at the most inopportune moment. Any carelessly said word will provoke on the next alcohol intake. It is advisable to disable the phone, the Internet, in other words, remain in isolation.

Ways to quit ... Who will help?

If you understand that the filing is inevitable, it is better to bother about creating such a situation in advance

Take care that you have a container for dosing alcohol with a capacity of no more than 30 grams. Ideally, a regular wine glass is suitable for this. During the day it is impossible to drink more than 800 grams of vodka. If this method applies a woman, the dose must be reduced to 20 grams.

Drinking should be strictly in a glass once a hour, no matter how much doses of alcohol will be absorbed by a volley. Each stack is required to have something to eat something, but not to go. In the theory, narcologists recommend just to stop drinking alcohol, immediately cause a doctor, but in practice most people will still do it, only when it becomes very bad. Therefore, it is more wise, if you drink, then do it strictly along the above scheme.

If you comply with all the rules, the state of the abstinence is significantly softened. The duration of the intake of alcohol is reduced to 3-5 days, it becomes possible to fall asleep and sleep, and not see the alarm nightmares.

In the process of independent attempts to quit, it is impossible to lean on heavy and fatty food, which only overloads the liver and gastrointestinal tract and can trigger the course of chronic diseases. The coalier of food, the harder it will be transferred to the abstinence.

Know how to quit drink

  1. What products should there be to those who want to know how to quit alcohol:

  2. Sour fruits, such as pineapples, apples.

  3. Kefir.

  4. Sour cabbage.

  5. Salted cucumbers and cucumber brine.

  6. Cheese.

  7. Terching carrots.

Surium pears.

With severe alcoholic poisoning, the enema helps, much weaker - activated carbon and "polyfepan". It is useful to drink salted water and provoke vomiting until a feeling of fools, nausea and dizziness subsides.

Why is an alcoholic hard to quit drinking?

In a healthy body, Ethanol becomes acetaldehyde, which poisoned the body and causes quite explained urge to get rid of poisoning. A person wants to drink, sleep, wash, drink acidified water and so on. While the poison did not break to the end, a person feels a state of hangover, which he does not deliver pleasure.

Alcoholics, the poisonous substance does not split, but is in the body until it displays through the sweat, gastrointestinal tract or vomiting. The sign that a person suffers exactly to alcoholism, and not just fits the hangover, is the lack of typical incredit thirst after drinking alcohol, that is, the so-called "drying". This means that a man of moderately drinking has become an alcoholic. The transition to this step occurs practically lightning, sometimes bypassing all other stages.

Since there is no state of dehydration, then it is not possible to eliminate the hangmel syndromes in the usual way, and a person happens the first binge.

How to get out of the stuff, we explained. However, this method has many nuances, and in practice, not every war deal with multi-day drunkenness alone.

But it's a drinking wave to realize his problem and remember that in his case the only option is not to get into the drink - it will stop and not drink at all.

How to quit drink yourself: a light way

Among the numerous ways to quit the most reasonable - seek help to narcologam. It is not necessary to fear doctors: alcoholism is the same disease as many others. It must be treated, and not to root himself for the fact that you have become such an asocial member of society.

If you are looking for a light way to throw a drink, remember that the method will most correctly, which actually gives results in practice. Therefore, before looking for advice, how to quit it yourself, it is worth thinking: maybe it's still worth trusting professional doctors and use the service drug clinic? After all, the reviews of recovery after treatment are written by real people who helped not advice from the forum, but a long work on themselves under the supervision of sensitive specialists.


You need to throw to drink in no case during the filing. Just in this state, the alcohol sharply abruptly - psychologically useless, and it does not help eliminate the root of the problem.

It is for this reason that drug abstruses are not embarking on the rehabilitation or influence of hypnosis until all alcohol be withdrawn from the patient's body, you can use the service to rub or put a dropper with effective drugs from alcoholism.

The second secret, how to make it take to drink yourself, lies in creating a suitable atmosphere. And again it should be noted that in the process of rehabilitation of patients in rehabilitation centers, the right conditions are created that helps drinking to restore mental health.

How to throw drink alcohol?

But if you constantly trite yourself "I want to throw a drink", then start with a small one: Start surrounding yourself with people who really understand and support. It should not be your drinking companions. By writing out with those who also have addiction, you will not approach recovery.

Your task: to find moral support !!!

How to quit alcohol if around only reproaches and wounding words? The person drinking needs first in care. If it is not in the family, such support can be found in the clubs of anonymous alcoholics, among the former volunteer alcoholics, in support groups among the "sobriety curators" and so on.

I threw a drink, and I did not learn to live soberly: how to support sobriety?

You write "Help throw drinking!". To do this, you need human support and help. We are ready to provide it to you. We are talking about comprehensive support and rehabilitation, drug and psychological treatment. Assistance you are looking for, can provide real professionals in their case. Not enough to specify a person who depends on alcohol, direction. You need to constantly maintain and direct it. Who, if not an experienced narcologist, can do it so that alcoholism does not return?

How to throw a drink to a woman? How to achieve that the husband does not drink? We work with multiple people (relatives of drinking), we provide comprehensive assistance, learn to communicate with drinking people completely differently to help them overcome their ailments. Our center is focused on openness, we have a benevolent, cozy atmosphere. We understand how it is hard and difficult to decide to admit that you have trouble. And we know how this trouble will overcome.

Let's help you to drink. Throwing to drink forever: Really and efficiently

Remember! It is impossible to sharply quit! If the cause of alcoholism is not eliminated, he will capture you again into its networks. You can collect someone else's experience for a long time, read reviews on forums, but you have to be treated personally. By oneself. If you are worried that you will not cope, remember, there are always those who know the exit.

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