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Игра Убить Короля / The King Murder

Here you can play for free on the online game - kill the king, the original name - The King Murder. This game was played 72394 times (a) and it was estimated 4.1 out of 5, 103 people voted (a).

  • Platform: web browser (PC only)
  • Technology: Flash. Flash Player is needed for work.
  • Ability to play full screen
  • Age category: 0+

How to play?

The king is sleeping, and this is the best time to kill him. One of his servants took over the role of the killer and wants to remove the ruler, help him get to the king and fulfill the conceived. The main character invented a special device, with the help of which he can soar in the air, so flying through the castle, avoid lasers, pave the safest path to the root of the king to hit him by the dagger while he sleeps. All you need is one exact blow with a dagger, but to get to the place from which this action can be made is much more difficult - after all, the castle fully consists of a variety of traps and barriers. Avoid traps and go around the defense of the king to penetrate and kill it. Cancel by absolutely all protective mechanisms and guards watching the sleeping king, and interrupt his luxurious life. Do not fall into the ray of light, otherwise get over the grille, and this is good for you not to end. You can only make successful attempts to remove from the throne of the king. Fall, bypassing obstacles, to the royal rest unnoticed, do not allow the alarm to work when the laser is accidentally dancing. Try to show excellent killer skills, killing the king at each level.

Think, life at the monarch is solid entertainment, in the interruptions between which he only gives orders yes orders sign? Games kill the king will be proven that even the most powerful rulers have to fall out. Of course, they are involved in the luxurious balas, go to the hunt to the whole yard and regularly leave visits to foreign neighbors. But all this can easily end, if some envious swollen kill the king.

However, there are such state trucks that are subject to subjects and people simply hate. If you edit wisely and not offend your citizens, then the attempts may not happen. But when the venance person is taken abuse with its capabilities, the place on the throne can go to a more just man. It is such a task and you will need to fulfill the terms of the series of exciting games.

We organize a member

The main goal of the risky adventure on the computer is the overthrow of a glowing despot. Tyrant was so stumbled that he stopped worrying about the inhabitants of his power, which had already been angry with incredibly high taxes and hard circulation. But there was a brave, who planned to end the lawlessness. True, it is difficult to deal with the heartless Tsarka, and you will have to invent in advance, at least 10 ways to draw a self-director. Do you venture to take up dangerous Delz? Then hurry to download any episode of the fascinating genre and decide what it is more convenient to play.

Игры Убить короля

So, you can install the selected arcade on Android and manage the ward using the touch screen. And if you comfortably use the mouse and keyboard buttons, then preference the flash versions for PC. The mission of your character is noble - to save the country's long-suffering inhabitants from the unbearable tribute and other troubles provoked by the inell and capricious Cessera. The Obelchka stubbornly trained and developed a tricky tactics how to kill the king.

At first, you will need to leak into the monarchs, without causing suspicion of numerous guards. Game a king does not assume peaceful conversations with the guards, therefore it should not go on them. It is worth only to seem like a formidable convoy unreliable element, as they will immediately be careful for the grille, and the grand ideas will fail. Therefore, it is necessary to shust the palace halls as soon as possible, otherwise you find a room in which your target is hidden, it will not be possible. And as soon as I find the victim, try to dry out and put a destructive blow.

Arsenal Games to kill the king will be put well. The classical method is the gentlemen with the help of a dagger. But if you cannot finish off the villain, or the blade will be taken away, any weighty items will be attempted.

How to prevent pancakes to your own person?

Those who manage to turn the lifestyle operation, kill the king's games will be rewarded with a throne. But it is more difficult to keep it, it is even more difficult than to defeat the former owner. So, having achieved the crown, it is not recommended to rest on the laurels, otherwise the inglorious defeat is not far from around the mountains. Intelligent, there are stories with cheats, where such an outcome will not be threatened, but is it interesting to pass the game to kill the king with a dishonest way? It is unlikely that such tricks will bring true pleasure from victory.

Know that cunning surrounding the employees do not occupy, and they will certainly take the intrigue. Comes to constantly look back and not in a hurry to rummage wine, which gives a Page traitor. Guarantees that in the Cup there is no poison, no one will give. In a word, the plots of Murderking will not let and become a wonderful pastime for both boys and the younger lady.

Игры Убить короля картинка

Gorgeous royal life manits any - palaces, castles, decorations. Smeat yourself on the throne, command the servants, and a little bit wrong - the head with the shoulders is guilty. True in order to become the king will have to sweat. Games kill the king is a serious strength test. You need to be clever, bold and skillful, and most importantly always stay unnoticed for royal subjects.

Kill the king - the problem is not of the lungs

One of the most popular games in the genre to kill the king gives you the opportunity to be a cold-blooded killer. You follow the king on the heels, trying to be inconspicuous and sophisticated to kill him. If the monarch notices the murder tool with you, he will immediately call his terrible guards and the end of the game. Your character and the murder way is always different - it can be a huge make-up or a boilers of wine with poison. In the upper area there is a panel with time, it shows how close you are to detect.

Игры убить короля

Another popular game to kill the king is an arcade in which you fly in terms of a killer level with a knife. Royal Essentials at this time peacefully sucks in his bed, and for all means it becomes necessary to stick it with a knife. Each next level will be more complicated, various obstacles will begin to appear on your way - fireplace, laser rays, guns and spikes.

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Playing killing king online will have to use the keyboard. Management, as in many games of such a genre, is carried out either by the arrows or the keys W, S, A and D. Sometimes to perform an action it will be necessary to use the Space key (space). At the beginning of each game you will be told how to manage your hero and what exactly you will need to do to achieve the goal.

Пройти мимо лазера в игре убить короля

Pass by laser in the game kill the king

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