How to download game in Steam for free - as a reward or by distribution

The STEAM online platform positions itself as a supporter of copyright, which means the user a priori makes the impression that loading games and programs through Steam implies their acquisition for money. But it turns out that the joy of many users there are quite real ways to get the game in the style.

Almost free - through the sale

Online Platform Steam According to its rules, allows users to download games through the library to your computer. Such a download implies the use of exclusively licensed software, so you don't even have to dream about the free "broken" software. All games and programs can be loaded for a fee or conditionally for a purely symbolic fee.

This feature is present in the style at the time of global sales. In those happy for users of times, you can get the desired game with an indecently decent discount, up to 90%. This is a very good offer, and therefore his few ignores. For the user, it is always important to be alert: read the news platforms that publish custom-made announcements. The sale of incentives is quite frequent, usually organize them for various holidays.

Plus the purchase of the application through the sales is that the user appears only licensed content, the application is purchased forever, and after the end of the sale, the residual cost of the game from the user is not charged.

Free access

In addition to paid licensed content, incentive, it is quite free to download the content to users for free. You can find such games by clicking on the menu to "Store" (1).

On the left menu, it is necessary to find the section "Search by genre", and in it, click on the hyperlink "Free" (2):

Search by genre

Soloing a free collection of games, you can download to your PC that in which I would like to play. By the way, on the game that you can download the free right corner is the "free" label. If the user saw her, he should not have any doubt, and the game fee from the Wallet will not be written off.

Free weekend access

Steam has a very strong marketing program whose purpose is to attract your content as many users as possible. In accordance with it, various shares are very often announced in the system. One of their such actions is a free weekend when users are invited to play the game for free to "catch them on the hook", prompting subsequently acquire the game for money. At the end of the preferential period, the freebie is turned off, and the user either acquires the game for a fee, or not - depending on the impressions made on it.

By the way, this is a great opportunity to test the game and protect yourself from acquiring that content that did not like.

Note: In order not to miss an interesting promotion, it is important to view all ads on the stima news page, because not all weekends are declared free.


Free game through distribution

The developers of games are carried out their advertising campaign. For this, they declare in the so-called distribution. Distribution opens over the user the opportunity to play a new game for free for a few hours. "Catch" such a proposal is a big luck, because almost all the active users of Steam graze the opportunity to get free.


Distribution in the incentive is rare, no one knows who and when they organize them. Developers are counting on the fact that, having received free content, players will be forced to acquire various game objects on an ongoing basis.

Important: In order not to miss the distribution of interesting games to the user, he needs to subscribe to the updates of the desired applications.

As a reward for participation in contests

Another opportunity to get a game for free - to become a member and winner of the competitions, which from time to time are organized in the style of developers, streamers, bloggers and many other user interested categories.

Classifieds of competitions are posted both on the online platform and on games of game developers, on their pages on social networks or on other thematic sites. In order to be aware of events, better "grazing" information about new competitions in different sources. And you can find them on the Internet with the usual all search engine.


A few words about the contests themselves: tasks are both simple and complex. From simple, there may be a subscription to the group, repost information on your page and so on. If we talk about complex contests, then most often the user is invited to write a review about the game, a detailed overview or to go to some particular game level. Participants in such competitions are usually a lot, often the battle of the award unfolds a serious, but the more pleasant to get a reward.

Note: Steam is not the system that you can hack and get welcome content. If the user is caught on hacking keys and using the key generation service, its account will be banned or even blocked, which means access to all game history, the style wallet, the user will be permanently and irrevocably lost. Therefore, it is not worth going to various adventures, but use only permitted ways to get free games. Or in the end, do not regret money for the purchase of what has long been dreamed of.

Summing up the review, I would like to notice that Steam is very loyal to users a system that makes it possible to download licensed content on the user's computer for a fee and free. Free methods, as well as free, quite enough, so that the user can afford to fully use the system even at the moments when it does not have big money or not ready to spend large amounts of money on games.

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In this guide, I want to tell about the methods of free (or almost free) receiving games for Steam. Enjoy reading!

Almost free:

"Almost free" is when the game acts really a big discount.

A good example can be a sales in Steam. The number of games received a big discount, and the discounts themselves are huge. However, sales are not very often.

Much more often, you can buy some Bandl, which costs enough cheap, and games in it are several pieces.

The highest quality gangs are sold on Humble Bundle and Fanatical. There is also a bunch of other sites on the sale of Bandlov, however, there are often very many low-quality projects there.

In addition to the gangs, various sales of games are held on these sites. Also, Humble Bundle has a monthly Humble Monthly subscription, signing on which you will get really suitable projects. For example, at the time of writing this article, when you subscribe you will receive Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Cities: Skylines and other projects.

If you are too lazy to manually go to these sites to track whether any new gangs appeared or not, you can subscribe to my channel in Yandex Zen, at the end of each week I will report the bandlas that came out in a week.

Is free:

There are several ways to get free games in Steam, but you should not hope that thanks to these ways you can constantly receive games.

Important: To receive games on this site, your Steam account should cost at least $ 100.

SteamGifts - the site on which users distribute the keys that they do not need. Each distribution has its own level (the minimum level of distribution is 0, maximum - 10). If distribution 5 levels, and your profile on Steamgifts 4 levels, you will not be able to join this distribution.

To increase the profile level, you need to distribute games yourself. The number of distributions that must be carried out to transition to the next level increases with each level raising.

Now about the pitfalls. In distributions with a level of 0, it is almost impossible to win, as many people want to take part in such distributions. Much above the chance to win in distributions with a level of 6+, as users with this level are very small.

2. Astats.

In general, the Astats website was not created in order for it to be distributed. It was created in order to be easier to follow their achievements in Steam games.

However, the site has a page with distribution. And if the steamgifts benefit almost unreal, then Astats is quite possible. The fact is that the audience is smaller here, less a person takes part in the distribution.

3. Humble Bundle

The aforementioned Humble Bundle is engaged not only by selling gangs. Sometimes, once a couple of months, the site can start handing out the keys from some game. It happens without warning, so you need to follow.

4. Steam

Steam sometimes there are distributions of different games. It is worth saying that the distribution does not spend Steam himself, but publishers who decide to spend it distribution or not. As in the case of Humble Bundle, this happens suddenly, therefore it is better to follow this on thematic pages.

I hope this guide was useful for you.

How to get a game in soam for free, are there legitimate ways to upload content without posting money? Let's try to figure out - consider all the options open options and go through underwater stones that should be avoided.


Asking the question as people get incentive games for free, it is worth remembering the rules for using the online platform. If you want to play through the library, you have to upload only official applications - and forget about non-license softe.

First, we will give a small, but very useful advice - get paid game in Steam for free (conditional) through the sale. A small amount will have to pay, but it is not comparable to the usual value of the application - you can meet discounts up to 90%! Such money is not a pity: especially if you have long wanted to play. Wait for the sale, they are often confined to different holidays and events. Do not skip the news, follow the updates of the platform!

Through the sale you get absolutely licensed content, which forever remains in your library. You can use without restrictions, you will not quickly remove payment.

Want to get free games in Steam and do not pay at all? Go to other ways - they are.

Free access

The easiest answer to the question is how to get a game to Steam for free - use the corresponding tab in the embedded store. Experienced users know the platform offers the widest choice of content, for which you do not need to pay! How to use generous suggestions?

  • Open the online platform and locate the store tab on the top panel;
  • In the Left menu, find the appropriate category (in the "Search by genre" block).

Here are games that can be obtained free in Steam - any content from this section is loaded free of charge!

Do not worry, no hidden conditions, no money from the wallet will not be removed.

Also on our site there are other interesting articles:

Free weekend

At the platform periodically, interesting shares are held, in which it is worth participating - one of the marketing moves is the proposal to play without payment. The essence of the action is such - for two days (weekends) you get content at full disposal without making money!

Why are there such a weekend? The goal is simple - to interest users who are impressive gameplay and want to buy a full version for real money. You can get content only for two days, then it automatically turns off - but this is a great opportunity to play in a good, high-quality application. Try!

Information about the shares must be tracked on the main page of the store, they are not every week.


Get paid games in Steam will help free distributions - this is the generosity of developers (only they take a similar solution) that can open access to content free for several hours. If you have time to get a free app - congratulations.

Distribution is carried out infrequently, there are suddenly and initiated exclusively by developers. The goal is simple - you can get the application itself on free, but will certainly spend money on the in-game items on an ongoing basis.

It is really an excellent chance to get a cool content, but to catch the distribution is difficult. Subscribe to update specific toys so as not to miss interesting information.


Get all free games in Steam is impossible - legally or illegally. But you can try to take part in the competition, which are often held both directly by developers and string / bloggers / related companies.

You can search for contests on the online platform, on the official sites of developers, in the thematic groups of VC or other social networks, on adjacent thematic resources ... The list can be continued infinitely. If you are interested in a specific application, you can try to score the request on the Internet.

Competitions are simple and complex - sometimes it is enough to participate a subscription, sometimes you have to perform tasks (write an overview, pass the level and much more). Some distribute Content for Cher and repost, others set complex rules to get the game. Trying!

Recall, attempts to figure out how to get any game play free by hacking keys or the use of key generation services can lead to a constant bath on the platform. Your account will be blocked, you will lose access to all points, balance sheet wallet, achievements, personal data ... Carefully evaluate the risks before you decide for dubious adventures.

In general, they told how free to get games in Steam - use only proven options, authorized officially, avoid illegal ways to stay a full-fledged community member! Sometimes it is better to wait for sales.

Steam game page

Distribution page

https: // ...

Requirement: IP of Europe

Distribution timing: until January 17.

What are distributed: Steam Key

Subscription Type: Row (without regional activation restrictions and launch)

DLC: absent (basic version of the game)

[Steam] Little Nightmares Steam, Steam Halewa, Computer Games, Freebie, Little Nightmares

Add goods to the basket

[Steam] Little Nightmares Steam, Steam Halewa, Computer Games, Freebie, Little Nightmares

Then fill in the "address of the owner"

Then confirm the order (putting a tick, agreeing with the terms of the store)

[Steam] Little Nightmares Steam, Steam Halewa, Computer Games, Freebie, Little Nightmares

An email comes to mail (Switch by reference)

If the letter per mail has not come:

[Steam] Little Nightmares Steam, Steam Halewa, Computer Games, Freebie, Little Nightmares

(Section Your Orders) Click on download

[Steam] Little Nightmares Steam, Steam Halewa, Computer Games, Freebie, Little Nightmares

We take steam key

PS: If there is no red button, then the keys temporarily Ended

Do not worry, You have already reserved your free copy , a little later, a fresh key of keys will be shipped to the server and you can calmly pick up your own.

[Steam] Little Nightmares Steam, Steam Halewa, Computer Games, Freebie, Little Nightmares

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